Give Tribute To Tribute

Last night sadly I forgot parts of my last dream, due to my cell phone waking me up.

It was an interesting movie-like dream with more detail than my usual dreams the past few weeks, but I forgot many of the details unfortunately.

The dream started with me and maybe some members of my family going to the Junior High School to drop someone off to school.

I remember getting out of either a bus or van, I wanted to go find someone or ask someone something, but I did not want to walk on school property since I was not a student.

I do not remember what happened exactly after that but I remember being at my grandfather’s house, and it seemed that my family was spending the night there.

I think that I took a bath and then I went to the living room, my dad said something to me, and I think he said that he was going to take a bath & that everyone was about to watch a movie.

I forgot what happened next but I remember seeing things from the view of a camera person, and it seemed to be a movie about a group of Roman or Greek soldiers.

I guess this was the movie my family was about to watch, but for some reason I was seeing things from inside the movie like a camera person.

The movie seemed to be only focused on one military officer, probably a general, that was played by the actor Paul Giamatti.

Him and a small group of soldiers were stationed by the Junior High School & Elementary School, for some reason parts of the movie seemed Roman/Greek but most of it seemed to be in our modern time period, and so it seemed that this movie was a modern re-telling of some story possibly.

Most of the movie focused on Mr. Giamatti’s internal dialog, his thoughts, and some of his duties as an officer.

He seemed to be doing a lot of thinking about his life and different random things in the World, and he appeared to be bothered by something & he was just trying to think on a deeper level about his life.

I think he seemed to be disappointed with parts of his life and his self, he seemed to be trying to think of ways to make some positive changes to his life, but he felt that he was too weak to make those changes.

At one point he thought about his bad relationship with his wife, and then the movie switched to her.

His wife was played by the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, and her character was very similar to her character Mary Rivers from the movie 21 Grams.

I think that his wife was at home thinking about him, and she was wondering why he had not written her or visited her.

She was feeling sad, rejected, and a bit angry; and so she went to a diner/bar later that night.

I think one of her friend’s went with her and they were talking about the situation, Mrs. Gainsbourg was talking, with her lovely interesting accent and her nice soft voice, as usual.

Her friend brought up the idea of divorce, and a man sitting next to them that was listening to their conversation told Mrs. Gainsbourg that he was a lawyer; and that maybe he could help.

Mrs. Gainsbourg and the lawyer started talking, and after a while they went back to Mrs. Gainsbourg’s house.

The dream switched back to me at my grandfather’s house but I do not remember what happened, but the dream switched back to the movie.

For some reason Mrs. Gainsbourg was at the family room of my grandfather’s house with her lawyer but it was in the movie, the lawyer had an old typewriter & a scanner/fax machine that looked real old, and it reminded me of the 1980s for some reason.

The lawyer was played by the actor Richard Gere, he looked like he was from the 1980s for some reason, and he was copying & faxing all the important documents that belonged to Mr. Giamatti’s character because Mrs. Gainsbourg’s character wanted a divorce.

She was walking around the living room angry and talking about why she wanted a divorce as the lawyer was typing & working with the documents.

She said that her husband was gone fighting Wars most of the time, he did not write her much, he did not visit her much, that she wanted to have kids now but he did not, and some other bad stuff about him.

She said that she was going to start a family with or without him, and that she was going to find someone who really cared about her.

Mr. Gere’s character seemed to really want to help her and they both did not seem to be about to start a romantic relationship with each other, so it was just a business relationship between her & the lawyer.

The movie switched back to Mr. Giamatti’s character, and he was in the officer’s barracks in his room alone.

The officer’s barracks was small and probably could only fit about 8 officers, there were not many soldiers stationed there, and so my guess is that there were only about 8 officers and 35 soldiers.

There were two bedrooms with 4 beds in each one and a small bathroom in each one with a toilet, sink, and a 1 person shower.

There was also a small living room and a small kitchen with two tables, a stove/oven, 2 microwaves, a refrigerator, and some storage cabinets.

Anyway, he seemed to be in a somewhat bad mood & he was thinking again, and this character reminded me of Mr. Giamatti’s character Cleveland Heep from the movie Lady In The Water.

He went to the bathroom to wash his face and do some more thinking, I wish I could remember some more of the things he thought about, but I do know that he was thinking about many life issues.

I got the feeling that the officers wore Roman/Greek style clothing and/or armor & equipment, but the other soldiers had modern looking clothing & equipment.

Anyway, as he went back outside some creäture started attacking the soldiers, but I do not know what it looked like; but I know that it was fast & it probably could fly & swim underwater.

It would attack from the air, disappear/teleport, attack from the ground, and then it would jump into a small lake that was in the parking lot under this metal watch tower-like structure.

It was like something from a Greek Epic or something, for some reason there were soldiers with black special forces gear with scuba equipment and assault rifles.

There was a small lake in the parking lot and a metal structure over it that was like a watch tower or something, and so some of the soldiers were up there getting into attack positions.

Some of the soldiers had their guns pointed at the lake if the creäture came out from there.

The other soldiers were on the ground spreading out to protect the Junior High School and Elementary School.

Mr. Giamatti’s character seemed a bit shocked but he still issued orders to his soldiers, but the creäture kept moving around fast & then it disappeared; and so they did not know where it was at.

I do not think that anyone was killed or seriously injured, it seemed that the creäture was going to kill a few soldiers, but the special forces soldiers came just in time before it could kill them.

The creäture seemed to have left but the soldiers stayed alert and they started to patrol the area, and some of them went to check inside the schools.

Mr. Giamatti started to walk around patrolling the area and he was doing his usual thinking & internal dialog, but this time I think he was thinking more about some of his past battles.

I think there may have been another army close by, and that they were going to fight against or at least defend the two schools from.

I think his character and some of the officers had older Roman/Greek style helmets with a fur thing/decoration (I do not know the real word for it) on the top of each one.

As Mr. Giamatti was walking back to his room again, something fell from the sky, and it hit the ground going very fast.

He walked over to see what it was and it was a Roman/Greek style coin, so he grabbed it, but it was hot.

After it cooled down he picked it up, and he seemed to think that the coin could bring him good luck; and so he went to a small prayer room/temple next to the barracks.

The prayer room/temple was very small and it had little statues, a bowl of water where soldiers would clean their hand when entering & exiting the room/temple, there were candles, and some of the soldiers would leave offerings.

It seemed to be the classic 12 Roman/Greek deities or several unknown deities that were worshiped there, and the prayer room/temple was the size of a small closet.

He seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, like he was not the religious type, and that he did not know what to do exactly.

He walked in and closed the door, he looked around & took the coin and he sat it on a table near the offerings, and then he took a coin from his pocket & he placed it by the coin that had fallen from the sky.

I think that the coin that fell from the sky was a silver color & it had the face of a man on it, and the coin that he took out of his pocket was a copper color with the face of a man on it as well.

I think he then said: “I would like to give tribute to Tribute.”, and then he made a small wish or prayer in his mind.

As he was leaving the prayer room another officer was coming in, and in that moment he remembered that he had forgotten to wash his hands; and so he nodded his head & he made a quick fake smile at the other officer, and then he washed his hands & he left the room.

It seemed that he did not really expect anything special to happen, but he was going to try it anyway.

I am still not exactly sure what he meant by: “I would like to give tribute to Tribute.”.

It was almost like the second tribute represented some deity that was the deity of tribute and/or prosperity/luck, maybe, but that is a wild guess.

So maybe the phrase meant: “I would like to give my offerings to Tribute (The prosperity/luck deity or something/one).”.

I think the dream switched back to me at my grandfather’s house, and I was wondering why was the movie in our time period or had I just imagined it.

I also was wondering was this based loosely on an old Greek or Roman epic, I started to think about a few things, but I can not remember what else I thought about.

I then started to focus on the movie again, as the dream was moving back to the point of view of a movie, my cell phone went off in real life; and it woke me up.

The loudness of the cell phone scared/surprised me a bit, and so I lost some of the details of this dream.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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