3-14-2009 | Dream Fragment | Security Guards Under Siege

Admiral Cain shortly before her death

Last night I remembered one of my dreams, but I do not remember the beginning of it very well.

I think it started with me and a group of security guards flying in a helicopter-like ship to a ceremony for the military, police, and firefighters.

There was going to be a small parade and then a small ceremony, and we were protecting some of the special guests like generals, politicians, etc.

My group was protecting a very special guest but I am not sure who it was; it could have been the president, a general, or some unknown politician.

Me and the other security guards were dress just like the marines from Battlestar Galatica with all black clothes, armored vest, elbow pads, knee pads, & we had compact automatic rifles like them as well; except some of us did not have helmets.

The person that we were protecting could have been president Roslin from Battlestar Galactica or just some unknown president or politician, but I doubt it was a general.

When our ship landed we got into a circular formation and walked the person that we were protecting to the V.I.P area, which simply was several rows of metal chairs outside right next to the parade route.

Our group had at least 10 people, probably more, and since I was so busy looking around for threats I still did not see who we were protecting; because we were in formation around this person.

Once we got to the seating area we spread out around the area to secure it, as the parade went on.

There were already other people in the V.I.P area like generals and other politicians, and they were waving and clapping as the parade of service men & women passed by.

Suddenly as things were going well, a few military police officers that were on guard duty, came running screaming that something was coming; and that everyone must prepare for an attack.

People panicked in the V.I.P area, and security guards started to lead many of the V.I.Ps to buildings that were scattered around the area.

My group got into formation around the person that we were protecting and started to decide if we would run to the ship or to the building next to us, which was an old ugly abandoned building.

We heard a loud noise and saw a giant swarm of little black things that looked like Bumble Bees or something, and we heard shooting & screaming.

The swarm was moving so fast that we would not make it to the ship in time, so I told everyone to run toward the old abandoned building, and so we did.

We ran inside and I told everyone to find stuff to block the door and windows with, because most of the windows were broken, and the outside doors were a bit weak.

I told everyone to spread out around the building and protect each side and floor of the building, and things felt very intense but everyone was listening to me except the part about blocking the windows and doors; I told them that we must  hold this building as long as we could, because there was no other building close enough to escape to.

This old abandoned building had about three floors, so we took the person that we were protecting to the second floor to one of the rooms, and I posted one guard in the room outside of it.

Everyone was spread out around the building and only a female guard, that appeared to be in charge, and I were left walking around.

I was making sure that the building was secure, but the female guard that appeared to be the captain was not worried; and she seemed to be walking around for fun.

I noticed that no one appeared to be blocking the windows & doors like I had told them, so I kept reminding them, but they would not listen to me; they all seemed to have started acting like the captain.

We could still hear screaming, shooting, and loud noises outside; but for some reason, nothing was attacking our building.

Some people outside were trying to run, but the military police told everyone to stay & fight; but they would not listen, so the military police shot them.

I was a bit shocked as I saw this through the window, some of the people running were normal police officers, firefighters, and a few were in the military; but anyone that ran got shot.

Things started to quiet down after a while, like the swarm of creatures had finally moved to a different area or something, so I noticed there was a baloney on the second floor; and the captain & some of the other guards were there talking & looking around.

The captain looked tall, strong, and confident; she was relaxed like this was a game or something, which disturbed me a little & I felt that she was dangerous & tough.

She had short brown hair, she was probably at least 12 years older than me, and she looked almost like Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica.

I continued to walk around the building to make sure it was secure, but I noticed that most of the guards had left their posts, which left most of the building unsecure.

I was angry and went to the balcony to talk to the captain, as I was doing this I noticed in the field under the balcony, that there were two giant groups of military police walking to a field.

On one side was the Army military police and on the other side was the Marine military police, and they all had uniforms with no armor and some had guns.

They all started fighting each other wildly in hand-to-hand combat, like some ancient battle from the past; it was chaos and I almost could not believe my eyes, and the few people who had guns were hitting people with them like clubs.

The captain and the other guards just watched on the balcony & laughed, which shocked me even more; the military police were fighting like it was a grudge/death match or something.

In anger I ran up to the captain and asked her what was her problem.

I told her that she was the captain and the other guards followed her lead, and that she needed to stop playing around and tell everyone to stop fighting; and get the area secured, before they all kill each other.

She looked at me like she respected that I challenged her openly without fear, so she started to shoot her automatic rifle in the air and she told the military police to stop fighting.

Then she walked back into the building like nothing had happened, so I asked her if I could talk to her in the guard-room outside the room where the person that we were supposed to be protecting was.

I thanked her for stopping the fight outside, and I told her about the situation where the other guards had not listened to me about blocking the windows & doors..

She sat back relaxed almost like she was not really listening to me and said that she will probably look into it , but I did not really believe her.

I told her that it seemed that the guards would only listen to her, so it was her responsibility to make sure that they were doing their jobs properly, and then I walked out of the room.

I decided that I would pretend to be in charge, since the captain did not seem to care and if that did not work, I would just find stuff to block the windows & doors with myself.

Then I started to walk around the building thinking about the situation, like what were those Bumble bee like things that attacked and how long will we have to hide in this building; but as I was doing that I guess I started to daydream in the dream.

I was then in a hallway in a fake M building/dorm from another few dreams that I have had in the past, and I recognized the place and remembered that I had a key to my dorm in a chest-of-drawers; so I went to get it.

Like I expected the key was in there and my roommate from one of my past dreams was still gone, so I had the room to myself and I had remembered that the housing department still thought my roommate was in there; so I would continue to have the room to myself.

I found it interesting that I had remembered all of those details from a few past dreams, in this dream, and that things were still the same as I had left them the last time; but before I could think further, I was back in the old abandoned building in the other dream again.

I decided to go see if the person that we were protecting was okay, and find out who that person was; but I woke up before I got there.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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