Familiar Dreams With Weird Twists

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The first dream took place at, one of my former elementary schools, I was about the age I am now and people I went to school with back in high school were there too.

They were also about the age we really are now, I also saw teachers from when I use to go to school.

The weird part is that I was holding a baby and was walking around talking to different people I knew back when I use to go to school, I don’t think the baby was mine so I guess I was babysitting or something.

I don’t know what I was doing there and why other people I went to 12th grade with were there, but they seem to have helped teacher with students.

I guess they were volunteering or something,  I walked through a few hallways and classrooms.

One of the classrooms had two teachers (Mrs. W and Mr. H) that I knew in there talking about a student I graduated with named BD, they said she had the power to copy people’s talents just by touching them with a special stone.

They said she could copy one persons talent to another person, by having one person touch the stone while she touches the stone as well.

After she copies the talent, she touches the stone while the other person touches the stone, and transfers the talent to them.

I did not really believe them but BD was there showing them how it works, and it appeared to be real but she can only copy some talents and only at certain times.

After that I kept walking while I was still holding the baby, maybe I was looking for the baby’s mother or real babysitter or teacher?

I noticed another person I knew from school named BH, he was on the playground playing and watching the kids at recess.

Then I walked into the computer room and then things switched to another dream.

This dream was about some school or college Arts Department Room or something.

I had a dream about this place before, there is a small apartment house in the dream that is like a classroom/mini-theater.

There is a kitchen, a dinning room table, one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and the classroom/theater.

The classroom/theater is connected to the kitchen, it has two big tables that could hold about 40 students and there is a storage room connected to the room that has church pews(long chairs at church that hold several people) that can hold about 40 people.

When the room is a classroom they use the tables and when the room is a theater they use the church pews, they just move the one they are not using to the storage room.

There is a mini-stage too that can hold about 10 people, but the stage is only about 1 foot high.

There are bookshelves in the room that hold art books, theater books, language books, and music books.

I can not remember my other dream that took place here, but in this dream the place seemed rarely used.

I think in my other dream this place was used sometimes by some super small school or a super small community college or by some home school teacher?

In this dream I came to this place and unlocked the door with my key, the lock was so old that almost any key could open it!

I was a bit scared in this dream because I felt like I was not supposed to be there and I did not know if someone else was there or if someone else would come.

I think I went there to borrow some French textbooks, audio CDs, and workbooks.

In the classroom/theater the tables were set up and had theater posters, language posters, art posters, and music posters on them.

The bookshelves were organized but the rest of the place seemed unorganized and looked like it has not been used in a year.

When I was about to get a French textbook off the shelf some people came in the door.

They thought I was just cleaning up the place and said that they were going to have a wedding here today, so I helped them clean up the place.

Then later that day they had a wedding, I watched some of it and then I went to the living room to wait until they were finished.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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