How To Properly Fall Out Of The Sky

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Last night I only remember some of my last dream, and the beginning is blurry & confusing.

I remember seeing a man who was a comedian, he appeared to be about age 40, and then I remember seeing that same man at a much older age.

He appeared to be in a house, and a nurse was giving him a sponge bath, but he had clothes on. (Thank goodness/fortunately)

He was standing up as the nurse was cleaning him with the sponge and he seemed to want to tell her something, but it seemed like he could not talk; and so he started to write something on her arm, I think.

It seemed to be something that looked like a tattoo or just a message, but for some reason she did not notice him writing on her arm.

The dream then moved to another area, I think it was a bathroom, and a woman was sitting next to a bathtub.

I had the feeling that was the man’s wife and in the tub was their son I guess, but he appeared to be 13-16 years old, and so I was wondering why his mom was in the bathroom.

Fortunately he had his clothes on too, but he was in the tub and it appeared that his mom was about to give him a bath; talk about strange & even more strange is that he had clothes on. (I am glad that my brain often censors stuff like that even in dreams)

Anyway, as she was raising the bath towel, she stopped and stared at the door.

She appeared to know that her husband was trying to tell the nurse something by writing a message on her arm, and so she left the bathroom to go find him, I guess.

As she left the bathroom she put on a robe and she looked a bit like Sarah Palin mixed with Queen Jadis/The White Witch from The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, and then she walked to a closet in the bedroom & she walked in.

When she walked into the closet it led to what appeared to be a hospital, and I think she started to call her husband’s name and she went around looking for him.

I had the feeling that she had powers or something, and I was confused about the situation.

I am not sure what happened next, but my guess is: That I think that I appeared in the dream with my brothers D&D and CC, and we decided to go into the closet in the bedroom that the woman had went into.

What happened next was that I remember falling from the sky with my three brothers, toward a fictional version of the city of LC.

We were falling fast and it felt realistic, but LC looked bigger & different.

I felt the wind, I felt the strange falling feeling you get on fast carnival rides, I felt that we could actually die, and our clothes were blowing in the wind like you would expect in real life.

It felt so real, exactly like I think things would have been like in real life.

I held on to D&D with my left arm, and I held on to CC with my right arm.

I tried to figure out how we could survive this fall, and I noticed a swimming pool on the top of a large building that seemed to be a fancy hotel; and I decided that we should try to fall into the swimming pool.

I told my brothers to duck their heads down a bit so that when we hit the water, hopefully our necks will not break, and I told them to tilt their bodies a bit, so that we could land into the pool; because we were falling in the wrong direction.

As we tilted our bodies a bit, we started to fall toward the pool and we were falling fast, and we hit the water & we went all the way to the bottom of the pool, until our feet hit the bottom.

I could feel the water and the impact of hitting the water, it all felt real, except for the fact that we survived. 😀

I pulled D&D to the top of the water and I put them on the side of the pool, and then CC came up to the top of the water too.

Everyone was okay, and we were surprised that we had survived.

I then told them that we had to leave soon before the owners of the hotel saw us, and I looked around but I did not see anyone, and so I took a moment to make a plan.

I noticed that we were near the boardwalk & beach in LC, and so I decided that we should find a place to sleep near that area until the next day; because the sun was going to go down soon.

I noticed some buildings that appeared to probably have some safe places to sleep, but I told my brothers that we should check the area and find some sticks or something to use as weapons, just in case.

We then started to leave the hotel, but I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂

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