2-3-2009 | Dream Journal | JC’s Family And The Dollar General

Dollar General
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JC’s Family

My first dream that I remember took place somewhere outside in an area that was probably R or a fictional D.

It reminded me of my grandfather’s yard mixed with my friend JC’s parents yard.

I remember sitting at a table, outside on a cool afternoon, and there were some other people there.

I remember JC’s mom, niece, and some other of his family members coming to the table to have some small family event.

They saw me and I started to talk with them, and after a while we all were comfortable and it seemed like I was part of the family now or something.

JC’s mom needed to go inside the house next door to do something, so she asked me to hold JC’s baby niece.

I did that as I talked with a few of JC’s other family members, and to my surprise JC came like he was coming to visit them for the weekend from college or something.

He was surprised to see me, and by the fact that I was hanging out with his family like we were all friends or something.

I was in a relaxed mood and told JC to sit down and join the fun, and he started to talk about this & that.

Soon he took his baby niece and went inside to bring his luggage in, and I sat outside.

It began to snow, it was nice to experience snow without the coldness, and snow started to cover the ground; snow is very rare in my dreams.

I think JC and a few of his family members came outside to see the snow, but then I woke up.

The Dollar General

In my second or last dream, I went to the Dollar General Store in D close to my parent’s house.

I walked in to look around, and as I was doing that I noticed a few things.

There was a few people with a lot of kids running around playing hide-and-go-seek while the parents seemed annoyed, and the female workers were annoyed by the noise.

I found it funny and it reminded me of myself when I was a kid, hiding in the clothing racks game. 😀

As I went into the back of the store I heard my brothers D&D come into the store just as one of the workers started to yell for the kids to be quiet, and one of my brothers started to make annoying comments that made the female worker even more mad.

I went into some fictional room in the back of the store and there was a kid back there that was about D&D’s age, and a young female worker was back there.

I was looking at a shelf and the kid commented about what my brother had said, and I said something back and the kid then asked me how old am was.

I told him my age, and he said that I looked older than that; and I laughed and I told him that a lot of people say.

Then the young female worker came over and said something to me about the other workers, she did not seem to be in a bad mood like the others, and she seemed to be about 16-18 years old.

A very strange thing happened as she was talking to me, she was sitting next to the shelf I was looking at with her back facing the air fresheners, which was what I was looking at before she started talking to me.

Behind her on the shelf was a head of a woman, that looked almost like an older version of her, with blonde hair and beautiful smooth bright but not pale whitish colored skin.

I thought that was odd, and I touched it with my finger to see if it was a real human head (but I do not remember if it felt real or not) & also the head appeared to smell like air freshener.

I was going to ask her about it, but she was talking & I did not think it was the best idea to interrupt her; and I thought it might scare her if she saw it, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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