Body Fusion Or Body Swap?

Kiefer Sutherland in 24 (2001)
Titles: 24, Day 7: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
People: Kiefer Sutherland
Source: IMDb

Last night my last dream was somewhat confusing because I am not sure exactly what happened at a critical part in the dream.

For some reason the beginning of the dream is unclear, but the rest of the dream is pretty clear.

The dream started at a house across from my parent’s house, it was next to the alleyway.

Inside the house two or three groups of people were meeting for a secret meeting or deal / transaction or something.

There were men and women, and some of them seemed to probably have weapons, money, and maybe even some drugs; but I am not sure.

They talked about something and I think they were going to trade something like weapons, drugs, money, and/or something else.

It is unclear to me, but I think something happened; either a fight started and/or someone did not follow the agreement and/or they heard the police coming.

All I know is that everyone started to run away, except for one man with blond hair, who looked somewhat like the main character from the television show 24 named Jack Bauer.

He either was shocked and/or was looking for something, either way, he was the last person to run away.

Here is the critical part of the dream that is very unclear: he either ran past me outside and then we somehow switched bodies (body swap) or he ran past me and then we somehow fused into one person, but I am not sure.

All I know is that I was now him and the police were coming, and they had a picture of him & his name; and for some reason, he seemed to be the only person that the police knew was at the meeting.

So the new me ran across the street to a house, where some friend or family member lived, so that I could hide.

A police car passed me on the road, but they did not notice me, since they were worried about getting to the house; that they thought that I was still at.

Now that I was temporarily safe from the police, I told this unknown friend or family member the situation, and they suggested that I go somewhere in the city to hide.

While I was in the house I noticed that I looked almost like the man with the blond hair now, except that I barely had hair like, so it seemed that maybe we did fuse into one body; but I am not sure.

After awhile I decided to leave the house, and I walked through the neighborhood to some fictional parking lot with a big building.

I went inside the building and it was either a large store or factory or both.

Inside there were a lot of workers, and some of them knew me; I guess they were old classmates.

I told them about my situation and they decided to let me stay there to hide, and the building reminded me of my old job.

There were many stations with different workers doing different things, in the area that I was at, except everything looked more professional.

Also the building had beds, storage for the workers clothes & stuff, bathrooms with showers, a small cafeteria, and an entertainment area for the workers; basically a lot of the workers worked and lived there.

I was amazed by all of this and they even gave me a bed, food & drink, and they even offered me a job.

I wanted to take the job, but I felt it was too risky; I did not want them to get in trouble for helping me.

So I was going to hide for a day or two, and try to leave the city or state or the country.

The building was one large one floor/story building, and I think that it was split into three or two parts: the store, the factory, and the living area.

I took a moment to thank some of the workers for helping me, I talked with them, and then I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and for some reason I left early, I am not sure if some police came into the store part looking around or what, but for some reason I left.

I did tell the workers goodbye first, and then I walked to a station or airport.

It was either a bus or train station or an airport, I am not sure.

There were police at the gates, but they did not notice me when I passed them to my surprise; but I did look a bit different from how the man with the blond hair, used to look.

Inside the station or airport there were lots of people, and police walking around looking for me.

On a television I saw a picture of the man with blond hair, which was now me, except I did not have much hair now.

I felt that the police would have a harder time noticing me now that I looked different, but I still was cautious; and so I tried to act normal & stay hidden near large groups of people.

I was trying to figure out should I ride a train, take a bus, or ride a plane; and I was trying to decide where should I go.

I decided that I should go to another country so I thought about Canada, Mexico, and China; but I did not think that those three were a good idea.

I think I thought of somewhere in Europe like France, and so I decided to get in line; but the police were checking people’s ID’s and driver’s licenses.

I was afraid that even though they did not recognize me, that they would read my license and see that I am the man with blond hair, and arrest me.

So I got out of line and tried to figure out what to do next, and I decided that I should try to sneak around the police to find a bus or train; so that I could see if they were checking people there too.

If they were, I would leave the building and either walk to a private air field to get a private plane out of the country or I would go back to the building to hide with the workers again.

Before I could decide, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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