Superpowers | Almost Lucid | Resulta The Overcrowded Dorm Room Experience


I know I had at least three dreams last night, but I only remember one part of my second dream.

My first dream took place in the area near the chemical factory by my neighborhood, like in my dream yesterday.

I was walking by there at night and for some strange reason I knew that some homeless people were living in a cave-like place by the road leading to chemical factory (plant).

I knew a homeless man named Mr. L was there, I do not know how I knew that he was there, but I did.

There was a curtain on the entrance instead of a door and I saw three men sleeping on the floor inside, each with their own blankets.

It was dark in there so I could not see well but I did see empty water bottles, trash, some food, and other stuff.

I had a strange feeling that Mr. L and the other two men had robbed houses in my neighborhood and were starting a little bandit group or something.

I think I may have seen some stuff that looked like it was stolen, as I was walking to take a closer look at the stuff Mr. L woke up and asked me what I was doing there in an angry voice.

I told him that I came to see if they needed anything to drink, he said that they did not need anything in an angry voice again, so I left.

As I was walking I magically started to see a news broadcast in my mind, they were talking about the World’s first and only current person with superpowers.

It was a woman who could fly, had super strength, super speed, and probably was immortal.

I had the strange feeling that Mr. L & his gang, me, and some other people in the World were starting to slowly develop superpowers too.

I also felt that some people were going to try to help the World with their powers and others were going to be the antagonists and were going to do negative things with their powers.

As I was thinking this, the dream switched to the view of a camera person and was in a place that looked like New York City.

An older fake looking Puff Diddy (Sean Combs) with a big head (like on those Nestle Tea Commercials or bobble head dolls) was going down an escalator thinking to himself, I could hear his internal dialog/thoughts for some reason and he was bobbing his head a bit like he was listening to music, but I did not hear any music. 😀

He was angry that he did not have superpowers and was thinking in racist & genderist / sexist ways about the woman who had superpowers.

He was thinking that he should have those powers or at least a man with medium to dark-colored skin and/or in the African-American / Black Race should have those powers.

His thinking started to annoy me since I do not believe in Race on the physical level and do not support it on the social/cultural level and his genderist/sexist ideas also annoyed me.

He said that if he ever did get superpowers he would try to kill that woman, who was the first to get superpowers.

I then started to feel that he was really developing superpowers (even though he did not know it yet) and I felt that many others in the World were also developing superpowers, but they did not know it either.

I wondered how this was happening and how would it effect/affect the World, I also felt like I was developing some superpowers too, but then I woke up.

Almost Lucid

I only remember one part of my second dream, I was with a family member and we were trying to do something, but I can not remember what.

We kept failing over and over, and some how I realized it was a dream.

I wanted to say this is a dream out loud but I remembered that I must relax, so that I would not wake myself up again this time.

So I said that this is a dream in my mind, and I then went to take control of the dream, but I started to feel my body in bed in the real world.

I felt a quick panic reaction to that feeling and I woke up, darn!

I was so close to having a lucid dream again, this is the third or fourth time that I realized I was dreaming directly but I keep panicking when the feeling of my body being in bed first starts.

Next time I guess I need to relax and wait for that feeling to pass before I try to control the dream.

Well maybe I will have better luck next time.

The Over Crowded Dorm Room Experience

My last dream took place at some small lower-income dorm, I had a small room and I think my roommate was my male friend JC.

I guess our room shared a bathroom with the room next to us on the left side because there was a door leading to our neighbors room, the two guys in that room were from Africa (African).

The room on our right side had two women about our age in there from another country as well.

The two guys from Africa both had two girlfriends each, for some reason.

JC was talking to one of their girlfriends in their room, the two guys from Africa were each talking to one of their girlfriends, one of our female neighbors from the room on the right side was talking to the last girlfriend of one of the guys from Africa, and I was just looking around.

I thought it was odd that the two guys had two girlfriends each, so I started to talk with one of the girlfriends about it after she stopped talking to our female neighbor.

Our female neighbor left the room, and so I started to talk with the girlfriend.

After a while she started to agree that it was not a good idea to continue dating her boyfriend that already had one girlfriend, so her & one of the other girlfriends decided to break up with the two guys, so now they both only had one girlfriend each.

My friend JC started to talk with one of the now single women, and the other started to try to talk to me but I was interested in our female neighbor that had left the room.

So I told her that we should just start a friendship and see what happens from there, then I went to find our female neighbor that had left the room.

I found her outside in an area that looked like my grandfather’s yard, I noticed earlier that she had worn a soccer shirt that had the same name & number of a woman I went to college with.

I did not know how to pronounce her name, so I felt a little embarrassed because I was about to ask her how to pronounce her name but I asked her anyway.

She said her name was Resulta even though it was spelled completely different from the name on the shirt, I then told her that the two girlfriends had broken up with the two guys.

As we were talking I guess her roommate interrupted our conversation, and started talking to her.

So I took a moment to try to remember her name, so I said Resulta a few times in my mind and tried to associate it in my mind by imagining a notepad with the word Result on it, followed by A, so Result-A.

After her friend left we went to sit down in an area that looked like a school bus stop with bathrooms connect to the wall on my side.

As we were talking, people from elementary to college age kept coming and sitting down too, and they were talking so loud that we could not talk to each other any more.

A woman who looked just like Resulta sat next to me, and two other women that looked like her, sat next to her.

They all had short blond hair in a curved bowl-like shape and long sleeve white turtle neck shirts just like her, except they each looked about one year younger than her and each of them looked one year younger than the other.

So Resulta was about 23 years old, and the look-a-likes were probably from ages 20-22.

I found this odd but Resulta did not seem to notice them really, none of them said anything, they just sat there looking bored.

Resulta, the three look-a-likes, and me all just sat there listening to the annoying loud people sitting next to us.

More and more people came until there was no space to move, next to me was a bathroom for kids and next to that was one for adults.

As I noticed that, I woke up,
– John Jr 🙂

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