The Call | The Test | Vampires In The Sun | The Neighbors

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The Call

This dream I only remember part of, but I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house.

It may have been night-time or afternoon, I am not sure, but I think I was talking to some of my brothers or my dad.

Later I remember my dad bringing me a mobile phone, it was a flip phone, and my dad said that the call was for me.

On the other end was SS, who was a guy that I graduated with back in high school.

For some reason he was calling me about going to play tennis the next day, which I guess was supposed to be Saturday.

I think he started to ask me what I had done the last few years since I graduated, but the phone disconnected.

I did not know his phone number, so I started to try to find it and after a while I think I found it, and called him back.

Except someone else answered the phone, I think it was his dad, and he went to get SS.

I told SS that I would go play tennis and I think I said a few other things, and hung up.

I remember thinking about some other tennis memories from other dreams at the park, and I thought about how it was odd that SS had called me.

I wondered how he knew my phone number and I wondered why would he had call me, because in school we were not even close friends or anything; then I woke up as I was thinking.

The Test

Right now I remember part of three dreams I had last night, finally!

The second dream I remember appeared to take place at a fictional version of my high school, and I was in high school again.

CW was in the dream and we were in class with some other people waiting for the teacher to come give us the test.

CW and I were talking like we were somewhat close friends about this and that, and then the teacher came in.

The test seemed to be the big test that is given at the end of the school year to decide if you will move/pass unto the next grade or not.

The teacher started to hand out tests, but told me that since my name ended in a certain letter, that I had to take my test at a different class.

It seemed that people were put in classes based off of last name to take the test, so I told CW bye and went to find the correct class.

As I walked through the hallway I saw a few people I knew, and stopped to talk to them.

At some point I passed a few rooms that were like dorms, and I must have stopped to visit someone at one of them.

I remember somehow having two silver toy revolvers as I walked through the hallway, and another guy walking through the hallway had what appeared to be a toy pistol.

He stopped to point the toy or real pistol at a woman in the hallway, she was scared and stood there with her hands in the air, while the man either pretended to be serious or was serious; I thought he was playing a prank/joke on her, but I was not sure.

Suddenly a police officer patrolling the hallways saw the man with the gun, and so he pulled his gun out and told the man to drop the weapon.

The man was not listening to the police officer, so things started to get serious as the police officer began to get more and more uncomfortable.

While this was going on, I slowly put my two toy revolvers in my pockets so that the police officer would not think they were real.

I then slowly walked off through the hallway back toward the original classroom that I was in, to tell CW.

To my surprise the class had either finished the test or were taking a break, so I told CW about what had happened and I told the rest of the class; then I woke up.

Vampires In The Sun

For some reason I can not remember the beginning of this dream well.

I think the beginning was about an area that was in several dreams before related to zombies or vampires at some quiet area near some silos / strange shaped things that hold stuff like grains, water, chemicals, etc.

This place sometimes looks different depending on the dream, in some dreams there are houses instead of silos and in some there are both.

This area may also be close to or part of a dock, either way there is a road leads to it, but this part of the fictional city is very quiet with almost no people around.

So usually there are zombies in a house or vampires in dreams in this area.

I think the dream started with a female vampire with short brown hair wearing all black with a business-like leather jacket.

She lived in a silo that she turned into a house in this quiet part of the city, and there were a few homes on the road that led to this area.

The area had silos, pipes, machinery, and other things that provided good cover/privacy and would confuse those trying to sneak around the area.

Also no police could drive around this area, so she did not have to worry about them, it seemed like a great area for a vampire.

She probably fed off of random homeless people, drug dealers, gangsters, prostitutes, joggers, and workers that may work near this area at the docks at night.

I think someone was trying to hunt her, a man who was either Batman or some strange vampire hunter.

He had tried to follow her one night, but she seemed to have escaped through the maze-like area of silos, so he hid all night waiting to see which silo she would come out of.

The next day after sunset, the vampire left for work and she did not know that she was being watched, she seemed over-confident.

She was relaxed and not worried about the vampire hunter or Batman at all, so I had the feeling that she must be either pretty powerful and/or just over-confident.

The transportation system was unique in this city, there were traditional roads and some city trains that ran on above ground tracks that were over the sides of the streets, but the most unusual & strange form of transportation was some interesting rail / cable system; if that is what you call it.

Under the above ground train tracks were these above ground rails/cables that held little train-like box cars, some were for people and some were for groups; also people could tie a cable to themselves and just ride that way.

So the vampire tied a cable to herself and went flying at high speeds across the city to her job.

She worked at an office in a small multi-floor building, she seemed to be good at her job and very confident.

She seemed to work making ideas or drawings for a business, and would present it in a business meeting.

After the meeting she left to go back home, and once again she was in a happy over-confident mood as she got back on the rail/cable system and rode at high speeds across the city.

The dream was moving in a fast movie/dream-like way as she rode through the city, it was cool how you could ride with only the cable tied around yourself; it was like flying.

By the way, I was not in this dream but I could see things like a camera person.

Anyway, I wondered where the vampire hunter or Batman were, because I did not see them.

The vampire started walking toward the silos, but noticed a man walking so she started to chase him.

The man was surprisingly fast like her and could climb good as well, they both started to climb a silo, but she caught him before he made it to the top.

She started to drink his blood and I think he died, afterward she started to change, she appeared to have been thirsty & hungry at first but now she was not.

Also her hair grew long & better looking, her skin started to look healthier, she started to look younger, and she started to look better.

She seemed to be sad and bothered by the fact that she killed and drank the man’s blood, like she did not want to, but did so to stay alive.

I was surprised because from the way she had acted, I thought she would not care about killing humans much.

As she was walking to find her silo, she noticed that the sun was rising, at first she walked smiling over-confidently but a little girl ran to her saying mom!

Then her face changed to shock and fear, and she seemed to now know that something was very wrong.

Her daughter was supposed to be in the silo and now the sun was rising, she seemed to have guessed that the vampire hunter or Batman had either locked or destroyed their silo, so they would not get be able to escape the sun in time.

First she grabbed her daughter and tried to run to find the silo, but the area no longer looked familiar, it was like the vampire hunter or Batman had moved things around or something.

At first the sun was not burning them, but then smoke started to come from their skin, so they both stopped running.

The vampire knew there was no escape now and said goodbye to her daughter, they hugged and started to cry a bit as the sun rose.

I could see the sun and when I looked back toward them, there were only piles of ashes; then I woke up.

The Neighbors

This last dream was short, I remember being at some super small apartment complex that had only about 7 apartments.

Each had two people in it, and for some reason only my apartment had a hot tub or small pool.

Outside of each apartment was a sitting area and a grass area with some concrete steps, outside of my apartment in between the grass & concrete was the hot tub.

All my neighbors were outside talking about the hot tub, they wanted one too or wanted to use mine.

I had a room-mate but I am not sure who it was, I think it was a woman, I just remember a debate going on about what to do.

I noticed that each apartment had enough space for a hot tub, so I suggested that they all ask for one.

As I showed them where I would have one built if I were them, I noticed that this outside area may not really be outside at all.

There was a wall with a window with curtains, this outside area seemed to  be inside a building, I found that odd.

It was like we were in a building that had an area that simulated the real outdoors or something, but I woke up before I could investigate this more.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂