The Romano Vampire Hideout?

Last night, I had a dream that is somewhat confusing, since I forgot a few key parts of the dream.

I remember an abandoned house connected to an alley with some old buildings in a fictional version of a street in my neighborhood, the front of the house was like my uncle IC’s house, the inside was like a smaller version of my grandfather’s house, and the rest was like an alley in a big city.

The house was on a fictional street that was separated from the rest of my neighborhood by a street and a small field.

I think an unknown man, Christy Carlson Romano, and I were walking toward it as the sun was setting.

I remember us going inside the house and it was a little dark inside, on the right side there was a small TV, and on the left side there was a stairway with a small hot tub connected to it with blood & water in it.

I remember thinking that was odd and we carefully started to search the place, and on the left side of the house there was a hallway with probably three bed rooms & a bathroom.

On the right side there was a hallway with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and connected to the kitchen was a utility room that led to the outside.

The door that led to the outside was broken, and it could easily be opened.

The unknown man searched the left side of the house, I searched the right side, and Christy went upstairs.

It seemed that the house would have made a nice hideout or club house or something, except that the door on the utility room needed to be fixed.

I think that the house had no windows and it felt like the outside was made of brick or concrete, and so it was pretty strong.

I think we found a dead body in the hot tub, but as we were looking at it were heard someone trying to come in through the door in the utility room; and so we went to check it out.

I saw a man with a jacket & a hood on & he was trying to break the door open, and he saw me; and so he pulled out a revolver, and he started shooting at me.

I closed the other door that led to the utility room and I told the others that he had a gun, but I am not sure what happened next; I think that one of the others killed him.

I think as he started attacking us, Christy and the unknown man who was with us, teeth grew longer and they appeared to be vampires.

I guess they and/or we were vampires, and they and/or we killed the man after he kept trying to kill us.

I got the strange feeling that the man shot me in the arm, and I started to change into a vampire & the bullet did not hurt me really; so I attacked him.

After the man was killed, I think we started to talk about the possibility that the man we just killed, might be the person that killed the man in the hot tub.

We guessed that the man was a drug dealer/gangster that was using this place as a hideout, and as a place to hide dead bodies. (I got the feeling that we found more evidence of people that he killed there.)

As we were talking, I think we either got attacked by some other vampires and/or the police.

I think some other vampires came through the broken door and they started trying to attack us, and so we had a shoot out/fight.

I started using cheat codes from a cell phone, like in Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV), to make body armor and weapons.

I told Christy and the unknown man to do the same thing, and we started fighting the other vampires.

I remember shooting one vampire, who was in the kitchen, with a shotgun.

I think we killed them all but we heard the police coming, and so we started trying to hide the bodies and clean up the blood.

As we were doing that, we each had to make sure that no one was coming through the two entrances to the house.

The police appeared to be surrounding the building, and so we had time to clean up.

I remember putting some of the bodies in the hot tub, and cleaning up the blood in the kitchen & the utility room.

I remember Christy saying something about that her dad and some of the other vampires were upstairs, and that we had to make sure that no one went up there; and I had no idea that there were others in this house, until she said that.

Also there was talk about an emergency exit somewhere in the house that went underground, either there was one or we needed to build one.

I am not sure if we were going to clean up the evidence of the killings and go underground or clean up the evidence of the killings and escape in the alley or clean up the evidence of the killings and fight the police.

Our first task was to clean up the evidence, make sure that the police did not come into the house, stop anyone from going upstairs, and make a plan to escape.

I heard the police outside talking, I heard sirens, and I even heard helicopters.

As we were doing our tasks I thought up a plan:

“Clean up the evidence, get everyone from upstairs and have them use the emergency underground hideout or make one if one did not exist, then once everyone else is safe the three of us would run into the alley shooting at the police and hope that they chase us, and hope that we can escape.

That way the other people in the house could remain hidden underground & the police would not know that they were there, the police would think that we were the only ones there, when we escape they would think that there was no need to do anything but a simple search of the house, and hopefully they will not find any of the bodies or anything & then we can return another day to either improve the house defenses or find another hideout.”

Anyway I woke up before we got a chance to talk about our plans.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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