10-9-2008 | Dream Fragment | After A Hurricane?

Cell phone tower cleverly disguised to look li...

Last night I remember most of my last dream, it started with me answering a phone at a fictional version of my parent‘s house that was located two streets to the right of where my parent’s house is in real life.

On the phone was my cousin RE, she said hello & asked me how I was doing and she said that she wanted to talk to my dad.

I took the phone to my dad, who was raking leaves in the yard, and I could hear a bit of their conversation as they talked.

My cousin RE said that she needed someone to help her fix her computer again, something else that I could not hear, and she said that she wanted my parent’s to come a pick her up from LC; because a hurricane was coming, and she was afraid.

She said that she was with some merchant marines somewhere near LC on a ship, and that the hurricane was getting closer.

My dad said that him and the rest of my family would go and pick her up, and then he hung up the phone.

My dad seemed a little annoyed and he made a comment about how he wished that some of our family members would improve their lives, and that they should stop living lives where they have to beg people for help so much.

I told them that they could go pick her up without me, and that I might drive down there later.

I walked to the street that I really live on in real life and I went to a house next to where my aunt lives, it was a fictional version of one of our neighbor’s house.

I went inside and my friend DH, my cousin ME, and my cousin DW were sitting down on some sofas; while my cousin DW was playing a video game.

Our neighbor’s mom was in the kitchen preparing something, I said hello, and then I sat down on the sofa to talk to my friend & my two cousins.

I do not know what game they were playing but I remember seeing it in another dream, and I told my cousin DW that the game was a multi-player game; and he looked surprised & he said that he did not know that.

I said something else and my friend DH said something to annoy me, and he made his annoying smirk/smile that he likes to use to annoy people during debates & arguments.

Our neighbor’s mom then said that she was leaving to get something, so I decided to leave, but somehow right after leaving out of the house she came back & she magically had what she went to get.

Also, she had some kids with her that were coming over to visit her younger son.

I then walked up the street and I think the dream went to a news/commercial-like scene about the hurricane that was coming.

I then walked further up the street and I stopped to talk to someone who reminded me of a combination of three different people I know; SS, his brother MS, and JH.

He mentioned something about my dad, and he made a comment about how he rarely sees me go outside.

I told him that I do not go outside much except to feed & water the cats, jog, do some chores, and I go out to eat/watch movies/shop sometimes.

Then I remembered that I forgot to call my parent’s, so I called them with my cell phone, but no one answered their phone.

The dream then switched to a news/commercial-like scene with the same news reporter, but this time it seemed that he had two fake versions of my parent’s talking about how the hurricane had devastated them or something, which was not true.

It seemed he was trying to get higher ratings and was getting actors & actresses to pretend to be real victims, and those two people did not even look like my real parents. 😀

The dream then switched back to me walking and somehow I found a military tank, so I decided I would drive that to LC.
I started to drive up the road but a bunch of junk, that appeared to be damaged houses & stuff from a hurricane was blocking the road, and so I turned around to go another way.

I then heard noises that sounded like a machine knocking down the junk, I thought it was the military and since I was in a tank I thought that they would attack me, and so I jumped out of the tank & it crashed into another pile of junk.

After an opening was made in the junk, a vehicle carrying several men came up the road, who I thought were some soldiers.

They were all holding on to the sides of the vehicle and they were standing up, and it was an open vehicle with a bar in the middle that all the men could hold on to.

They did not have guns or armor, and as they got closer, I noticed something very strange about them.

They all had whitish colored skin, their heads were shaved, most of them looked somewhat physically deformed like a stereotypical inbred racist person that lives in the country but more deformed, they had numbers tattooed on the top of their heads & I think some of them had other tattoos on their head or near their head too, they all wore the same clothes, they all were neither fat or thin, and they all looked angry like they did not want to be there.

I was afraid that these guys were some racist soldiers or something and I felt they were dangerous, and so I waved at them and said hello as they passed me; but they looked at me with straight faces with looks of anger & hatred.

I then walked off quickly to sneak through alley that is near my parent’s real house.

The men stopped at an abandoned house, which I guess they were going to stay at, and they then started to put on what appeared to be yellow firefighter equipment/gear/suits.

As they were doing that the men mentioned me, and they said that I stared at them like I had a problem or something. (Which was not true)

They also said that they did not want to be here cleaning up our neighborhood, and that we better be glad they had no choice because they would rather be killing/murdering trash like us. (I guess they considered me and others in my neighborhood sub-human or something)

I do not know if they were soldiers or not, I do not think so because I saw no one in charge, they did not have military uniforms on, they had no armor, no guns, no radios, and they appeared to be afraid to really kill anyone; probably because the real military was near by.

They then had some hound dogs that they were about to un-tie, and they were barking and I had the feeling they would chase me; and I did not want to take any chances, and so I started to run through the alley by my parent’s house.

I jumped over several wooden fences near our dogs at my parent’s house, and I ran through the field & up the street to a bigger street.

I then saw a man who appeared to be a military officer, riding in a jeep talking to someone on the radio about something, and I felt that I was safe now; but my alarm clock went off in the real world and it woke me up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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