2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Obama Inauguration

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...
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This is the dream or dreams that I had last night, and I only remember pieces of it or them.

The Obama inauguration was the backdrop of the dream or dreams, and I do not think he was even directly in the dream.

Throughout the dream or dreams, people were talking about the coming inauguration, the parties, Obama, his family, his friends, and his political team.

There were TV broadcasts talking about it, people walking around talking about it, and there were people having parties & public events.

My dad and I walked near one of these public events by accident, in a fictional area similar to the M campus, but bigger, and it had a lot of hills.

There were lots of soldiers around going to some event at a big political looking building on the hill past the B dorms.

I saw SW, and he was a soldier and looked healthier again like back in high school; but he did not look so happy.

I told him about my plans about college/etc, and I asked him what he had done the last few years; he said a few words, and then he went inside the building to join the other soldiers.

I seemed to be one of the few people who was somewhat worried about the security for the inauguration, but it was interesting to see so many people interested & happy.

I woke up several times, and that is about all that I can remember except some TV broadcast about a man who said that he used to be Obama’s car-sitter; and so he was being interviewed about things he had seen and heard, during the time he used to work for Mr. Obama.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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