My Former Classmate MT Gets Murdered?

The night before last I had a dream that took place in what seemed to be a fictional version of L at a fictional L college.

I was outside of some building that appeared to be a greeting center for people who were coming to the college, there was some construction work going on outside, and it seemed that they were building a trench around the area to hold water maybe.

There were/was a lot of school kids with a few adults going inside of the greeting center, one of the adults was my cousin CH, and so I followed them inside.

Inside it seemed that the kids were signing in so that they could go to the dorms, which were up the street, and it appeared that the kids were there for a college camp for kids or something.

I think I talked to my cousin CH for a moment, and then I went back outside.

Then a group of people I went to school with came and I went to talk to them, and then we went inside of the building.

My former male classmate MT was one of the people in the group, we stopped at a vending machine to get some candy and to my surprise I had three quarters, a nickel, and a penny. (This is one of the first times that I can remember having coins in a dream, so this is pretty rare)

I decided to get the hard candy shaped like bananas, cherries, oranges, and strawberries.

I put a quarter in the machine and I put my hand down to catch the candy as it fell, but some of the candy fell on the floor.

I then asked if anyone wanted the banana shaped ones, since I do not like those, and an unknown woman said yes; and so I gave them to her. (Not the ones that fell on the floor)

Another person in the group that I recognized was NB, anyway, we then split up/divided and we left toward the dorms.

I rode in MT’s automobile, as he was driving we heard police sirens and a black SUV (sport utility vehicle) was behind us with police lights on, and so MT stopped his automobile.

Three men wearing black bulletproof vests carrying assault rifles got out of the SUV, one of the men wore glasses & he looked like a man who worked at the doctor’s office on the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and that man walked to MT’s door.

We were going to ask him what did they want but the man opened MT’s door, and as MT was about to say that we did not do anything wrong, the man shot MT in the head with his assault rifle.

I saw blood and MT fell out of the automobile, and the man got into the automobile with me and he started driving like he had just killed a roach or something; and he did not seem to care at all about what he had done, which was murder MT.

I was shocked & afraid and I almost jumped out of the automobile, but the other men were driving in the SUV behind us; and so I was afraid that they would catch me and kill me.

Everything happened so fast that I did not know what to do, except wait cautiously to see what would happen next.

The man looked forward with an emotionless face as he drove toward a building, and I asked him what did he want.

He said that he wanted me to go inside of the building, which was a dorm, and as he was saying that, he handed me a pistol.

He said that he wanted me to go inside, shoot the pistol in the air, and then stand by the window; if I wanted to live.

I had the feeling that these men would just shoot me if I did that, and so I tried to think of ways to escape, as we drove closer to the dorm.

I thought up two plans:

Plan 1: Shoot the man with the pistol that he gave me, and then run through the alley by the dorm.

Plan 2: Go inside the building, pretend to shoot in the air, tell everyone to run out of the back door, and then run with them through the alley; that way even if they started shooting at us, at least some of us would live/survive.

I decided that plan 2 was my best option, but I wondered were these men really police officers, because I did not really think that they were.

I also wondered what did they want, my guess was that they were going to shoot me once I stood at the window, say that I was the one that killed MT, then go inside the building to kill a certain person, and then they would claim that person was one of the killers too like they would have lied about me.

As I was about to get out of the automobile to walk into the building, I woke up.

That sure was intense and pretty realistic,
-John Jr 🙂

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