DH’s Blade | The Pauline Croze Lucid Dream Concert

DH’s Blade

My first dream is unclear but I think it was following a character that either was Blade or someone or something like Blade, the half human-half vampire, vampire hunter guy from the Blade movies.

I was seeing this dream from the view of a camera person and the dream was a pretty quiet dream, since Blade does not talk much, and he had almost no one to talk to most of the dream.

This Blade did not drink blood as far as I know and he may have not even been half vampire, I am not sure, but he was stronger, faster, had more endurance, was immortal, did not seem to need food or water, and he could handle more extreme temperatures than most Humans.

It did not seem that he needed baths, new clothes, or anything like that, and he spent most of his time hiding in small places even hanging upsidedown for hours with no TV, music, books, or anything.

It seemed that all he would do is sleep, think, watch the World around him, and move from place to place.

He lived in various places around a fictional version of D, and he seemed to only live in places that were above ground like trees, ventilation systems, bridges, covered stairways, abandoned rooftops, the upper floors of abandoned buildings, etc.

He seemed to be all alone, serious most of the time, and bitter like he was mad at most of the World.

He would move each day from hideout to hideout, and he tried to avoid being seen by Humans.

One day when he was at his hideout by the park, he noticed a woman & man being attacked by someone or something, and he did not want to help; but for some reason he decided to help them.

He killed whatever it was that was attacking the woman & man, but once they noticed that he was probably not Human, they screamed for help, and they called the police.

Blade then left feeling even more angry at the World, especially Humans, and he reminded himself to never to help Humans again.

Now the police knew what he looked like and the city began a large hunt for him, and so he had to keep moving from hideout to hideout several times a day now.

One day he went to a hideout that was a tree house next to an abandoned house, the dream went to one of his memories from his past, and in this tree house some unknown animal or animals used to live in it.

He used to talk to them and they were his only friends, but since he was immortal and they were not, they all got old one day and died.

Blade took a moment to think about those memories, and then he started to think about how to avoid being caught by the police and the rest of the Humans that were after him.

He did not talk much in the dream, but silently I believe that he wished that his friends were still alive, and that he wished that he could talk to them now.

He took a moment to think about how many hideouts he had, and he decided that he should try to find some new hideouts as well; but then I woke up.

The Pauline Croze Lucid Dream Concert

My second dream took place in a small auditorium with a small stage, and the lights were very dim.

There were people sitting down in chairs waiting for a music concert to begin, and on the stage the band were tuning their instruments.

I walked up to the stage and I picked up an electric bass guitar, and I started trying to play it.

I could actually feel the strings, they were pretty loose, and the guitar would make noise(s) sometimes.

I did not know what I was doing and so I was only making simple sounds, and as I was doing this the band was finished tuning their instruments; and they begin to play some music.

I started to try to play a simple tune with them, as we were doing this, Pauline Croze walked to the stage from the direction where the people were sitting down.

She grabbed her guitar, she said something to the band in French, she said something to the crowd in French, she smiled, and she started to tune her guitar.

I wanted to play another guitar, so while she was tuning her guitar I found a box of instruments by the stage, and I noticed a big video camera; and so I picked it up.

While I was doing that Pauline Croze finished tuning her guitar and she started to play a song with her band but she stopped, she said something in French,  she smiled, and then she left to go back stage.

When she got to the back stage door, she laughed, she said something in French, and she walked back to the stage.

It seemed that she was playing a joke on the crowd, and she was pretending that the concert was over after only playing a few seconds of music/of a song.

I found another guitar but the fretboard was very short, at this moment for some reason I knew that it was a dream as Pauline Croze & her band were ready to start the song again, they but appeared to be wasting time waiting for me to get my guitar.

I then thought to myself: “Who cares about the crowd, they can wait?”, and then I walked up to Ms. Croze to ask her how long is the fretboard on this guitar supposed to be, in English.

She did not speak but instead she used hand gestures to show me how long the fretboard is supposed to be, so I then imagined that the fretboard was that size, and then the guitar changed to that size.

I then knew that this dream was now lucid (a lucid dream) so I rushed to started controlling the dream, so next I noticed that the fretboard was not wide enough, and so I made it wider; but I accidentally made it too wide.

I then noticed that Ms. Croze hair was too short and she was wearing a shirt or jacket that did not look too good, so I asked her if she could change her hair & shirt to look like the ones that she wore in one of her M’en Voulez Vous live concert videos, then I turned my head and I looked back, and her appearance changed to that.

I then decided instead of starting the concert now, that we should take a break and talk back stage, so Ms. Croze, a band member, and I walked back stage while the rest of the band played some music to distract the crowd.

As we were walking backstage I felt the dream fading, I was going to try the spin around in circles technique, but the dream had faded too fast & it went black.

I tried to keep my eyes closed and focus, but it was too late; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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