3-11-2009 | Dream Fragment | Free Super Powers

Cover of Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember part of one dream from last night, I remember sitting in my automobile at the drive-through window for a Chinese style restaurant that looked like BY Wok, but the woman at the window was a woman from another restaurant called TO Wok.

There were other people in my automobile, probably my brothers, I just remember ordering a few orders & waiting for the food to be ready.

After getting the food we ordered I decided to order an A1, but the woman at the window was now the young woman from BY Wok, which was confusing; and the food looked like it was from BY Wok.

I started to order my food, but for some reason I said A2 instead of A1 and the young woman told me that I would have to pay more, so the food was now about $8 or $9.

I was surprised and confused, but I ordered the food anyway.

Next I remember being somewhere completely different in a field-like area on a sunny day.

I was holding on to some flying ship that looked like the ship from the film The Watchmen, except this ship was shaped & looked like a toy dog head or something.

There were other people in this field-like area, I think there were different people with super powers or some strange super heroes/villains that I have never seen before.

I do not know what was going on, but something was happening or about to happen.

At some point a group of known super heroes came out of no where like: Superman, Batman, etc.

I remember people cheering, like they were glad to have some known super heroes finally show up.

Superman appeared to be the leader and he started to say something, it seemed that many people were starting to get super powers, and the known super heroes had come to try to keep the peace.

I remember seeing my friend DH and my brother CC there, and when DH saw Superman, he said that he now had a new leader.

It appeared that DH was going to try to train with superman to become like him or something, so that he could one day be a superman, I guess you could say.

I remember telling my brother CC to hold on to the flying ship, and it flew us to my grandfather’s house and then it left.

I started to feel like I was starting to get super powers too, so I decided to test them.

I told my brother CC to jump on my back, then I ran across my grandfather’s yard.

I ran faster than normal and I was stronger, because my brother did not slow me down at all.

I then jumped on my grandfather’s fence, and in on leap I jumped over the street & over the fence in my uncle CE’s yard.

A kid across the street saw this and was amazed, and so was I.

I felt that my powers were still developing, so that was probably not my full potential.

My brother then said that he could not wait until he got his own powers, because he was going to try to take over the world; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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