A High School Gun Situation & The College Dorm

Dream 1

I remember two of my dreams from last night, the first dream was a dream about me being in high school again.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream so things do not make as much sense, anyway, for some reason I thought that there was going to be a gun situation at the school.

So I put on a bullet-resistant vest and a detective style handgun holster with two pistols.

All I remember is that me and my class were leaving a room when someone pulled out a gun and several other people pulled out guns, and they all started to point their guns at each other.

I pulled out my gun and I started telling everyone to calm down, and to put the guns away.

I do not remember exactly what happened, but I think everyone put their guns away.

Later in the dream, me and my class were in a room with beds, like we were at a camp or something; and the principal came into the room.

It was the same principal I had my last year of high school, Mr.T, and he was walking around making sure everyone was okay.

I still had my two guns on me, so I hoped that he would not see them, and he came to talk to me; and then he noticed my guns.

He told me to come to his office, he was mad and confused because I was a good student, and he did not want me to get in trouble.

I told him that I brought the guns because I thought something bad was going to happen at the school with guns, which really happened, and he said that he believed me; but the rules say that you can not bring guns to school.

He said that I would probably get kicked out of school, but he was going to see if he could prevent that.

I woke myself up from this dream and it ended.

Dream 2

My next dream was about me at a college dorm that looked like B+C+The New Dorms at M.

As usual there were no windows in this dream and I was on one of the upper floors of the building; probably the second floor.

I was in a room with other college students, the room looked like the Language Lab, but everything was gone except some chairs and some tables.

Most of the floors, walls, and ceilings in this dorm were a brown color.

In the room everyone was preparing to listen to a woman talk, she was dressed in a formal suit, and she was talking about Liberalism.

She was talking about how Liberals were balanced, supported universal health care, supported free speech, and stuff like that.

After she finished a guy started talking about Conservatism, but I left the room.

Outside the room there were hallways and dorm rooms, but there was a room with two doors straight in front of the room that I had just left out of.

I went inside of this new room and it was very nice, it was like an expensive dorm/hotel.

I saw the author Kevin Trudeau walking out of the room, he was probably going to go talk to the people in the other room.

In the room there was a sitting room (waiting room), a check-in desk, a cafeteria, a security guard, and more.

This room had a hotel or dorm rooms in it too, the woman who was talking about Liberalism went into this room too, so I guess this room was for the important guests and teachers or something.

I left this room and started to walk around the hallways, I saw some people who I knew from high school, and I saw many international students.
I stopped and talked to a few people, and I even went to visit someone; but I do not remember who.

The different dorm rooms were a little strange because some were very small, about the size of a storage closet, and some were normal sized.

Most of the rooms looked cheap, some rooms were separate, and other rooms had suites with 2 – 4 rooms in them.

Most people seemed to be gone, so I guess it was a Friday night, when many people go out to clubs and other places on Friday nights.

I started to feel like I needed to go to the bathroom so I walked around looking for a bathroom, but it was hard to figure out which rooms were bathrooms.

Also the bathrooms had very weak doors, and many of them did not even lock; so I kept looking for a bathroom.

I saw one of my friends, MT, walking toward the stairs and I said something to him; but he looked mad, and said something that did not make much sense.

He then went down the stairs, it looked like he had been in a fight or something.

The I went to a suite that seemed like it was my suite, so I guess my room was in that suite.

The suite had 4 rooms and a living room, just like at the New Dorms at M, there were/was a few international students from Asia in my suite.

They were watching a movie, I asked them if someone was using the bathroom and they said that someone was in there; so I left to look for a bathroom again.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr

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