3-12-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Laboratory And Relaxing At The Park

Laboratory, Institute of Biochemistry, Univers...

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which started in a scientific research building.

I was walking around talking with someone in this building, I can not remember who I was talking to, but I think they were showing me around.

The person walked me through a hallway toward a laboratory and two women that appeared to be from India, walked out of the laboratory talking.

One of them reminded me of VM, so I felt like going to talk to her, but the person showing me around the building wanted me to go inside the laboratory.

I went inside the laboratory and the room had your usual scientific equipment, and there was this circular glass room inside the laboratory.

The person said that if something goes wrong, and dangerous gas or something is released, then everyone was supposed to go into the glass room.

It was supposed to be air tight and fire resistance, it may have not been glass, but it looked like glass.

There were a few scientists working in the laboratory as the person explained some of the research they were doing, but I can not remember what the person said.

A woman who appeared to be the boss came into the room and asked me if I wanted to work at the laboratory, because they needed an extra person to help, and I said yes; so she told me to start immediately.

I put on a lab coat and gloves, and I started to watch the scientists so I could figure out what to do.

As I was doing that I noticed that there was a sliding window on the glass room that was broken, so I walked over to look closer.

As I was doing that the boss walked in with some police officers, and she showed them the broken window.

She already knew who had done it, so she was reporting it to the police, and she said that since the window was broken, that the room was no longer air tight; which would endanger the lives of all the scientists in the room if something went wrong one day.

The boss then told everyone to go home for the weekend, and so we left.

I decided to drive to the park to relax, and when I got there I was surprised to see a lot of people sitting around the park.

There appeared to be a lot of people from my neighborhood there and there were other groups of people there, but everyone was divided by groups for some reason.

Everyone was divided by so-called Race and ethnic group, and they were only talking to people in their group.

I found this annoying and I noticed that the people from my neighborhood were being too loud, so I tried to ignore them.

I sat at a table with a group of people who appeared to be from China on one side and on the other side was a group of people who appeared to be from Japan.

They were all middle-aged – elderly, and even though they were at the same table, they only talked to those in their group.

I sat next to the group of people who appeared to be from Japan, because there was an opening.

I laid on the seat instead of sitting normally, so I could relax, and I had an ice drink like a slushy/slush or whatever you call it.

I just laid there and relaxed drinking from a straw like it was a cigar or something, and I watched the different groups of people.

After a while the group of people from my neighborhood got up and left, and some of them noticed me but they did not say anything; after they left, things got quieter.

As I was still relaxing I felt something hit my foot, it was an older woman who was sitting next to me with the group of people who were probably from Japan.

She asked me nicely if I could move my foot because she barely had any room, I was embarrassed that I did not realize that I was wasting space earlier, so I started to apologize.

I then decided to start a conversation with her and a man sitting next to her, hoping to get them and the other group at the table talking to each other.

I started to tell them about my new job and that I was starting to take French classes at the Alliance Française, and as I was talking with them, the people on the other side of the table who appeared to be from China; were watching & listening very closely.

The woman and man who I was talking to seemed very nice, and it appeared that my plan was working; and soon both sides of the table would probably start talking to each other, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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