A Fictional Country

I can not remember much of my last dream last night, but I know most of it took place in a fictional version of LC and in some super small fictional country.

I think my friend / former male classmate MT, my former male classmate JB, and I were on our way to the city of LC; I was driving.

We stopped at a place that was supposed to be its own separate country, it was only the size of the average neighborhood.

We went into some public building where most of the town seemed to be, the building was a multipurpose building.

There was a bar, dance floor, pool tables, video game consoles, televisions, DVD players, chairs, couches, sport rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, and more.

In this fictional country I think all recreational drugs were legal, and I guess their culture was also big on sexual freedom or something, it seemed to be some fictional country in Europe.

I was not comfortable with the fact that some of the people were doing recreational drugs publicly, and I was uncomfortable with a few other things that they were doing.

So I was ready to leave, but MT & JB were talking to some women our age, and they wanted to stay longer.

I walked outside to get away from all the smoking inside the building and a little while later MT & JB came out of the building with two women that had met inside.

The two women did not want them to leave, something must have gone on between them while I was outside, but MT & JB seemed ready to leave, like they had already gotten what they wanted.

Next I remember being in a fictional version of LC alone, and I was walking through a mall-like area early in the morning.

It seemed like the area was underground or something, but the area looked nice.

As time passed, more people started to walk around looking at some of the different stores, and a woman about my age started to talk to me about something.

But I woke up,

  • John Jr 🙂

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