Dido In The City

Last night I remember part of one of my dreams, it took place either in a fictional version of LC or Australia or some unknown city.

I am not sure if I was vacationing or if I was moving to this city for college, but I think I was just moving there for college or something.

I remember meeting someone I went to school with named AS, and he told me about an apartment or dorm room that him and some of his friends were living at; and I think he said that they needed one more roommate.

I either went to visit the dorm room or apartment to see what it was like, or I actually started to move in; but I am not sure.

I remember the room looked like an apartment with a living room, kitchen, dining room, and a few bedrooms.

AS’s other roommates seemed to like to have fun and they did not seem too bad, so I felt somewhat comfortable, but I still needed to get to know them better before making a decision to permanently stay there or not.

After meeting the roommates, they all wanted to go party somewhere or something, and so they left; but I stayed.

I decided to go exploring around the city in my automobile, and as I was exploring, I saw a big tennis center; and so I stopped to look at it.

A professional tennis tournament was about to start in a few hours, and so I walked around looking to see which tennis players were going to compete.

In one area outside, at a set of tables, I saw all the tennis players sitting down at the tables; and they were about to listen to someone who was about to talk.

To my surprise there was no security around or anything, and so I sat down with them.

I looked around to see if Justine Henin was around, but I did not see her; but I did see a few players that I knew like Ana Ivanovic, The Williams Sisters (Venus Williams and Serena Williams), Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, and a few others.

As I was still looking around for Justine Henin, a man started to talk to all the players about the tournament, the rules/etc.

So I walked off and I was going to leave, but as I was walking trying to find the exit, a woman who looked like the musician Dido, walked up to me.

She asked me if I was lost, so I said yes, and she asked me if I was new in town.

I told her that I was new to this area, and she said that she would show me parts of the city, since she was not busy doing anything else.

I agreed and we both started to walk & talk, and as we were doing this, AS walked up to us and he starting talking to us.

We decided to go exploring around the city in my automobile, and as I was driving, Dido would point out areas that she liked to visit; and we all talked about various things.

After a while we decided to go eat, so Dido showed me how to get to a fast food restaurant, and we went inside to eat.

The place was nice inside and it looked like Burger King, but I am not sure what the name was.

As we ordered our food, I decided to ask if they were hiring since I needed a job, and the manager told me that they did need another worker & that I could start working there that week to see if I liked the job or not.

I agreed and Dido, AS, and I began to eat & we talked.

We then left and it was about time for me to take them home, but I wanted to talk to Dido alone some more and hopefully give her my contact information and/or get hers; so that we could visit each other sometimes.

So I decided to take AS home first and then take Dido home second, so after taking AS home, Dido and I talked as I drove her home or we decided to go explore the city some more; but I am not sure.

I just remembering waking up either before or after I gave her my contact information.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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