The Vampire Secret Underground Location (Paradise)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a dream several years ago that I was in a secret underground location, with two female vampires and another human.

It seemed that the two female vampires must have found us on the surface/above ground away from the secret underground location, and that they had chosen us to come live with them; but we did not know they were vampires at first.

The female vampires were very beautiful and they were dressed in ancient/old-style Roman/Greek/Persian style dresses & they wore nice gold jewelry and/or various types of jewelry, they had whitish/brownish colored skin, and they had black & brown colored hair.

They seemed to have the other man and I in a trance-like state.

They were feeding us grapes and/or other types of fruit and they were giving us some sort of unknown juice-like drink, as we sat on a comfortable sofa/bed that was next to a beautiful ancient style swimming pool / hot tub / tub.

Then they took us to the hot tub and/or pool part, and they seemed to be trying to seduce/mesmerize/enchant/hypnotize us; and it was working. 🙂

After a while they told us that they were vampires and that they wanted us to join them to live at the secret underground location forever, but they would have to turn us into vampires too/as well, if we were going to live there too/as well; and if we refused their offer, they would kill us.

They said all of that/this in a nice seductive/mesmerizing way and we were still under a trance-like state, but I somehow still partly resisted it and I said no to their offer.

I knew that they would kill me even though they did not want to kill me, but we all seemed perfectly okay about the situation, even though we all knew that I would be killed because I refused their offer to become a vampire & live with them forever; I am not sure why I refused their offer exactly (since I was having a good time, maybe it was because I felt that they were trying to enchant/seduce/mesmerize/hypnotize us, and that might have made me suspicious), but I did.

I was in this/a joyful/positive trance-like state, and they/everyone were/was enjoying themselves; and they were going to kill me quietly & quickly, so that I would not have to suffer.

I was not worried/afraid & I did not try to fight/defend myself, probably because I was in a trance-like state, and then they both held me; and I guess they somewhat massaged me, and they started to put me into a sleep trance-like state as they both went to bite me and drink all of my blood or something I think, until I would die.

But then I woke up, before I died.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


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