Water On The Tennis Court

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a gray day, and it looked like it had rained earlier that day.

I decided to walk toward the tennis court and I noticed that the tennis court was completely covered in water, but the water was not deep, and so I could still walk on to the tennis court.

I walked around the tennis court enjoying the quiet and calm environment, until three people came walking on to the tennis court.

The first person was a man who I used to go to school with (maybe my former male classmate and schoolmate JC), the second person was an unknown man, and the third person was an unknown woman.

They were talking and looking at the tennis court, and then they stopped to talk to me.

For some strange reason there was a door connected to the fence around the tennis court that led to a room of a house.

The guy I went to school with was going to that door, so I followed him, and inside the room there was a little party and a basketball game going on.

As we were going into the room, someone threw a basketball at the guy I went to school with, and he fell into me & we both fell into a table or something.

I hurt my arm pretty badly and I could not move it, and my arm was having little muscle spasms.

I thought it was broken or fractured, but later in the dream I was able to move it again.

That is about all that I can remember, but I will try to add more if I can remember anything else later.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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