The Abandoned Arts Center

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I forgot to mention that the last 10 or so dreams I added were all old dreams from my private blog; some are days old, some weeks, and some about a month old.

I only remember parts of my last dream last night, it took place in what I think was a fictional version of LC.

I do not remember how I got to this point of the dream my guesses are: that the beginning had me in the past in this place but now I was in the future/present, or that I had been to this place in another dream before, or that someone in the dream had told me about this place, or I went inside the arts center & learned some of this information, or I just guessed.

All I know is that I parked in a field that was near the road, there was a nature trail with a graveyard for soldiers on the left and on side of that was a park with people in it.

As I walked up the nature trail it led to what use to be a nice small garden / park / arts center / property of a rich family.

I am not sure if I went in the building or guessed this or went into the building earlier in the dream, but I remember that the building and property either belonged to or was mostly funded by a rich family.

I think it was used for art, theater, cinema, music, literature, and French.

The building was a nice modern one floor building with many windows, the top edges of the left & right side of the building were shaped like half circles.

The outside of the building had the nature trail, an old Roman / Greek style pillared courtyard, garden, and I think even a small house.

Everything was abandoned looking with vines and messed up plants all around, except for the arts building which was the newest building there.

I am not sure how I knew this, but Pauline Croze had come to this building for a concert before in the past and the Alliance Française use to have events and classes there.

Inside the building it was almost like a museum since it had the history of the building, the organizations that funded it or were a part of it, and information about the important visitors & events there were held there.

I think the place probably had a few people who were involved in running the place for years and a rich family were the main funders/contributors of it, but I think all of them eventually died and so the funds to keep it running ended.

I think people use to walk around, talk, eat, have small concerts, share art & literature, watch plays & independent films, and learn French.

I only remember parts of the inside of the building, I know there was a welcoming desk, pictures, text, videos, and other things around the building.

So maybe I learned about this place from those things, but it seemed like I had been there before or someone explained it to me and/or I visualized/imagined that I had been there.

I either looked inside the building or I stood there thinking or remembering, and I thought how sad it was that the place was going to waste away now.

Then I walked around the outside trying to guess what some of the places had been and how they use to look.

I imagine the place use to be very nice looking long ago.

I think I walked through the graveyard, which was not well-kept, and tried to avoid stepping on the graves as I walked toward the park.

There were people at the park next door, having a good time, kids & adults.

The weather was nice and sunny, and people were relaxing; it was nice.

I looked for a few moments and then started to walk back to my automobile; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


2-3-2009 | Dream Fragments | George Bush In Texas, My Grandfather’s House, Secret Service In D, And Back To The Past

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...

George Bush In Texas

Last night I had several dreams, one of my dreams started with my mom and my brothers at a boat house.

The boat house was like a normal house almost and it even had a small yard with a car-port.

It was very early in the morning and it was like I had just came to visit or something.


Bombs Away

Last night I remember some of my last dream, my last dream took place at night-time at some political building.

It looked like the D courthouse or a smaller White House or something.

There was a of ball / formal dance / dinner social event going on, with people dressed in suits and dresses.

I was there walking and looking around, the lights were dim and some people were drinking, talking, and maybe dancing.

I went into a hallway on the left side of the building, and it was long with many rooms & each room had its own door.

I do not know when, where, or how I met the woman in my dream; but I met some woman wearing a dress.

I do not remember what she looked like exactly or if I knew her or not, but I think she had brown hair up in a bun, whitish color skin, and she looked to probably be a bit older than me.

I remember talking to her and as we were walking in the hallway, and I noticed a mini nuke, a land mine, and a grenade hidden near a plant.

I pointed to them and she saw them too, and I had the feeling that we had to be quiet about it; or who ever put the bombs there would detonate the bombs.

So I told her that we would have to quietly leave the building, run, and call the police as we ran.

I wanted to alert everyone there, but I thought that would get us all killed.

So we walked to the balcony and I helped her climb over it, and we jumped to the steps that led to the first floor.

Then we ran up the street to a neighborhood, and we called the police with her cell phone as we ran.

We heard helicopters, police cars, firefighters, and ambulances across the city.

This city was fictional, but I felt that it was in The United States (USA), and that the area where we were at was away from the major parts of the city.

I forgot to mention that there were more bombs we saw scattered around the building before we ran, and I predicted that there were bombs on every floor; and some nuclear and some were not.

I also had the bad feeling that there were bombs scattered around the city, the parish/county, the state, and the entire USA.

I felt that some terrorist group had bombs set all over the country to do random attacks to kill, confuse, and strike fear into the USA citizens and government.

I felt there would be many small nukes, dirty bombs, conventional bombs, and homemade ones among the many scattered around the country.

I told the woman that we should run as far as we could away from the building, the neighborhood, and the city.

I wanted to travel faster, but we had no other form of transportation, other than running.

Before I could think about anything else, I woke up as we ran across the neighborhood toward a forest.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The Class By The Dock | My Former Classmate JC Again

The Class By The Dock

Last night I remember some of my last dream, it took place at night-time on a dock by water.

The dock had one long table with chairs, and little dividers or cubicles for each student.

There were people there I went to high school with like MB, RM, BH, and maybe a few more people.

The weather was nice and there was some light in the sky that reflected off of the water, I guess it was the moon, and it looked like it had a nice purple color mixed with a few other colors to it.

The wind was lightly blowing with a nice cool temperature, and the waves were peacefully moving.

The students were talking and someone asked me if I had finished my project, which I did not know about, and so I was worried & confused.

Soon the teacher came in, and the teacher was Mrs. B to my surprise.

Since I knew her, I went to ask her about the project and she told me that she would let me use her son EB’s old project.

I agreed and class started, after a while Mrs. B started to talk about my project to the class, and she did all the talking and she showed all the examples.

EB’s project involved a device that he had connected to a computer to track some ocean tides I think, and then he had graphed/graft the data & he had explained it in writing.

After class I thanked Mrs. B, and I stopped to talk and/or listen to some of my classmates.

Sitting near the edge of the dock by the water was JH, a woman I went to high school with.

She seemed sad and maybe mad, and so I went to talk to her.

She told me something about her situation, but I can not remember what she said exactly, but I think she was having boyfriend problems or something.

I told her to try a relaxation exercise and I explained one to her, and I talked her through it like a hypnotist or something.

I told her to look at the waves, listen to the sounds of the waves, to focus on the nice cool wind, and to think about positive things.

I told her to relax and try to just enjoy the natural beauty around her, and to let her problems fade away.

She was resistant at first but she relaxed after a while, and it seemed to start working/helping her relax.

The weather had a nice strange dream-like feeling to it, the kind of feeling that you could almost imagine yourself living there forever feeling; it was a nice peaceful and comfortable feeling.

As she was still doing her relaxation exercise, I said goodbye and I walked toward one of the buildings near the dock.

Near the dock were several buildings, probably classes, and in the distance there were probably dorms and other college buildings.

I only remember walking around the upper floors looking for my next class I think, and next I remember going down stairs to an outdoor walkway that looked almost exactly like the one at the junior high school.

For some reason I think it was day time now or early morning, and there were some people standing around talking on the sides of the walkway.

As I passed the office I noticed one of my old friends JC, and I think not too far away from him was his sister JC.

When I saw him, part of me felt like avoiding him, and part of me felt like I should keep walking.

So as I was walking, JC saw me and he looked surprised, and made a strange face like he was wondering what to say.

He opened his mouth like he was going to say something but he did not, and so I smiled and said hello in a nice loud tone; and I kept walking.

He seemed surprised and stood there with his mouth still open, and I think his sister walked over to him to say something.

I felt somewhat happy and empowered somehow, by the fact that I could not only not waste my time talking to one of my old friends, but also at the same time I was still nice and said hello; then I woke up.

My Former Classmate JC Again

Few nights after the first dream I had this dream, I only remember the end of it, I went to my former male classmate JC’s house and knocked on the door.

JC answered the door and had that surprised & odd face from my other dream, and I could see his mom in the back yard doing something; but she did not see me.

JC started talking, but he did not invite me inside, it seemed that he was probably going to say a few words and then make up an excuse so that I would leave; but I woke up before that happened.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The Vampire Secret Underground Location (Paradise)

I had a dream several years ago that I was in a secret underground location, with two female vampires and another human.

It seemed that the two female vampires must have found us on the surface/above ground away from the secret underground location, and that they had chosen us to come live with them; but we did not know they were vampires at first.

The female vampires were very beautiful and they were dressed in ancient/old-style Roman/Greek/Persian style dresses & they wore nice gold jewelry and/or various types of jewelry, they had whitish/brownish colored skin, and they had black & brown colored hair.

They seemed to have the other man and I in a trance-like state.

They were feeding us grapes and/or other types of fruit and they were giving us some sort of unknown juice-like drink, as we sat on a comfortable sofa/bed that was next to a beautiful ancient style swimming pool / hot tub / tub.

Then they took us to the hot tub and/or pool part, and they seemed to be trying to seduce/mesmerize/enchant/hypnotize us; and it was working. 🙂

After a while they told us that they were vampires and that they wanted us to join them to live at the secret underground location forever, but they would have to turn us into vampires too/as well, if we were going to live there too/as well; and if we refused their offer, they would kill us.

They said all of that/this in a nice seductive/mesmerizing way and we were still under a trance-like state, but I somehow still partly resisted it and I said no to their offer.

I knew that they would kill me even though they did not want to kill me, but we all seemed perfectly okay about the situation, even though we all knew that I would be killed because I refused their offer to become a vampire & live with them forever; I am not sure why I refused their offer exactly (since I was having a good time, maybe it was because I felt that they were trying to enchant/seduce/mesmerize/hypnotize us, and that might have made me suspicious), but I did.

I was in this/a joyful/positive trance-like state, and they/everyone were/was enjoying themselves; and they were going to kill me quietly & quickly, so that I would not have to suffer.

I was not worried/afraid & I did not try to fight/defend myself, probably because I was in a trance-like state, and then they both held me; and I guess they somewhat massaged me, and they started to put me into a sleep trance-like state as they both went to bite me and drink all of my blood or something I think, until I would die.

But then I woke up, before I died.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂