2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Job

Cover of "The Second Woman"
Cover of The Second Woman

This is the only dream I remember some of last night, probably because of my brother’s alarm clock again.

This dream started in a fictional version of LC I think, and it took place at an area similar to a hotel that is to the left of McDonald’s on B Street I guess; or it was another unknown city.

I do not remember what happened, but I think I was just moving to this city; and I went looking for a job.

On this quiet street there was a hotel-like house or something,and it looked like a bed & breakfast version of my grandfather’s house.

The owners were a husband and wife, probably immigrants from India, and they gave me a job; they seemed nice.

I was surprised, I think my job was to clean the inside of the building a few hours a week, when it is closed.

For some reason no one else was there but the owners, and they were closing for the day; so they had me stay to do some cleaning.

Some time later as I cleaned and explored the building/house, when it was almost time for me to go for the day, a woman who worked there in the daytime came inside; and she appeared to be a relative of the owners.

I think a new female employee came with her as well, and the first woman started to show us around locked areas of the building/house.

I am not sure what she was trying to do, she may have tried to show us something for some reason, but before she could finish showing us around & telling us about something, we heard the owners coming to the house; so we ran upstairs, and the stairway looked somewhat like the one at my grandfather’s house.

She led us to a room that had a window that led to the roof, and we jumped from the second floor to the ground; and we jumped a small fence & we ran to an alleyway.

It was scary because we did not want to get fired & we hoped that the owners did not see us, because we were not supposed to be there still, and I do not think the owners heard us; but the woman who was showing us the locked areas, may have left a door or two unlocked, as we rushed to escape.

The alleyway that we ran to, led to a street by my aunt JS’s house, and she was outside.

The dream switched to the second woman who was with us, and she was at home, then she got a call from one of the owners; and I was no longer in the dream at this point.

The female owner called to tell her about how a few things were broken in some of the rooms that she had cleaned, and the woman expected to get fired; so she told the owner that: “I guess you are going to have to fire me then.”, and so she got fired.

She was in a bad mood, and started to watch TV; and on TV there was a Larry King-like show.

There was Justine Henin and some unknown retired tennis player being interviewed, but the show was about to end.

I think they were asking the two tennis players about their opinions about exercising even when you are sick or injured.

Ms. Henin looked older, uglier, and she wore too much makeup; and she did not even look like the real Justine Henin when the camera zoomed in.

I think both players said that lightly exercising when sick and/or injured, can sometimes be helpful, and they started to give examples from their lives.

The host started to give his closing remarks but he stuttered, and he managed to play it off; and he ended the program, and then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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