My Former Classmate MW Again

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember a bit of one of my dreams.

It took place in a classroom, probably a college class, and maybe a teacher was teaching or there was no teacher & the students were just talking; I am not sure.

I remember seeing my former female classmate MW across the room and I think she saw me, and we were on separate sides of the room talking to different people.

I guess class was over so I was going to leave but I wanted to tell MW something, but I noticed that she was not across the room in the same area anymore; and so I looked around the room & I saw someone sitting down that looked like her.

So I walked over and said: “Hey M!”, and she turned around and she said: “Do you think I look like M?”, and so I said: “Yes”.

She looked like MW but her voice was different from MW, and then I heard someone laugh and they said: “John!”, and so I turned and it was the real MW.

So then I knew that the other woman was her older sister, except she looked almost the same as her, but in real life she does not look that much like her.

MW then asked me if I really thought that her older sister and her looked the same, and so I took a moment to look at both of them; and they did look almost the same, and so I said that they did look almost the same.

At this point I think I either forgot or I gave up on what I was going to ask or tell MW,  and so I said goodbye and I left the classroom.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, and welcome to my blog and/or my Gravatar Profile.

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