The Abandoned Arts Center

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot to mention that the last 10 or so dreams I added were all old dreams from my private blog; some are days old, some weeks, and some about a month old.

I only remember parts of my last dream last night, it took place in what I think was a fictional version of LC.

I do not remember how I got to this point of the dream my guesses are: that the beginning had me in the past in this place but now I was in the future/present, or that I had been to this place in another dream before, or that someone in the dream had told me about this place, or I went inside the arts center & learned some of this information, or I just guessed.

All I know is that I parked in a field that was near the road, there was a nature trail with a graveyard for soldiers on the left and on side of that was a park with people in it.

As I walked up the nature trail it led to what use to be a nice small garden / park / arts center / property of a rich family.

I am not sure if I went in the building or guessed this or went into the building earlier in the dream, but I remember that the building and property either belonged to or was mostly funded by a rich family.

I think it was used for art, theater, cinema, music, literature, and French.

The building was a nice modern one floor building with many windows, the top edges of the left & right side of the building were shaped like half circles.

The outside of the building had the nature trail, an old Roman / Greek style pillared courtyard, garden, and I think even a small house.

Everything was abandoned looking with vines and messed up plants all around, except for the arts building which was the newest building there.

I am not sure how I knew this, but Pauline Croze had come to this building for a concert before in the past and the Alliance Française use to have events and classes there.

Inside the building it was almost like a museum since it had the history of the building, the organizations that funded it or were a part of it, and information about the important visitors & events there were held there.

I think the place probably had a few people who were involved in running the place for years and a rich family were the main funders/contributors of it, but I think all of them eventually died and so the funds to keep it running ended.

I think people use to walk around, talk, eat, have small concerts, share art & literature, watch plays & independent films, and learn French.

I only remember parts of the inside of the building, I know there was a welcoming desk, pictures, text, videos, and other things around the building.

So maybe I learned about this place from those things, but it seemed like I had been there before or someone explained it to me and/or I visualized/imagined that I had been there.

I either looked inside the building or I stood there thinking or remembering, and I thought how sad it was that the place was going to waste away now.

Then I walked around the outside trying to guess what some of the places had been and how they use to look.

I imagine the place use to be very nice looking long ago.

I think I walked through the graveyard, which was not well-kept, and tried to avoid stepping on the graves as I walked toward the park.

There were people at the park next door, having a good time, kids & adults.

The weather was nice and sunny, and people were relaxing; it was nice.

I looked for a few moments and then started to walk back to my automobile; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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