A Murder?

Last night I only remember a bit of one of my dreams.

Across from my friend DH’s house there were military medical tents set up where medics were helping soldiers.

I think my mom, dad, brothers, and I went to see someone there we knew.

It may have been my uncle MS, but I am not sure.

Some soldiers may have been wounded and some may have been sick.

It did not seem like there were any battles going on anywhere so I do not know what happened to some of the soldiers.

As we talked to one of the soldiers I noticed one doctor that was checking some soldiers, he seemed to looking for soldiers that he could help easily, and he seemed to not help the soldiers that seemed to be hurt the most.

There was one soldier he stopped to talk to that only seemed to be sick, but the doctor was acting strange around the soldier, and said something to him and went to help the next person.

Later in the dream I found out that the soldier had died and did not even seem that sick, my family and I went to help his family.

I think he had a wife and two kids, I think we talked with them and gave them a few things.

His family thought it was odd that he had died too, I think his wife said that the doctor told him that he was okay and may have given him some pills are something.

I felt something was not right about how that doctor had acted so my family and I went to talk with the doctor again.

This time there was a building instead of tents, I talked with the doctor and asked him questions.

I think he was had a feeling I was trying to investigate him.

During my chat with him I think he accidentally gave me a few clues, I had the feeling that he was trying to marry the dead soldier’s wife, and that he may have killed the soldier because of that.

My hypothesis is that the doctor wanted to marry the soldier’s wife but knew she would not divorce the soldier so he decided to kill the soldier, and try to take advantage of the situation to hopefully one day marry the soldier’s wife.

My family and I decided to leave, but as we were leaving I had the strange feeling that the doctor may try to kill us in the parking lot or something.

As we walked across the field to the parking area I kept turning around to make sure no one was following us.

I saw a female security guard watching us through the window and maybe the doctor too, so I told my dad.

He had a water gun in his pocket that looked like a handgun, the water gun was split in two pieces so you had to screw them together.

My dad dropped one piece, so I picked it up, then the security guard appeared to call for someone to come after us.

As my dad was opening the door to his truck three security guards came, one got in my dad’s face and just stood there.

The other guard stood next to him and the last guard looked like the leader.

No one said anything, and I was afraid my dad would do something stupid so I tried to calm down the situation by asking the guard what did they want in a nice way.

The leader of the guards said that a security guard seen us drop what appeared to be a bomb-like object.

I told him that is was only a water gun, so I went to the back of the truck to show him.

Everyone then relaxed and then I showed him that I also had a pedometer, he seemed surprised that it could calculate how long you walked or ran almost exactly.

Then I told him that their security team was pretty good, and I asked where could I learn to become a security guard.

He said that his mom was trained to be a security guard in another state, he said that L had some academies but they were not good.

He suggested going to another state to learn to be a security guard, then I said good-bye and they walked off.

I then decided we should talk to the dead soldier’s wife next to get more information in our investigation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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