Barack Obama + Patrick “Packie” McReary + A Whoopee Cushion Flying Device = ?

Last night I remember parts of three separate and unrelated dreams; the first was about Barrack Obama, the second took place at a fictional M with a guy that looked like Patrick “Packie” McReary from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV), and the third had me testing a flying device that looked like a whoopee cushion in D.

Barack Obama

This was the first dream so I do not remember it much, but I believe it started with a news broadcast about Mr. Obama.

I think he was visiting his grandmother, and then was going to take a break at his home.

I remember seeing things from the view of the camera person and the news reporter (journalist), and they were outside Mr. Obama’s house waiting for him to get home from his grandmother’s house.

There were police and secret service agents standing around keeping the press and other people at a distance.

The news reporter stopped to talk to a few people who were also waiting in the crowd of people, and she asked them a few questions.

As she was asking them questions, a few black SUVs (sport utility vehicles) drove up and more secret service agents got out, and then Mr. Obama came out of one of the SUVs waving to the crowd.

Him and his bodyguards stopped to answer some of the news reporter’s questions and he shook a few people’s hands, and then he talked with a few people for a moment.

After a few minutes he said good-bye to the crowd and he went to take a walk around his neighborhood, and it seemed that he wanted a chance to relax and think.

Him and a few of his bodyguards walked down the side-walk and some of Mr. Obama’s neighbors were also outside, and so he stopped to talk to a few of them.

The camera person and the news reporter were trying to get closer, but the bodyguards kept them at a distance, so they could not hear their conversation.

As Mr. Obama and his bodyguards were walking around, I wondered if that was a bit too dangerous for him to be walking around like that, and so I had a slight bad feeling that something bad may/might happen.

I looked around a little, but I could only see what the camera person could see, and so I could not see much.

Then I woke up, went back to sleep, and my second dream started.

Patrick “Packie” McReary

This dream took place at a fictional version of M again, near some fictional dorms, and I was walking & talking with a man who looked like Patrick “Packie” McReary from GTA IV.

I do not remember what he talked about exactly, but I think he was telling me about people who he knew and that he was probably trying to find someone who could help me find a place to live, a job, and some new friends.

We walked to a dorm that looked like the new dorms at M, but when we got inside, it looked like an old apartment.

He told me that he had an international friend there that might be able to help me, and he continued to talk about whatever he kept talking about; which I can not remember exactly.

We came to a room and he opened the door without knocking and there was a small kitchen/dining room in front of us, an utility room to the right side, a large bedroom on the left side, a small study room to the left of that, and a large bedroom to the left of that.

We then walked through the first large bedroom but no one was there, he said that his friend’s brother lived in that room, and the room was big and it looked a bit like a kids room.

Across the bedroom was a door that led to the small study room and on the wall there was a window, so you could see if anyone was in there, and there was a window on the other bedroom, so you could see if anyone was in there as well.

Anyway, we saw a woman with blond hair talking on a cell phone (mobile phone) in the study room, and he said that was the friend he was talking about; and so we went to talk to her.

She was talking on a cell phone so we waited until she finished, and as she was talking on the cell phone she spoke English with an Eastern European style accent.

She saw that we were waiting so she ended her cell phone conversation and she greeted us, but her accent changed to a British-like English accent, which I thought was interesting & odd.

The man who looked like Packie told her who I was and he told her that I was new, and that I needed some help and some new friends or something like that.

She said that she probably could help me, and that she would talk with some of her friends and see if they could help me as well.

She then said that she had to go meet someone and that we could all meet up at another time, and so she said good-bye and she left.

The man who looked like Packie and I stopped for a moment to talk about what to do next, I noticed that the woman we had just talked to brother’s bedroom, looked messy & it looked like a kids room, but her room looked clean & organized.

I also thought that it was odd and interesting that both bedrooms and the study room had windows on them, so that you could see inside of them.

As we were leaving the apartment, I asked the man who looked like Packie if the lady’s brother was a kid, he laughed, and he said that even though the brother’s bedroom looked like it is for a kid, that the brother was actually 21 years old.

We left the apartment and we went outside on this balcony-like area, and I looked around & I saw some college students walking around; and the man who looked like Packie told me that he would let me know what day his friends were going to meet.

He also mentioned some other stuff that I can not remember, and then he got a phone call on his cell phone.

He said that he also had to go meet someone and he said good-bye, and so I left the apartment balcony.

As I was walking, I saw groups of people who I went to school with walking like they were at orientation or something, and they were touring the school.

I stopped to join them and to see what was going on, and they all stopped like someone was about to talk to us about the dorms or something.

I said hello to a few people and I remember seeing MW, I did not say hello to her directly, but I indirectly said hello using body language.

She looked at me but I just glanced back at her for a moment, and then I started pretending that I did not see her there, for some reason; I did the same thing in the last dream she was in for some unknown reason.

She looked at me like she wanted to directly say hello but she did not, and she looked at me with about the same face that she made in the last dream that she was in; she looked at me like she was happy to see that I was doing better, and that I was finally starting college again.

Then as I was looking around to listen to what people were talking about, I woke up, went back to sleep, and then my third & last dream started.

A Whoopee Cushion Flying Device

My last dream was like a lucid-like dream, as I was trying to go back to sleep, I started to think that it would be nice to dream about being able to fly.

I went to sleep and I had a dream that I had made or that I was testing a new flying device prototype, for the military or something.

I was outside in my yard and I had a device that looked almost like a whoopee cushion, and I was about to test it so I blew air into it with my mouth.

I bent my knees, put the device under my armpit, and I squeezed it & I jumped at the same time.

I then flew into the air, and I practiced trying to learn out how to use the device to fly in certain directions.

Every so often I had to blow more air into the device, to help accelerate my flying speed.

I flew toward the post office and I started practicing jumping from building to building, and testing the take-off ability of the device.

There were some people downtown that saw me and I think some of them were afraid that I was a terrorist or something, and so they called the police.

I continued to test the device jumping from building to building and flying around, but I woke up as I heard police sirens.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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