The College In Iceland

Last night I had a dream that I was at a college in Iceland, and there were also a few people I went to high school with there also.

The college was a big modern building with many floors, and there was even a helicopter pad on the top of the building.

The building had all the college classrooms, dorms, cafeterias, infirmary, libraries, bathrooms, etc., all in this one large multi-floor building.

I can not remember much of the beginning of the dream but I know there was an Olympic competition going on, it seemed to be a long distance race, and I was in it too.

Men and women were racing each other through the building, and some parts of the building were dark and looked like outdoor environments.

I was racing against a woman from Team USA, and we were trash talking each other, and we seemed to be trying to be show-offs/show boaters.

We were not mad at each other, we were just trying to be competitive and still have fun.

I can not remember what else happened with the race, all I remember next is being at another part of the building, and I was talking with a few people I went to high school with.

One of them was BH, and the other people were people who I did not know.

We were in a hallway and people were walking around talking, and the people seemed to be from different countries, but I do not remember hearing any other languages.

I think someone walked into BH and he got mad, and they started to fight.

I tried to stop the fight but BH ran past me and started fighting again, but he got knocked out.

It looked almost like he died but he was still breathing, so I tried to wake him up, and he woke up but he seemed to be very dazed & weak; and so I helped him back to his feet.

Me and an unknown female student decided to take BH to the infirmary, and then to the hospital if the nurses thought that his injuries were bad enough.

There was a map on the wall with pictures showing where things were, but I could not tell exactly where we were at.

I guessed that we were closer to the infirmary and so we went there, on the way there I was holding BH up from one side and the female student was holding him up from the other side, and he seemed to barely be conscious.

We reached the infirmary but I think they were closed early, because no one had come there the whole day, and so they got lazy and they went home early.

I was a little frustrated at this point and BH was in pretty bad condition, and I knew we needed help soon.

I looked at the map but I could not tell were the hospital was exactly, and so we kept walking and holding BH up, while looking for the hospital.

During one point I either had a daydream in the dream or this really happened in the dream:

I remember a small diner/cafeteria-like place and the actor George Clooney was there, but he was sick & seemed to be dying.

Two of the female workers at the diner knew him, and they stopped to help him, he said something but I can not remember what he said, but I do know that he said that he was cold.

They begged him to go to the hospital I think, but he seemed to not want to go, and so they gave him a jacket & some food.

They told him that he must get help or he was going to die probably, and he seemed to be getting sicker; and so I think they were going to try to take him to the hospital.

I think I heard them say were the hospital was, and so this must have really happened in the dream, instead of it being a daydream in the dream.

Next, I remember me and the female student taking BH outside, because the hospital was somewhere near the college.

The weather was nice but somewhat cold looking outside, and we seemed to be out in the country.

There were fields and not much else around, but we did see a sign showing that the hospital was down the road somewhere.

I noticed that the college building was modern looking on the outside, and I saw the helicopter pad on the top of the building.

Somehow I knew that we were in Iceland, I think that the female student told me, and I think I saw the flag of Iceland on the building.

We had to move slow since we were holding BH up and I hoped that the hospital was not far, and on the way I think we saw a few farms and some cows.

After a while we finally reached the hospital, but I saw planes flying from over the hospital, and I guessed that there was a military base near the hospital.

As we were going to the hospital we noticed people outside and some soldiers, they said that they were too busy helping victims of a snow collapse on a mountain or something, and so they could not help us.

They said that all the soldiers and hospital workers were being used to help with the disaster, I told them that BH needed help now, but they said sorry there was nothing they could do.

I reminded myself that their military base was small and that they had a limited amount of doctors & soldiers & a major snow collapse had happened somewhere, and so I could understand why they were too busy to help us; but I still felt a little annoyed.

I was a little shocked and I was trying to figure out what to do, we had no automobile to reach the city and BH was still barely conscious, and we had walked all this way & they could not help him.

So the female student suggested that we walk to the city, and hopefully someone will be driving by & give us a ride.

We started walking and after a while we noticed an automobile by the road, there was a man in it, and we asked him if he could give us a ride.

He said yes but that he had to wait for his friends to come first, and so he told us to wait in his automobile.

The man had a British English accent, and he had the stereotypical lower class accent.

As we were waiting in the automobile, I noticed through the window that the man was acting strange, and he was standing outside the automobile looking around like he was nervous.

I started to have a bad feeling that something was not right, and so I told the female student, but as we were talking a group of automobiles pulled up.

One was a van and a group of guys with guns got out, and there seemed to be a deal going on, probably a drug deal.

I knew we were trapped so I was worried, the man walked up to them and he said that he had the money in his car, and so he opened the door to the back seat where we were.

He told us that he had some guns hidden behind the seat, and he told us that if we wanted to survive that we better grab a gun and help.

I told the female student to stay with BH, and I would go fight so that they could escape.

The other men had no idea that the man had guns, so they were waiting by the van talking, the man hid his sub-machine gun in a briefcase, and he told me to hide and cover him once the shooting started.

I hid by the side of his car and he walked up to the men with the briefcase, he said that here is the money, and he opened the briefcase & he started shooting the men.

He killed 3 of them men, but the rest of them ran behind the van, and they started shooting at him.

I started to shoot from a distance, and the man sneaked/snuck behind the van, and he killed the rest of the men.

He then went into the van, got the drugs, put them in one of dead man’s car (which was a police car, I guess he was a bad cop or something), he told us to get in, and we drove off.

We heard the police coming, but they passed by us since we were in a police car, and the man then laughed and said something.

Me and the female student were shocked, and BH was practically unconscious at this point.

I noticed that we were close to the city, which looked like an area not far from downtown in D, and so I asked the man to take us to the medical clinic.

He said okay, and then a few silver-colored armored vehicles with two helicopter propellers flew over us toward where the shooting had occurred.

I noticed that those vehicles looked like the ones the US Army was using in my Crazy Olympic Party dream, I found that interesting, but I still did not realize that I was dreaming.

Then a SWAT vehicle passed by us, but once again they did not notice us.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂

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