8-10-2008 | Dream Fragment | The Action Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Last night my last dream had three parts but I forgot most of the last part and some details in the first two, because of my brother watching television again.

It is hard for me to remember my dreams when I am awakened, and there is too much noise as I am trying to remember my dreams.

The first dream took place at Sonic, and I was there, but I was not in an automobile for some reason.

There was a family there waiting in line too, but we were standing in the drive through line for automobiles, for some strange reason.

There was a husband, wife, and they had a daughter about my age.

They were talking about different issues that sounded interesting to me, and so I decided to join the conversation.

They seem to be surprised that I would be interested and that I knew about some of the issues that they were talking about, I think it is because I was a lower class/lower-income person, and they seemed to be at least middle class/ middle-income.

I remember telling them a bit about my life and how my life changed in college, and about some of the rough times that I had.

I told them about some of my struggles and my wish to return to college, learn another language or two, find a career, etc.

I forgot to mention that it was night-time outside, and after talking a while, it was almost time to leave.

The husband & wife looked at each other like they were thinking about inviting me to have dinner with their family, but they did not know me well, and they were wondering if that was a good idea or not.

So I had the feeling that the husband was going to ask me if I needed a ride home so that he could see what things are like at my house, and then try to decide if they should invite me or not.

My guess was correct and the husband did ask if I needed a ride home, and I said yes.

He drove me to my house and then I invited him inside to see what my house looked like, I was curious to see his reactions since our house is crowded with too much stuff & small & ugly in my opinion.

My family was sleep so I quietly showed him around the house, and he had a look on his face that was about the same look that I predicted he would make.

He seemed to think some of the same things I did about the house, and he seemed to still not know whether him & his wife should invite me over.

He said thanks for the tour and he left, but I knew that he would probably go home to tell his wife about how the house looked and that they would make a decision about whether to invite me over the next day or not.

Next, I remember the dream switching to a movie, I was seeing things from the view of a camera person, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the main character.

Mr. Arnold was with some people who looked kind of like people who escaped from a prison or some criminals that were about to go to prison.

They were talking about something at an abandoned building, but the police & SWAT team came.

Some of the police officers seemed to be bad guys, and they seemed to know something that the rest of the police & SWAT team did not know.

It seemed that they were trying to stop Mr. Arnold & this group from doing something or finding something.

Mr. Arnold and some of the people in the group started to run to some ropes that led up to the top of the building.

The SWAT team was shooting there sub-machine guns at them, but they were missing because there was a lot of stuff in the way.

Mr. Arnold & the group made it to the top and they were in a little room, and they made a quick plan to run outside & split up.

They were going to confuse the police, and meet up somewhere else another day.

So they went to a door and they started to run out of the building in different directions, and Mr. Arnold was the last to leave.

The few polices officers that seemed to be the bad guys were shocked & they panicked so they called for back up, and they told the other police officers to shoot to kill.

Mr. Arnold ran near some houses, as another member of the group was getting chased by a police car.

The dream then switched to another part, but I forgot most of it due to my brother watching television in the real world again.

I think Mr. Arnold & his group, the family from the first part of the dream, and I met up at some place.

They were talking about a war or something, and they said that America was going to be attacked, I think.

I am not sure by who or why, but they said that it was going to probably be around many parts of the country.

I wanted to either leave the country or find a city that was easier to defend, that I could go to.

We decided that picking a city to defend was a better option, and we started to talk about the plan(s).

It seemed like this group was trying to help stop the War or attack on America, but certain people in positions of power wanted the War or attack to happen.

I remember seeing a map of the USA, and they circled parts of the country that they believed would be attacked.

I can not remember anything else unfortunately, the noise from the television distracted me from remembering most of the parts from the end of the dream before they disappeared.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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