Talking To A Bull

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, it took place in some fictional area at a fictional building similar my old job.

I think I was given the chance to work at this building for a day, as a try-out or something to see if they wanted to hire me.

I remember seeing a few people who looked somewhat familiar, I think one person was a woman who works at Walmart, she seemed to be trying to help me get the job.

The first day of work seemed to have went well, and so I was supposed to report to the manager/boss to see if I got the job.

The manager/boss had her own building, so I went inside, the building was a nice modern building made mostly of reflective glass.

The manager/boss was the famous singer in the movie Taken, she told me that I did good at work today, but she had gotten bad reports about me from my other jobs.

She did not say more about that, she just said thanks for trying but we will not be hiring you.

I told her thank you and left the building, outside the woman who was trying to help me get the job looked disappointed but she tried to cheer me up.

She said that she would try to see what she could do, and that maybe I could talk with the owner one day.

I told her thanks, and she & the other workers left to go home for the day.

I then went to a field near the manager’s building to walk and think, and in the field was a bull that looked like a Texas Longhorn with somewhat shorter horns.

For some reason the bull followed me as I walked around thinking to myself, so I started to talk to the bull, and it seemed to understand me.

Sometimes the bull would make noises like it was trying to say something, after a while I started to understand it like I was learning its language or something.

At some point I think the owner of the business next to the field and her husband, walked past me toward a trail.

They seemed to be going for a walk, I said hello but did not try to bother her about getting a job at her business.

I do not remember exactly what happened next, but I think a few unknown men tried to attack the owner and her husband.

So I ran to help and managed to help the owner & her husband escape to her business building.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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