2-21-2009 | Dream Fragment | A Stressed President Obama

Barack Obama

Last night I had several dreams and could have remembered some of them, but my brother had his TV on loud, so I forget all my dreams except one very short one; maybe I will remember some other dream fragments later.

The short dream I do remember was about President Obama, he was at what appeared to be the Oval Office having an interview.

President Obama appeared to be very stressed, tired, and frustrated.


2-20-2009 | Dream Fragment | Multi-Tasking

Dream work according Sigmund Freud

Finally I remember a few parts of a dream last night, I have forgotten most of my dreams this week, so it is good that I finally remember part of one.

This dream seems to have been about multi-tasking, the dream kept jumping between me trying to do different things and it had me switching to different places.

I remember trying to chat with NF during one part of the dream, and while I was chatting I was making two videos to upload to the internet.