The Strange Helicopter | The Vin Diesel Movie | Fishing At The Park

The Strange Helicopter

My first dream took place in my parent’s house during some strange unnatural looking storm.

My family and I were in the house, and the weather outside seemed to be somewhat bad.

I looked out of the window, but I could not see much because of some strange fog/smoke looking stuff, that was mixed in with the storm clouds.

It looked like a storm was starting, and it looked like a war or something strange was going on in the fog/smoke looking stuff.

I just remember hearing a helicopter, and so I looked out of the window; and I saw a strange-looking helicopter flying low over our fence , then it flew over a house in the field, and then it flew up into the fog/smoke/clouds.

None of us had seen a helicopter like that before or one flying that low, and it was a small helicopter that looked like it was a drone/remote-controlled helicopter; and we had no idea what was going on outside, but we suspected something very strange was going on.

I had the strange feeling that the government and/or military was doing something in that strange fog/smoke/clouds.

I felt that it was not safe to go outside either, but then I woke up.

The Vin Diesel Movie

This dream was about the making of a new Vin Diesel movie, it started with Vin Diesel in what appeared to be a scene of a future Fallout film based on the video game.

Mr. Diesel was running around with weapons and some football player was with him, and they were shooting & fighting I guess against ghouls & other mutated creatures.

He had a menu like a video game to switch weapons, and he had the V.A.T.S system that allowed him to stop everything and pick what part of the body to attack.

They ran through a courtyard by a pool and went inside a small building, and he went to use the V.A.T.S system on someone or something; but it attacked him while he was still picking his attacks, which does not happen in the game.

Then the scene stopped there, at first I thought this was real, but then the film crew came out & the director.

They took a break, and Mr. Diesel and the football player sat near the pool drinking, relaxing, and talking about stuff.

Then someone came and started to interview them about the how the filming of the movie was going, but then I woke up.

Fishing At The Park

This dream was interesting, and it took place at the park with my brothers CC and D&D.

They were fishing in the water and the water level was high, and for some strange reason they were fishing with their heads underwater.

I thought that was dangerous, and so I told them to fish with their heads above the water.

Not too far away from us, a man was fishing with his two sons, on the side of the pond.

My brother CC was impatient as usual and wanted to move to another fishing spot, and so my brothers started to get out of the water; but they were naked, and I guess that was because they did not want to get their clothes wet.

They then ran to get their clothes from by a bush, and after putting their clothes back on, we prepared to move to the next area; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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