The Church | The Devil? | And The Christian Revelation?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Church:

The first dream took place many years ago just like the other two dreams in this post, but I still remember enough of these dreams to write about them even though I never recorded these dreams many years ago.

These dreams were powerful/stood out/had a great effect on me back when I had them compared to my normal dreams, and they really made me do some thinking.

Anyway, the first dream started in the city of D during the evening or early night inside Walmart, and I had went shopping there with my mom.

My mom went to another part of the store while I went to the grocery section I think, and as I was looking around I noticed a woman standing by the fruit & vegetable section looking straight at me.

No one else was around the grocery section by the fruit & vegetables, and so only the two of us were there.

The woman looked like the angel Monica, played by the actress Roma Downey, from the television show Touched By An Angel; and she was in normal human form with whitish colored skin and long reddish colored hair.

I think that she told me that she was sent to give me a message, and I think that I asked her if she was an angel, and I think that she said yes but I could be wrong; but she might have said that she was just a messenger.

She said that I was going to die, but she would not tell me when I would die exactly, and she would not tell me how I would die exactly.

She only told me that I would die of a spinal injury of some kind or something like that, I think.

I felt sad and somewhat afraid, and I think that she told me not to worry and that I would die in the distant future and so I still had time to live/enjoy my life/achieve my goal(s) and/or purpose(s)/whatever.

I think that she seemed to be calm and she smiled, and I told her thank you for delivering this message to me, and I left; but I am not sure if she disappeared or if she was still standing there.

My mom was leaving out of the Walmart, and so I followed her outside and I told her what the angel/messenger had said.

My mom started to cry and she said that she wanted to go pray, and as we walked to our automobile we noticed a small white shotgun-style church by Walmart in the little field by the apartments.

It was night-time outside and no one was by the church, and the church looked abandoned.

My mom still wanted to go pray, and so she knocked on the door of the church; and after a few seconds a small opening on the door like a peephole but bigger opened up, but whoever/whatever it was did not open the door.

My mom started beating on the door, and I told her to relax and that we should go somewhere else; but she did not listen to me.

She managed to knock the door open a bit, and through the small opening in the door I saw one of the strangest things ever.

In this old church there were these gargoyle-like (they are too hard to describe, so that is the best I can do) creatures in the church seats, and they were sitting there like there was a church service going on or something like that.

There were probably wooden church seats/pews on the left side and some on the right side of the church, with a red carpet going up/down the middle of the floor leading to the place where the preacher usually preaches (the pulpit), except a throne was there instead.

On this throne was the lower part of a huge body sitting on the throne, and I could only see it from about the feet level up to the knees, because it was so tall.

The legs were gargoyle/human-like, but I only had about 5 seconds or less to see all of this, and so I did not get a good enough look at all of this.

I think that next to the throne on both sides, were two large gargoyle-like creatures, who seemed to be guards or something like that maybe.

In the 5 or 3 seconds that I saw all of this, all the creatures froze/stopped moving and they turned invisible as soon as my mom barely opened the door, and so I only had a few brief seconds to see all of this; and it was like they did not want to be seen and/or they were not supposed to be seen or something like that, and we had caught them by surprise.

The creature’s feet were the last part of their bodies to go invisible, and next to the door were two gargoyle-like creatures that closed the door in our faces.

My mom kept beating on the door again, and so I told her that we needed to leave, but she would not listen to me.

Then the two creatures that were behind the door started to throw a pink colored dust/powder/or something like that at us, and so I pulled my mom away from the door.

My mom was still desperate to go inside the church, and so the two creatures opened some of the peephole-like openings on the door(s) and they pointed some trumpet-like cannon/shotgun-like weapons/things at us; and they started to shoot more of the pink colored dust/powder at us, and they also shot some shotgun-like pellets/BBs/shot at us.

So I grabbed my mom and I started to run back to our automobile pulling/dragging my mom with me, but then I woke up.

The Devil?:

This is the oldest dream of the three dreams, and some parts of this dream I can not remember unfortunately.

I remember being a kid in the dream (and maybe I was a kid in real life as well because this is a very old dream), and my cousin DE and I were in a hallway I think.

There were doors along the hallway, and we were exploring the building, and so we went into one of the rooms.

The room looked like a large storage closet for a janitor or someone like that, and the only light in the room seemed to come from a sunroof and/or a window or neither of those were there and maybe the light was coming from somewhere else but I am not sure.

We were looking around the room and there were some metal shelves with a few items on them probably, and I think that we saw some strange candle-like light coming from one part of the room.

I think that I remember feeling very scared for some reason as we walked closer to that area, and all I remember next is seeing a man.

I remember feeling the strongest feelings of fear, shock, terror, anxiety, et cetera that I had ever felt in my life.

The feelings were so strong, that my cousin DE and I could not talk, run, move, et cetera.

I think that the man wore animal fur clothes or he had animal fur clothes at the top part of his body covering his shoulders like a fur coat or something or he was wearing a suit with a fur accessory/whatever covering over the shoulders like a small cloak (or whatever the correct word is); but I am not sure which of these is correct or if either of these are correct or not.

I think that he had brownish colored hair, he had whitish colored skin, he looked like a normal politician or business person or someone like that with a shaved face without facial hair, he had a somewhat short hairstyle that was slicked back a bit, he was at least 6 feet tall or taller, he looked confident, and he looked relaxed.

He did not look scary, but we were scared/terrified/afraid and we felt paralyzed with fear, and we felt many other feelings as well that I can not describe in words.

I think that I knew or thought that he was supposed to be the Christian Devil for some reason but I am not sure, and I may have thought that because I was young when I had this dream, he may have even told us who or what he was but I can not remember what he told us.

I actually think that he probably did not say who or what he was exactly, but I do know/remember that he said: “That he was called/known by many names throughout history by many different people/cultures/religions/et cetera.”.

He just stood there and he talked to us, as we were paralyzed with fear, and with those many other strong feelings that I can not describe.

I do not remember what he told us during all of this unfortunately (I know that he told us various things) but I remember that as he walked closer to us the fear & the other feelings that I can not describe were so strong that it felt like he was so powerful that the closer that he got to us, the harder it was for us to stand, breathe, we felt weaker, et cetera.

He said: “That we had probably heard many stories about him, and that some of those stories were true and some of those stories were false.”; I guess that he told us about some of the stories about him that were true and/or false and/or he told us about himself and/or he shared some information about something else with us, but that is just my guess and I can not remember exactly.

He stood about six or more feet away from us, and he just stood there talking about something the entire time, I think.

We almost could not stand, it was like gravity was getting heavier and it was pushing down on us or something, and I felt super weak; and it was like he was so powerful that being too close to him could probably almost kill you and/or he was somehow draining us without us knowing it or something like that, it was the most over-whelming/powerful feeling that I have ever felt coming from any dream character in my life until this day.

I think that I may/might have started to pray in my mind because I could not talk, run, or anything; and so that was all that I could do, and I hoped that the Christian God would help us.

After a while he stopped talking and I think that he disappeared and/or he walked off, I am not sure which, I just remember him being gone; and we might have temporarily lost consciousness/went to sleep or we might have temporarily been in a trance-like state, but I do not know or remember.

At some point after the man left, we could move again, and some of the fear and other feelings started to leave and/or were not as strong as before; and we started to get some of our strength back, but we still felt drained.

We then ran out of the room to go tell someone about what had happened, but then I woke up.

I have never experienced any thing like that again in another dream that I can remember, and I have yet to have any other dream character that felt that/this powerful again; and that/this dream was interesting and intense, and I wish that I could remember more of the things that the man told us.

The Christian Revelation?:

This last dream reminded me of The Book Of Revelation in the Christian bible a bit, back when I had this dream many years ago.

One day I was at my parent’s house in D on a nice sunny day, and when I went outside I noticed some tiny silverish/grayish colored UFOs (unidentified flying objects, which is any object flying or in the sky that you can not identify) in the sky.

I told my mom & dad to come see the UFOs, and I went to turn on the television to watch the news to see if there was any information about what the UFOs were and what was going on.

No one in the world seemed to know what they were, and everyone was trying to find out what they were and why they were here.

Some people thought that they were meteorites headed toward Earth, some people thought that they were spaceships/spacecraft, some people thought that Jesus was coming back, some people thought that it was an unknown weather phenomenon, some people that thought that they were planets or space debris/objects approaching the Earth, et cetera.

My parents said that we would wait to see what they were, and that if it was Jesus returning that we would all go to the church for shelter instead of our house.

Many of the churches in the city of D were starting to let people stay/live at their churches for shelter.

Some people started living in bomb shelters, and some other people were also preparing for the worse.

Each day the UFOs got bigger and bigger, but none of them seemed to move as far as I can remember (so maybe I should have called them, USOs, unidentified stationary objects 😀 ) ; and it was strange because it was like they were getting closer to the Earth each day or something like that, and so they seemed bigger the closer they got to the Earth because they were probably very far away from Earth.

One day when almost each of the UFOs were almost half the size of the moon maybe but I could be wrong, my family was preparing to go to a church for shelter, when suddenly we heard a loud voice and/or trumpet and/or noise/sound; and then we heard a loud voice outside (probably a male voice but I can not remember).

I stepped outside through the window to my room, and outside everyone in the neighborhood was outside looking up at the sky listening to the loud voice that everyone on Earth probably could hear.

The sky was a strange color, the wind was blowing, and as that was going on I noticed a few strange things on the ground.

I noticed a tumbleweed rolling across our yard in the wind, and then to my surprise/shock I saw the skull of/from what appeared to be a dead Grey alien but I could be wrong (the alleged aliens that are usually short but sometimes tall who have big heads, big dark eyes, skinny bodies, long arms, no visible gender, et cetera) by my window on the ground.

The alien-looking skull was just bone with no skin or muscles, and then I thought & said to myself: “So aliens are/were real!”.

Unfortunately I do not remember what the loud voice that everyone could hear was saying or what language the voice spoke in, but all that I know is that everyone was standing outside listening to the voice; and it was like everyone on Earth could probably hear the voice

Then I woke up and then I had a short daydream and/or semi-dream, I think, that I was in a whitish-colored place that might/may have been a bit cloudy/foggy; and it was like I was in a waiting area or something like that up high in the sky/air/space & not on the Earth, maybe some other people/humans were there as well with me, and some beings/entities/angels/aliens/whoever (I can not remember who/what they were or what they looked like) may have told us something and/or they were calling out people’s names and/or preparing us for something that I can not remember like maybe judgment/to be judged/to be checked/to be tested/to be allowed inside/to be organized/et cetera and/or something that I can not remember.

There may/might have been a barrier/gate that prevented us from seeing the other side and/or going over to the other side, and I think that there were a few beings/entities/angels/aliens/whoever at the entrance of this area; and I think there may/might have been a podium-like area/structure with a book or something on or near it, but I can not remember and I just remember wondering if this was the entrance to heaven or something like that.

The end,

-John Jr

A Fashion Runway In A Bathroom?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember a bit of the end of my last dream.

I remember being in someone’s house, and walking around it.

There was a living room with glass doors that led to the outside, but I was walking toward another glass door that was in the house.

The glass door I went in, looked like an entrance you might expect at some churches or public buildings, and it was just a clear glass door that led to a hallway with carpet.

The hallway had a table with a vase or something, and in the hallway there was an opening in the wall that led to a bathroom.

The bathroom was like a public bathroom, and it had a shower too, I think.

I am not sure what I was doing in this house, but it seemed like I was looking for something or someone or trying to avoid someone.

I think the house may have belonged to Ms. VS, and I think my brother CC was there too.

At this point I was alone and I felt that someone was following me I think, and so I left the bathroom.

Down the hallway there were some steps that led down, like there was a basement or something.

As I walked down the stairs, which were covered in brown carpet I think, I heard some noise.

Around the corner there was a longer hallway, and I hid behind the corner and I peeked around it to see what was making the noise.

I saw a long red carpet with some people on both sides, and I saw some large feet or shoes or legs made of what looked like they were made of fabric, standing in the middle of the red carpet.

It was very strange and somewhat scary, and I had this strange feeling that is hard to describe.

I think some of the people watching the fabric legs or feet or shoes were photographers, some were spectators, and some were security guards.

I think the large fabric legs were walking, but as I peeked around the corner, it was like they knew someone was watching; so all of them stopped moving/froze.

It was very weird, and they were perfectly still, like someone froze time or something.

It was like a dream I had a long time ago about these strange creatures that were in a church,  and I also had that same strange feeling of fear.

Anyway, I stopped looking around the corner, hoping that they would not notice me; and I walked back up the stairs.

I felt a little freaked out, and I still felt that someone was following me.

As I made it back to the other hallway, I passed the bathroom, and then I felt that someone was behind me as I was going to leave out of the glass door.

I turned around and a shadowy looking man was behind me, and it seemed like he was about to attack me or something.

He had an old detective-like outfit (trench coat) with a fedora hat, but he had shadows on him, and so I could not really see his face.

I immediately went to attack him, I front kicked him into the table by the wall, and I felt a bit afraid; but I still felt ready to fight.

I also started to feel like I had some control over the dream, like I did in the Constantine 2: Attack Of The Female Shapeshifter dream.

As he was recovering from my kick, I decided to make a sword appear, and so I turned my head and closed my eyes for a second & told myself that I wanted a sword to appear.

When I opened my eyes, the sword appeared in my hand, and it was a katana.

I was amazed that I was able to summon a katana, but I did not have time to think about it since I was in the middle of a fight; and so I did not fully realize that it was a dream yet. (I am getting closer to lucid dreaming it seems)

At this point I felt confident and I hit the shadowy looking man with the sword, but the sword did not feel sharp and it felt like I had hit him with a baseball bat or a blunt object.

I do not know what happened to him after that, I just remember my brother CC coming through the glass door, and I told him that I just fought some shadowy looking man who was following me.

I think he said that he had looked around the house too, maybe we were looking for something like in my treasure hunting dream the other night, and in that dream I was looking for some treasure; but I did not know what the treasure was.

Anyway, I told my brother that down the stairs I saw some strange large fabric legs walking on a red carpet with people watching them, like a fashion show or something.

So he went to go see it, and I told him to peek around the corner so that they would not see him.

I think I stayed in the hallway by the glass door with my sword, to make sure that no one else was following us.

My brother came back up the stairs, and he said he saw something even more strange than I did.

He said that he did not see the large fabric legs, but that he saw a large fabric head moving on the red carpet.

I felt even more freaked out/afraid, but I decided to go see it for myself.

So I went down the stairs and I peeked around the corner, and I saw the security guards at the red carpet looking in my direction; and they started to run toward me, and so I ran.

My brother and I ran out of the glass door & back into the house, and then I saw Ms. VS and I went to say something to her; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

Constantine 2: Attack Of The Female Shapeshifter?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember a bit of two of my dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place at a hotel/cabin-like area, and I guess that my family and I were on vacation or something.

We were in some small one floor/story hotel/cabin-like place, that only had a few rooms or cabins.

We appeared to be getting ready to leave but my mom wanted to just switch rooms instead of leave, and so we started to move to another room.

As we were doing this I looked around the porch area next to our room, I remember seeing some anti-insect screen covering it, but for some reason I was worried about a snake getting in.

There appeared to be a few other people at the hotel/cabin place, and I remember seeing a truck and maybe a few cars.

I think there was mostly dirt instead of cement in the parking lot, and the weather was nice outside.

I remembering looking up at the clouds and things seemed pretty real, and as usually, I did not realize that I was dreaming.

Maybe next time I will realize that I am dreaming, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream started with me watching a movie at a cinema, I think.

In the movie I remember seeing Keanu Reeves in a suit standing in a nice looking room with a red carpet, nice lighting, and an indoor balcony/staircase.

On the balcony was an older looking man wearing a suit and he was looking down at Mr. Reeves, and it seemed that the old man was supposed to be the bad guy in the movie; or at least that is what I was thinking.

I thought that the old man may have been the leader of a mafia or something.

I had a feeling that this was going to be the last battle of the movie or something, and I thought that Mr. Reeves was going to shoot the old man or something.

I think the old man started talking and then he shot Mr. Reeves, and as Mr. Reeves was falling he threw a dagger that hit the old man in the chest & he fell off the balcony.

At this point, I was seeing things from the point of view of a camera person.

The old man was dead, and Mr. Reeves appeared to be dying.

Then I was actually in the movie, as I walked toward the dying Mr. Reeves, he started to talk; but his voice sounded like a scary woman, with one of those evil deep voices.

He/she/it said: “I am not what or who you think I am.”.

Then he/she/it changed into a dark shadow creäture and it flew toward me super fast, it grabbed me, and it flew with me outside the building to a lake or something.

Then we started fighting each other, I was a bit afraid at first and was going to wake myself up, but I think I somewhat realized that this was a dream; and I decided to fight.

I think I told myself that I was not going to let this thing beat me in my dream, but I do not think that I really knew that this was a dream exactly; I may have only felt that it may have been a dream.

I think that we were floating over the water fighting, and I was winning the fight; but I do not remember much of the fight.

I remember saying: “Come on! Is that all you got!”.

Then I think he/she/it changed into a big bird-like creäture and it grabbed me, and it flew off with me again.

He/she/it had its legs wrapped around me, so that I could not escape.

We were flying over a city and people saw us, and so the police and the military started trying to stop it.

Every now and then some of them would shoot at it, but they would miss, and one soldier with an assault rifle shot and almost shot me by accident.

As we were flying he/she/it was talking to me with a voice of a normal woman.

I was not afraid really for some reason.

I do not remember what she(?) was saying, but I believe that I started to daydream in the dream about what she(?) was going to do to/with me.

I am a bit confused on what really happened at this point, and I have two possible explanations:

1.  I think I started to daydream in the dream about what she(?) was going to do to me, and the daydream was acted out like it was part of the real dream; but it was really only me daydreaming in the dream about what I thought might happen.

2.  This part could have really happened in the dream and was not a daydream in the dream.

Anyway, I started to think or daydream that she had a baby (that looked like a human) in the cave, and that she may/might be a human that can just shapeshift or something.

I thought that she was going to take me to the cave, leave, change back into a woman, come back to the cave, and pretend to be a hostage of the shape shifter.

And that she would say that her and her baby were being held prisoner.

I was wondering if my thoughts/guesses were correct, and wondering why would she do that?

To trick me into staying with her and her baby?

To trick me and then kill me?

Who knows?

Anyway I think that these thoughts and guesses were acted out in the dream or they really happened.

I remember being taken to a cave, and there was a baby in there.

The bird-like creäture left me at the cave and then it left.

I looked at the baby and then I picked it up, and the baby smelled stinky and it’s diaper seemed to be heavy like it needed to be changed.

Then I heard a woman say something and I turned to see who it was, and the woman said that her and her baby had been held as prisoners in this cave by the creäture.

I told her that her baby needed its diaper changed, and I said that I would change the baby’s diaper.

She asked me if I had ever changed a diaper before, and I told her that it had been years since I had changed a diaper; but that I used to help my mom change my little brothers diaper’s when I was a kid.

I asked her if she had any baby wipes, she said no, but she said that she had some napkins.

So I started to change the baby’s diaper.

Then I remember talking to the woman about how long they had been here, how did they get here, and what it had been like living here.

I also told her about what happened to me, but I can not remember what else she said about her/their story.

Then I woke up or I woke up out of my daydream in the dream & the bird-like creäture was taking me to the cave (I am not sure exactly but I think the bird-like creäture was really taking me to the cave, and that last part of the dream was a daydream in the dream; if that makes any sense).

-John Jr 🙂

Britney Spears Is My Wife?

Last night I remember what was either two dreams or one dream.

Dream 1

The first dream or the first part of the dream all I remember is that me and Halle Berry were at my parent’s house at night-time.

She looked like she did in the movie Gothika when she got put into the mental hospital, she seemed to be in shock and I had the feeling that someone was after her.

So I carried her outside to hide her in one of our storage buildings outside, and the inside of the building looked more like a bedroom instead of a storage building.

I sat her on the couch and told her to relax, and that I think she would be safe in there.

I am not sure what happened to her or who was after her, but I felt I needed to help her.

I think I started to ask her what happened to her, but I can not remember what else happened.

Dream 2

The next thing I remember is being in a small apartment on the abandoned side of an unknown city.

Maybe apartment would not be the best word, since I think mine was the only one, I guess town house or house would be a better word.

Next to my house was a street and across the street was another house like mine, and next to that house were two tall brick buildings with an alley between them.

A young man my age and his wife & three kids drove up in an SUV or minivan to the house across from mine.

The wife and kids started playing outside while the man came to my door, my brother CC was in my house and answered the door.

The man looked and acted like a young man I had worked with once at my former job, except he was not in a wheel chair like the man I used to work with in real life.

He came in and we all started talking.

As we all sat down and talked I noticed a nice green couch with one pillow perfectly in the middle of the couch, for some reason this really caught my attention.

We were having a good conversation when I suddenly heard police sirens, and had the feeling that the police were coming to get me.

So I told my brother and the man to create a diversion to trick the police while I run through the alley.

I told my brother to drive our automobile up the street so most of the police would chase him and I told the man to pretend him & his family had just arrived at home, and tell the police that they saw our automobile drive down the street.

I then ran into the alley, and my plan worked.

The police could not find me so I think they called the FBI for help.

I remember that the alley led to a parking lot building or whatever you call them, it was pretty dark in there and that is all I can remember for that part.

The next part I only remember somehow sneaking into what I think was a FBI building.

I was going to see someone, I think I was trying to find out why the police were after me.

I think my wife had been arrested for some crime and maybe they thought that I helped or something.

I think someone in the building gave me some information about where to find my wife, but I can not remember.

I remember getting in an elevator and there were security cameras in there, I tried to hide my face a bit without being too suspicious.

I think I went on to the third floor which was a prison, but it was like no prison I had ever seen.

It was a rich person’s prison all the walls were covered in padded orange/gold fabric, each person had their own room, there were televisions, computers, book shelves, dining tables, desks, DVD players, game consoles, pool tables, a bar, pool, dance floor, and much more.

There were no windows, men & women were there, they all wore orange/gold uniforms, they could have butlers, friends, family, strippers, and I guess even prostitutes visit them.

Anyway I had the feeling that the FBI knew I was there, so I knew I had to talk to my wife fast.

Her room was on the second floor, I saw her with some guy that was only wearing a white loincloth or something, I was guessing he was either a stripper she hired or a prostitute.

And shockingly/surprisingly my wife was Britney Spears?

Anyway, she did not tell me what crime she had committed or if I had committed a crime too or not, but she did tell me that her lawyer got her a reduced prison sentence and her lawyer had gotten her into this nice prison.

She also told me that she would let me use her lawyer if I got caught, I had the feeling that she was going to be in prison for 4-7 years and if I got caught I would get about the same amount of time.

I felt that the FBI was near, so I went back to the elevator to leave and I set the elevator to go to the 1st floor but it went to the floor 0.

Then it went to the 1st floor, but the FBI were waiting for me.

There were about 3 guys in suits and 2 guys with SWAT gear pointing guns at me, so I said “Man, you got me.”.

One of the guys started saying that my kids were going to be put into foster care, and that they would get better parents that would help undo the bad influence me and Britney had on them.

I remember thinking: that we had two or three kids, I wondered if I had I really committed a crime, if I did commit a crime I wondered what was the/that crime, and I thought that if I did commit a crime that I hoped that my/our kids would get better parents than us.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr

Cloverfield + Reverend Jesse Jackson = Jacksonfield

Last night I only remember the last dream I had.

In the dream I was in what appeared to be a very small city-like fairground area, I was talking on my mobile phone with my friend (former classmate) SS and he was asking about the movie Cloverfield.

He asked what happened to the main characters at the end, in this dream it appeared that I was in a fictional version of the movie Cloverfield.

There were people running around and hiding like some creatures were attacking or something.

I saw different scenes like a movie showing 5 main characters from the movie Cloverfield, it was the end of the movie but unlike the real movie these main characters survived and each split up & went in separate directions in the city.

As I was watching these scenes I was telling my friend SS what I saw.

Then I heard gun shots so I stopped talking on my cell phone and I started to move to take cover.

On one side of a building I saw my brother CC with a rifle and he shot at something he thought was a creäture but it was a person, fortunately he missed.

I told CC to not shoot a gun if you do not know what you are shooting at and to stop wasting bullets.

We started to walk toward another building when a boy ran from the other side of the building and took CC’s rifle out of his hands.

The kid the ran away, so we followed him.

The kid stopped and a group of people were around the kid asking him to put down the gun but he seemed mad, sad, confused, and frustrated.

I noticed Reverend Jesse Jackson was in the crowd of people and that all the people were men that seemed to be taking part in some camp or camp meeting or whatever about race, violence, men, and Christianity.

Most of the young men seemed to be wearing black shirts and the men wore suits or more formal type clothes.

Anyway, the boy dropped the rifle but still looked sad so I was looking around for something to give him that would give him something to do so he would not keep thinking about what had happened, I was thinking a toy or something would work.

I looked in my pocket and I had two toys handguns, but I did not think that would be a good toy to give to the kid.

So I asked Rev. Jesse Jackson what he thought, he said it would be a terrible idea and looked at me like I was crazy or something, so I threw the toy guns into a trash can.

Mr. Jackson then asked everyone to come over to listen to him, he said that they were still working on preparing the activities and food, so he said that we should try talking about stuff until everything is ready.

He suggested that we should each take turns talking about some issues that are important to us and/or try to do something entertaining like comedy or something.

As I started to think about what was going on in the dream I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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