High School Again And College Dream Fragments

File:We Rule the School.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember a bit of three different dreams.

One dream was about me being in high school again, in all three dreams I did not see the schools but I did get to see one classroom in each dream.

The classrooms were not normal looking classrooms except for the one in my first dream, but I do not remember what it looked like.

All I remember is being in a classroom and I had the strange feeling I was back in high school again, I was wondering why am I in high school when I already finished it?

Also I was wondering how am I in high school again at my current age?

I had a piece of paper that said something about I did not take enough classes back when I graduated from high school, so I had to take a few more classes to really graduate or something like that.

Then my dream switched to what seemed like a college dream, my English teacher from college was teaching a class that seemed like a Math class.

I was in the class, but I did not understand what he was talking about because it seemed like a hard Math problem or something.

I actually sat in the class listening and writing stuff down I think, which is very rare for one of my school dreams, because usually I am just walking around a school or trying to find my class.

After class I was thinking about something, but I do not remember what it was so I went to the next class or it switched to the next day.

This time the classroom looked more like a living room, the teacher was not there yet so I sat down.

I noticed that two of my cousins were there, in real life both have never been to college.

I started to talk to them about what they were doing in college and stuff, but I do not remember what they said.

A substitute teacher came because the real teacher was sick or something, I could not understand any thing the teacher was saying because I guess I missed the class last time or something.

The dream switched to another dream about high school I guess, our class was outside in a field a couple of streets from my house.

It was night-time and looked like it might rain, and there were walls, a door, but no roof.

Our teacher was a cook from the Food Network.

I think she was supposed to be teaching us English, but she was just talking about food and everyone was having a good time talking so she ordered pizza.

The pizza man who brought the pizza knew the teachers name and seemed to know her, so I guess she orders pizza all the time.

The dream changed to another dream that took place in a parking lot close to Dollar General, I can not remember much about this dream except the end.

I was by a building and a big truck stopped to deliver some stuff for the building except no one was there, so I helped the man unload some big metal things off the truck.

Then I woke up.

Then end,
-John Jr

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