8-6-2008 | Dream Fragment | Wanted

Wanted (2008 film)

Last night I remember a bit of my last dream, as usual.

I was not in this dream until near the end of the dream, and so I was seeing things from the view of a camera person.

I remember a house in a wide open parking lot area that had building on the left side, and on the right side were college buildings.

I can not remember what the area looked like but I do know this place has been in several of  my dreams before in the past, but I never seem to remember what the area really looks like exactly.

There seemed to be a big open parking lot-like place in the middle area with dorms & houses in the far distance on the left side, and college buildings in the far distance on the right side.

Usually I am in the middle area in my dreams with this place, and I am usually walking across the parking lot area to the left side or right side; but it is a big area, and so it would take a while to reach either the left side or right side.

Anyway, there was a house in the middle area with a husband, wife, daughter, and her boyfriend living there.

The family seemed to be a middle or upper class or middle or upper income family, except for the boyfriend.

He seemed to be a lower class or lower-income person, like me.

The parents seemed to be okay with their daughter dating him, and they seemed to be nice to him.

One late night someone called him I think, and he left the house without telling anyone.

When the family woke up in the morning they thought he had left forever or something, and they were sad & confused.

I wondered why they were acting so serious, since he had only been missing one night, and only his old Bronco looking S.U.V was missing.

The daughter was crying, the mother was shocked, and the father was trying to figure out what happened & he was trying to stop his daughter from being sad.

The daughter’s boyfriend looked like a man named A that I used to work with at a former job, except he was not in a wheel chair, and this is his second or third time being in one of my dreams.

I do not remember who called him on his cell phone or what they said, but I know it was serious.

As the father was going outside to investigate, the daughter’s boyfriend drove up in his automobile, and he got out and he apologized to the father for leaving without saying anything.

The father seemed relieved and he asked him to go on a hunting trip with him, so that they could talk.

At this point it was early morning and everyone was still sleep, there was fog outside, and the sun was slowly rising.

They both got shotguns and they started to walk toward the area on the left side, and I remember them crossing a playground-like area and some dorms/apartments.

There was a trail that led to some woods, at this point the daughter’s boyfriend seemed to have changed into another person, and I think he changed into the main male detective from the TV show Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

He was walking behind the father, and he seemed to be thinking about killing him for some reason.

The father was talking about how he loved his daughter and that he wanted her to be happy, and that he thought that the boyfriend was a nice young man & that he would support them if they decided to get married.

He also said that he wanted to get to know him better, and he gave him some advice.

The father was saying all of this in a nice tone, but for some reason the daughter’s boyfriend was slowing walking behind him making a plan on how to kill him & cover it up.

I remember hearing him thinking somehow, he said that accidents happen on hunting trips, and that he could say that it was an accident.

I wonder why he wanted to kill the father, since the father seemed to have no problem with him, and the father was even giving him a place to stay.

I thought maybe that it was because if the father died, that the mother and daughter would inherit the father’s money, and the daughter’s boyfriend would then marry her and he would have more money for himself.

I do not remember what happened, and I just remember the dream moving to one of the buildings not far from the woods.

It seemed to be a dorm or an apartment, and Angelina Jolie was walking in a hall with a gun, just like her character Fox on the movie Wanted.

She seemed to be on her way to kill someone, and she had a serious look on her face.

The hallway was empty, the carpet was brown, and the place looked like an average lower-income type dorm or apartment, like my old dorm.

She walked into a room and she shot a man who was getting out of bed or coming from the bathroom, and then she went back into the hallway like nothing had happened.

The man she shot looked to be about 60 years old or almost that old.

She then seemed to be going to kill someone else, but I noticed a man who looked like the man who played the main character on the television show First Wave, except that he had a beard.

He seemed to be trying to stop her, and I think he knew the old man that she killed.

It seemed that he wanted revenge, and so he was trying to find her so that he could kill her.

Mrs. Jolie then reached her next target, he was in the bathroom, and so she waited outside the door.

I think she knew that there was someone following her, so she seemed to be ready to kill the person quickly, and she would leave before the other man got there.

A man walked out of the bathroom and she shot him from very close, since she was standing right by the door, but the man grabbed her and he fell on her & he died.

He was heavy so she could barely move, he was dead but his arms were somewhat around her, and so she was having a hard time trying to escape.

It was like the man knew the other guy was coming to kill her, so he tried to stop her from leaving, using his own dead body.

She started to panic knowing that the other guy was on his way, but it was too late.

The man opened the door, so she tried to pretend to be dead, and she hoped that he would not see her.

The room was dark except for the bathroom light, the man almost did not notice the dead man and her on the ground, but he saw them and he shot at her.

She moved the body in the way as a shield & so the first shot hit the body, the man then tried to come closer to kill her since he realized that she was stuck under the body, but she shot her gun at him; and so he ran back into the hallway.

She then started to pull herself from under the body, but the man shot at her again, and he barely missed her.

She shot back at him and then she finally got unstuck from under the dead body, and she started shooting at the man.

He ran out into the hallway even further, and then she ran up the hallway in the opposite direction.

The man waited a moment before he ran after her, but he did not know where she went.

As he ran in one direction in the hallway, I appeared in the dream, and I had a handgun.

At this point people had heard the gun shots and they were waking up, and some people went into the hallway to see what was happening.

I hid my gun and I tried to act normal, I knew that the police would be there soon, and so I started to try to find where Mrs. Jolie and the man had went.

I remember looking around and seeing the police come in, and I think that I walked outside.

Next, I remember the dream jumping to a fictional version of my parent’s neighborhood, except it was two streets down from my parent’s house & near my uncle’s house.

There were some people walking and talking, and there was a very small open shopping center.

I remember seeing two people who I went to school with, MB and JU, but they did not seem to notice me.

I walked behind them at a distance wondering why they did not recognize me,and  they seemed to be walking toward the small shopping center.

I noticed a small clothing store so I went there, and I started to look at some clothes and I thought about a few things.

It was a sunny day, but then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂

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