John Jr In Germany

File:Reichstag building Berlin view from west before sunset.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream or dreams about me in Germany, I only remember some parts so the dream is all mixed up.

I remember having suitcases or bags and I was just getting to Germany, I do not remember if it was by airplane or train.

There were a set of glass doors with people coming in and out, and some men were talking, maybe an airport or train station?

Next I remember looking for a place to park my automobile, and I was trying to find a building.

I think it was a school or college, there were people from different countries, such as the United States.

A group of people were going to the building, they looked like they were new to Germany too.

I think we were going to find out where we were going to stay, maybe we would take a tour of the building, and maybe even take a tour around Germany.

I saw some people who looked familiar and they were moving their stuff to an apartment or dorm.

Things were nice outside, it was a sunny autumn day with orange leaves on the ground and the wind was blowing a little.

I went to walk around but I do not remember those parts, but I do remember one part that happened after I walked around.

It was getting dark outside and I was walking back to the building, and I was thinking about how amazing it was to be in Germany but I was afraid because I did not know German.

Then a woman in a car stopped by me and asked me something in German, I was surprised and I did not understand anything she said. 😀

I said that “I do not know”, in English, she made a mean face and said something in German that sounded mean & drove off real fast.

I was embarrassed, 😀 , she was really mad that I did not know any German, I guess.

I then felt bad and was hoping that would not happen again, as I walked back to the building I heard a few people speaking French and a few people speaking English.

I went to ask the English speakers if they knew where we were supposed to go, but I woke up from the dream.

The end,
-John Jr


High School + French Teacher + Pauline Croze + Supermodel + Money = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had several dreams, but I only remember parts of them.

Dream 1

In the first dream I was sitting outside a store or gas station in an unknown fictional city with two people who I went to school with in high school.

We were sitting next to a car talking, it seems that we were taking a road trip during the weekend and we were in college.

Some other people we knew from college drove up and we talked to them, then I switched to another dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was about me in a room that looked almost like a movie cinema, I was in there with all the people I graduated with in 12th grade.

We were talking, and the room was a little dark like at a cinema, then a teacher came in the room.

She wore glasses and looked professional, for some reason I had the feeling that she was from France (French), I have no idea why?

There was a big screen on the wall like at the cinema, and she started to play a video.

She started talking but I do not remember what she said, the video menu was in French but she changed it to English.

Someone in the crowd thought the language was Turkish. 😀

When the video started the text was in French again, so she was trying to figure out how to change it to English, but I switched to another dream.

Dream 3

The third dream was in a fictional version of D by the City Hall building, something like a small war or something was about to happen, I can not remember what exactly.

There were people standing around talking, police, news reporters, and military people.

There was a group of people talking one of the people was the teacher from my second dream, she was talking to Pauline Croze in French but the other people in the group spoke English, and so the French teacher and Pauline Croze started speaking English as well.

Something happened and people started running, some ran through the streets and others ran into buildings.

I think that I heard shooting, helicopters, tanks, and stuff like that.

Me, the French teacher, Pauline Croze, and the other people they were talking to all ran into a building that looked like a college building near the Library.

We started to run up the stairs, and outside I heard screams and the sounds of a battle.

Then I switched to another dream.

Dream 4

My last dream was about a supermodel who was going around buying clothes made from a certain kind of fabric, she was doing this for some MTV reality TV show.

For some reason she came to my house (but in this dream it was my grandfather’s living room for some strange reason) and started looking at my clothes in my chest-of-drawer, she found a shirt or something and gave me some money for it.

I had the feeling that she did not speak English for some reason, she did not say anything, she just handed me the money and left.

The money was not American Money (United States Dollars), it looked a bit like Dollars but different, and it had a 2 on it.

The money was green, but I can not remember the design, then I woke up.

This is the first time that I can ever remember having money in one of my dreams, so this is something new probably, money is super rare in my dreams.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A High School Gun Situation & The College Dorm

Dream 1

I remember two of my dreams from last night, the first dream was a dream about me being in high school again.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream so things do not make as much sense, anyway, for some reason I thought that there was going to be a gun situation at the school.