2-3-2009 | Dream Fragments | George Bush In Texas, My Grandfather’s House, Secret Service In D, And Back To The Past

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...

George Bush In Texas

Last night I had several dreams, one of my dreams started with my mom and my brothers at a boat house.

The boat house was like a normal house almost and it even had a small yard with a car-port.

It was very early in the morning and it was like I had just came to visit or something.

I may have gotten there late at night and maybe I went to sleep, anyway, early in the morning my mom said that we were going to take a trip to Texas.

So we took the boathouse there and the trip was very quick, and then my mom drove the van as my brothers & I rode in the back seats.

It was early and somewhat foggy outside, and it was pretty quiet.

It was very nice to have barely any automobiles on the street or people walking around; and we seemed to be going to some children’s museum or science museum or something.

There were kids and a few parents and/or teachers walking toward the building, and scattered around the building and yard, were secret service agents.

As we started to park by the sidewalk, we noticed right in front of us was President George Bush bending down to say something to a little kid, and he seemed to be in a very good mood.

I guess maybe he was stopping the kid from running into the road or something, and for some strange reason no secret service agents were near him.

The closest agent was too far away to do anything if something happened, and that really surprised me; and I felt that his security was doing a bad job of protecting him.

We felt that the museum would probably be locked for guests only and so we left, but I woke up as we drove off.

My Grandfather’s House

The second dream took place in D at my grandfather’s house, and it was after our trip to Texas.

For some reason my grandfather was not there, so we talked about our trip with each other; and then my aunt CS came inside, and we started to talk to her.

She told us something, maybe about George Bush’s trip to Texas or something, and then my grandfather came inside.

We then started to tell him about our trip, and then I woke up.

Secret Service In D

My third dream took place in D again where the city hall is, but the building was bigger.

There were many secret service agents and maybe some FBI agents all around, coming and going, and they seemed to be getting ready for a meeting.

I was in the dream inside the building and I had a trench coat on like many of the agents; so I guess I was an agent too.

I had to use the bathroom, so I did, and I waited in the main room where there were many chairs.

Some agents were talking, some sitting, some standing, and some were coming & going.

After a while I had to use the bathroom again, but I woke up before that happened.

Back To The Past

This last dream took place in the past in what may have been the UK, and in a house that looked almost like my grandfather’s house.

There was a kid that I think was a slave or servant, a brother & sister, and me.

The kids had a British English accent, except for the kid that was a slave or servant, if that is what he was.

To my surprise the kids were talking about more complex and intellectual themes, and I think one of their themes was slavery and/or Race.

I wondered if I was supposed to be a servant or a slave too, but I woke up before I could find out.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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