John Jr Gets Shot

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember the end of my last dream, and it took place at and near my parent’s house.

I was outside on a sunny day cleaning my automobile in our yard, and I heard a group of people arguing in the field next to our yard.

I looked through the window of my automobile as I cleaned the seats, and I looked from the inside of the automobile, so that they would not see me.

I saw a woman with a group of men that appeared to be her brothers, a group of people with a film crew like the television show Cheaters, and a man with a group of people who appeared to be some of his family members.

The woman was pointing at the man and they were both arguing and screaming at each other, and their family members were joining the argument as well; while the group of people with cameras watched/recorded everything.

I felt that something bad was going to happen, and I stayed close to my automobile so that they would not see me.

As I continued to clean my automobile and look at the argument, I recognized one of the men that was with the woman, and he was MW a former classmate of mine.

He looked very mad and he started to walk into our yard, so I hid in the back seat of my automobile and I closed the door, pretending to be sleep.

I had the feeling that he was going to try to steal my automobile to kill the man who was arguing with his sister or that he would do something crazy like sneak through our yard with a gun around to the other side of the field to shoot the man who was arguing with his sister.

He walked up to my automobile and he pulled out a pistol, and so I closed my eyes pretending to be sleep.

He did not know that I was in there, but unfortunately he opened the back door of my automobile instead of the front door,  and so he saw me.

I thought he would just wake me up and tell me to give him the keys and for me to run, but instead he shot me in the upper part of my chest above my heart, fortunately.

It did not hurt but I felt a strange feeling of a hole in the top of my chest, I felt very weak, and I felt my life slowly draining away/dying slowly.

I held my hand over my chest to stop the bleeding, I told MW to not shoot anyone else, I told him to get my keys out of my pocket, and that he could steal my automobile if he wanted to; but I told him to not shoot anyone else.

He did not say anything, he just stood there with a crazy and cold look on his face and so I crawled out of the back seat, and once again I told him to get my keys out of my pocket and even take my money if he wanted to; but I told him to not shoot anyone else.

I also told him who I was and I reminded him that we used to go to school together, but he still did not say anything.

I felt so weak that I could not stand and I could barely crawl to the ground, and I hoped that once I got to the ground, that I could roll far enough away from my automobile so that MW would not accidentally run over me once he stole my automobile.

I felt that I would survive if I made it to the hospital in time, and I hoped that he would quickly steal my automobile and leave, so that I could crawl to my parent’s house so my dad could take me to the hospital.

The bullet appeared to have missed my lungs, heart, and any other organs; and so I only feared bleeding to death.

As I was lying on the ground trying to crawl & roll away from my automobile while thinking up a survival plan, MW finally started to walk around my automobile toward me; hopefully to steal my keys and/or wallet.

I took my keys and wallet out of my pocket, and I threw them toward him so that he could take them & leave.

As he was picking them up, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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