Action Depp

I only remember most of one of my dreams from last night, it started with my family and I at an unknown R’s Buffet Restaurant, in an unknown city.

We were walking to our table and the restaurant was crowded, and the tables were closer together than in real life.

On our way to our table we noticed some other people from D and we greeted them, and I recognized one of the people as a young man who works at the same store my brother GC works.

He looked at me like he expected me to say something, so I just said: “Hello, how are you doing? and Hey, are you still working at BS?”

He said that he was doing okay and that he was still working at BS, I said good, and then I was about to sit at my table, but an unknown man from D passed by me and he said hello.

I said hello and I shook his hand, then he walked off, and I finally sat at my table.

As my family and I were about to go get some food from the buffet line, we heard a lot of noise that sounded like a fight was going on, so we looked around, but there were too many people in the way.

Soon the noise level went down and things appeared to be almost normal again, but it was still noisy since there were so many people.

Then the dream switched to a completely different place with different people, and I was seeing things from the view of a camera person and/or I was in the dream, I am not sure.

It seemed that Johnny Depp was a law enforcement officer and he was leading a team of officers to arrest some gangsters & drug dealers in Mexico.

I feel so connected to this dream that I think that I really was in this dream at this point and that I was not seeing things from the view of a camera person, and so I will now assume that I was in the dream, even though I am not sure.

Anyway, we were riding in some vans to the place where the gangsters & drug dealers were supposed to be, and they were in a factory-like building in the same place that my grandfather’s house is.

It was the same neighborhood too, except that my grandfather’s house was not there, and this neighborhood was in Mexico & connected to an unknown city.

I think we had about three vans of officers, when we stopped at the gangster’s/drug dealer’s hideout/factory.

We then began the mission to arrest them, but once we got inside, a shootout began.

The building had several floors and many rooms, and so an intense shoot out began.

I was with Johnny Depp’s team, and the other two teams left to fight on different floors of the building.

I think our team was going to fight on the third floor, and so we had to fight our way up there.

During the fight we found some people who were hostages in different parts of the building, and so we told them to run outside and wait in the vans or run home.

Johnny Depp did not seem afraid at all during all the fighting, and he kept leading us from room to room, like he knew where he was going or something.

Officers, gangsters/drug dealers, and hostages were being shot & killed, it was terrible; and we seemed to have come unprepared for a fight this big/serious.

The gangsters/drug dealers had automatic weapons and some of us officers did not, and so we would use the automatic weapons that we took from the dead gangsters/drug dealers when ever we got a chance.

After a lot of shooting, room clearing, and hostage saving, we finally made it to the third floor.

Johnny Depp seemed serious and focused, and he stopped to give us some more orders.

While he was doing that we noticed someone running and Mr. Depp shot the person, and we were shocked & we asked him why did he shoot someone who was not attacking us?

He did not respond and he started to look a bit crazy, he then walked over to the body, and he noticed that it was a woman.

Then he noticed that she was not dead and then he started to act like he cared for her, and he told her that he was sorry for shooting her.

He said that no one would hurt her or they would die, and then he told her to run & leave this place.

She was angry and said that you tried to kill me, but she wanted to escape and so she started to run like he told her to do; but she thought he would shoot her in the back again and so she kept looking back to make sure that he was not going to shoot her as she ran, but he did not shoot her & she escaped.

At this point I was no longer in the dream, and I was seeing things from the point of view of a camera person.

Our team only had a few people left alive and Mr. Depp seemed to be looking for something and thinking up a strategy/plan, and then I saw a scene from outside of the building.

Outside of the building near the vans were six officers, they were the only survivors from the other teams, and they had two officers by each van guarding the hostages and waiting for our team to come outside; so that we could leave.

I noticed some men wearing traditional Mexican style clothing hanging around an outdoor market next to the building, suddenly a few of them walked toward the vans acting like beggars, but then they pulled out guns and they started to kill the hostages & the officers.

One of them pulled out a grenade launcher and he blew up the three vans, and then I noticed a small group of gangsters/drug dealer reinforcements that began to hide in the houses that were near the factory; and they were preparing to ambush Mr. Depp’s team once they went outside.

The dream switched back to Mr. Depp’s team, he ordered six officers to go fight the gangsters reinforcements outside, and he ordered two officers to stay with him.

For some reason the two men did not look or dress like officers, and Mr. Depp was not dressed like an officer either.

Mr. Depp and the two men began to talk about their plan, they had a secret plan the whole time, and they were really after some money.

There was a suitcase with a lot of money hidden on the third floor, that they knew about the whole time, but the other officers did not.

So they went to a room, found the money, and they started to leave the building.

Outside all the officers were dead and most of the gangster reinforcements were dead, and so Mr. Depp told the two men to make sure everything was clear while he snuck/sneaked by the houses on the right side of the road while holding the suitcase of money.

Mr. Depp walked to he outside of a house across the street with a silver revolver in one hand and the suitcase in the other, and he was looking around for gangsters that were hiding in the houses.

Suddenly a man in a suit walked around the corner with a handgun, and they both pointed their guns at each other.

The man said that he was there to help, and he said that his boss had sent him to tell Mr. Depp to bring the money to him at the field that is by my family’s house.

As the man was still talking, someone shot him in the chest, and the gun shot came from the window on the house behind Mr. Depp; and so Mr. Depp turned around & shot a man who was hanging out of a window with a gun, and then he jumped behind the house to take cover.

He noticed that there was one other man with a gun in another window, and so Mr. Depp shot him too.

He then picked up the handgun that belonged to the dead man with the suit, he grabbed the suitcase, and he ran toward the houses on the left side of the road.

The two men that were working with Mr. Depp came to him and they said that things seemed clear, but that there was still one more row of houses that they would need to pass to make it to the field.

So Mr. Depp told them to sneak through the back of the houses, while he would sneak through the front of the houses.

They did this, and surprisingly they made it to the field without getting attacked.

In the field there was another man wearing a suit and there was a small plane there as well, and he told Mr.. Depp that his boss had a new plan.

He said that somehow the gangsters/drug dealers had found out about the attack and that they had sent reinforcements,  and that is why him and the other officers had so many gangsters/drug dealers to fight.

He said that instead of Mr. Depp splitting the money with his boss now, that they should put the money into an account for five years until everyone has forgotten about it/the missing money, and then Mr. Depp would get the interest earned on that money as his payment.

Mr. Depp was suspicious but agreed, and the man with the suit said that Mr. Depp & the two men could use the plane to escape.

The man in the suit said that he would take the money to his boss now, by car instead of plane, since the boss was already in Mexico.

The plane had a pilot, and so Mr. Depp & the two men agreed; and they walked to the plane as the man in the suit left with the money.

Mr. Depp was suspicious, so he looked for bombs under the plane but he did not see any, and so him & the two men got on the plane.

The plane then flew off, and at some point during the flight the pilot said that he had to go to the bathroom; and so he put the plane on autopilot, and he went to the bathroom.

The pilot then came out of the bathroom with a parachute and then he jumped out of the plane, as a bomb blew up in the bathroom, and the plane began to fall.

Mr. Depp and the two men looked for more parachutes, but there were none, and the two men went to the control room to try to fly the plane; but Mr. Depp knew that it was pointless so he went into the back of the plane, and he prepared himself for the crash.

The plane crashed into the water, the two men died and Mr. Depp was injured but alive, and he held on to some pieces of the plane as he floated in the ocean.

He then started to think up a plan to get revenge and he decided that he would find the boss (who was a mafia leader), wait five years, and then he would go to kill the boss and anyone else involved, when they go to get the money after having it in an account for five years.

The dream jumped forward five years and the mafia leader, the man in the suit, and some guards were at a home in Mexico preparing to split/divide the money with another mafia leader.

The other mafia leader was on his way with two guards, but they were not at the house yet.

I finally found out some of the truth of Mr. Depp’s story in this dream, and this is what happened:

“A mafia leader offered a deal to Mr. Depp, he told him the location of a gang headquarters in Mexico with a lot of money hidden there from their illegal activities, and if Mr. Depp took the money and brought it to him, then he would split/divide the money with Mr. Depp.

Mr. Depp agreed and he used his job as a law enforcement officer as an excuse to attack the headquarters, and he only told his two friends about the real reason for attacking the headquarters.

Later the mafia leader decided that he rather split/divide the money with another mafia leader to start an alliance, instead of splitting/dividing  it with Mr. Depp, and so he decided to stab Mr. Depp in the back (betray him) by letting the gangsters know of the attack early hoping that Mr. Depp would get the money but be killed once he tried to escape, and then one of his mafia men would get the money & escape with it.

Or if Mr. Depp did survive, he would kill him in the plane crash, and let the money sit in an account for five years and then split/divide it with another mafia leader.”

So all this time the mafia leader thought Mr. Depp was dead, but he was not.

The mafia leader was waiting in a room in the house with the money, while the man in the suit guarded the door, and two guards guarded the outside of the house.

They were waiting for the other mafia leader to arrive, as they waited, Mr. Depp snuck/sneaked up behind the two guards outside and he shot them.

He then went inside the house, saw the man in the suit and he said: “Do you remember me?”, and he then shot the man in the suit and then he walked into the room with the mafia leader.

Mr. Depp then explained what had happened during & after the plane crash, and how he had found the mafia leader and how he had found out about the mafia leader’s plan; and then he shot the mafia leader.

He took the money, which was in two suitcases, and he walked downstairs to pretend to be a guard.

The other mafia leader and his two guards drove up, and Mr. Depp opened the gates for them.

They asked Mr. Depp where were all the guards, so Mr. Depp told them that the boss did not want the place to look/appear/seem too suspicious, and so he told the guards to hide in the house instead of standing around outside.

The were suspicious but they believed him, they also asked what was in the two suitcases that Mr. Depp had, and he told them that those were two suitcases that had fake money in them; and that he was about to drive off with the fake money, so that if anyone else that was trying to steal the money would chase him, while the other mafia leader & his men would escape with the real money.

They really believed him now, and so Mr. Depp told them to go inside and wait in the room until the boss comes.

Before they had arrived, Mr. Depp had removed the dead bodies and blood, and so they did not notice anything strange yet.

He also put bombs throughout the house, he then took the two suitcases, he got into the other mafia leader’s automobile pretending that he was going to park it, and he drove off.

As he left the neighborhood, the dead mafia leader’s house blew up, which killed the other mafia leader & his guards; and the explosion was huge!

Mr. Depp then smiled and he drove off knowing that there was no one left to chase him, and that no one else even knew that he was still alive.

So now he was rich and he could do what he wanted.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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