The Crazy Olympic Party

My last dream last night was a bit odd and the beginning did not go with the rest of the dream to me.

The beginning of the dream took place at a cafeteria-like place, and I do not think that I was there, but I could see things from the view of a camera person.

I saw the director in the movie Tropic Thunder and his wife, who looked like a female version of the guy in The Dark Knight who got caught during the attempted attack on the mayor & Harvey Dent almost killed him, but Batman stopped him.

Anyway, they were walking to the line to get some food and the wife had this look on her face like she was very excited about something, and she wanted to tell it to someone.

She then told her husband the director that she wanted to tell him something, he turned to look at her, and she told him that she was going to have an operation so that she could look like Crazy Jack. (I have no idea who Crazy Jack is supposed to be)

She then made that same face the guy on The Dark Knight made, like she was trying to stop herself from laughing.

Her husband looked at her with a serious face for a moment, but he did not say anything, and he just ignored her & he kept walking.

After getting their food, they sat at a table with some friends, and the wife once again made that excited face like she wanted to tell someone something.

She then told everyone at the table that she wanted to tell them something, everyone got quiet, and her husband looked at her with that serious face again.

She once again said that she was going to have an operation so that she would look like Crazy Jack. (I guess Crazy Jack was some celebrity or something, but I do not know)

Everyone seemed to not know what to say, and the husband looked serious again, but he still did not say anything.

Everyone paused for a moment, and then they started to eat again, and then the wife started to mess with two toy cars that I guess belonged to her husband.

She seemed to have scratched one of the toy cars on/by accident, and she told their friends about how her husband seemed to be very protective of the two toy cars for some reason.

It seemed that he had those two toy cars since he was a kid, and they were very special to him for some reason.

She was explaining why, but I was too busy looking at the face of her husband, because he looked like he was going to go crazy and/or scream and/or attack her.

He was looking at the car she had scratched with a very intense shocked & angry face, and he looked like he was going to explode.

To my surprise, he did not say anything, and he waited until their friends left, and then he started to talk to his wife.

He was angry, and he said something about the toy cars & about the Crazy Jack operation.

He said that he was tired of her crazy behavior and that he probably wanted a divorce, but I can not remember the rest because the dream moved to another place.

I remember wondering who Crazy Jack was and why would she want to have surgery to look like a man, if Crazy Jack was a man, because I do not know.

The dream switched to me and my family at a small hotel-like place, and it seemed that we were just getting to our room.

The room was pretty big but plain-looking, and as I explored the room, I noticed a room connected to the area by the bathroom.

It led to an abandoned public bathroom area that had some grass growing in it, and I saw what I thought was a rat, but it actually was a rabbit.

It seemed that our room was connected to an old part of the hotel for some reason, and as I walked past the bathroom, there was a door that led to a hotel suite. (It has several rooms)

In the suite there were American Olympic athletes having a party, and they seemed to be getting drunk.

They were drinking, dancing, talking, and listening to music.

I noticed Marilyn Manson was there with his wife, I have no idea why he was in this dream.

Anyway, I looked around the suite and I did not see any security guards, which I thought was odd.

The party seemed to have moved to another room that looked like a church, and Mr. Manson & his wife were preaching.

I do not know what they were saying, but him and his wife seemed to be really into what they were saying & they were talking with a lot of energy/emotion, and the Olympic athletes were having a good time. (Probably because they were drunk)

I noticed that two of the Olympic athletes, who were not drunk, went outside the hotel; and so I followed them at a distance.

They started to talk, and they walked up the street, which looked like the street my grandfather lives on.

I still wondered why there were no security guards, and so I decided to do the security myself.

For some reason no one seemed to be around the neighborhood, I kept looking around for anything suspicious and for snipers, but I did not see anyone.

The two athletes kept walking and talking, and they did not seem to notice that I was walking up the street behind them.

I wondered where everyone was at, but I did not realize that this was a dream, as usual.

The two athletes then turned around to walk back to the hotel and I think that I started to float in the air, as I followed them back to the hotel.

I could see things better from up there, but I do not know how that happened, I was up in the air almost to the top of the power lines, and I just slowly floated behind the two athletes.

We made it back to the hotel and I started to walk again, and I noticed that there finally were some security guards.

There were 3 police sheriffs from D at the hotel, and they were checking the rooms for anything suspicious.

They did not seem to be good security guards at all, I thought that was funny, but I was glad that there were finally some security at the hotel.

I noticed a few American soldiers coming to secure the outside of the hotel and the 3 police sheriffs went to talk to them, but an explosion hit the hotel.

It seemed that a grenade launcher, or RPG (rocket propelled grenade), was shot from the woods near the hotel.

The soldiers called for backup and in a few seconds some armored troop carrier vehicles with helicopter blades came with soldiers in them, and they put all the Olympic athletes in there & they flew off to get them to safety.

The other soldiers then went to secure the hotel, and they started to shoot at the direction that the shot came from, until air support could come to clear that area.

I was glad that the soldiers did such a good job, and I was sure they would take care of the situation.

The 3 police sheriffs decided to go to explore the woods alone, but they went to a different area than from where the shot came from.

They went to an area that had tall grass & some water instead of trees, and they hoped to find any people who may/might be hiding to attack.

As they were standing near some water and some rocks, I noticed a person hiding in the rocks that looked like your stereotypical member of an Islamic Terrorist Group.

He jumped from under the rocks, and he threw a knife at the police sheriff that seemed to be the leader.

The knife hit him in the back and then the attacker shot another one of the police sheriffs, but the last police sheriff shot the attacker.

To my surprise, the police sheriff leader survived the knife attack, but the second police sheriff was dead.

The last two police sheriffs decided to go into town to get some people to help them check the woods for more attackers.

They walked to this small mountain area, and you could see the city below.

The police sheriff leader said that there in Canada there did not seem to be that many tough men around and that not many people had guns there.

He hoped that they would at least find someone with a gun to help them.

I was shocked to hear that we were in Canada, and I found that odd.

I wondered why were the American Olympic athletes in Canada instead of China, why were some police sheriffs from D there, why was my grandfather’s street in Canada, and why was I in Canada?

But I woke up,

  • John Jr 🙂

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