The Family Zombie Escape | The Family Mobile Home Party

The Family Zombie Escape

My first dream took place at the area near my parent’s house and my grandfather’s house.

Members of my mom’s side of the family and I were preparing to leave an island, which did not look like an island but was the same neighborhood where I grew up.

The old mobile home where my parents and I lived when I was a very young kid was the escape point, because it had a dock with a boat connected to a river.

Members of my mom’s family were bringing supplies and sneaking other family members from my grandfather’s house, my parent’s house, and the house next to my parent’s house.

We had food, guns, mêlée weapons, cooking pot lids for shields, etc.

My aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and brothers were all getting themselves & supplies on the boat.

I would hand each person a gun and a mêlée weapon before they got on the boat, and I was also doing security duty.

Somehow we had rifles, a few assault rifles, pistols, knives, hatchets, and baseball bats.

I had a pistol in my pocket, a submachine gun with a rope tied around my neck to hold it, a cooking pot lid for a shield, and a small baseball bat.

Almost everyone was ready except some of my uncles that had gone to get my grandfather, who was the last person left, and as they were slowly bringing him to the mobile home; a group of zombies came running from my parent’s house.

I yelled and told them to run because the zombies saw them, my uncles tried to move my grandfather as fast as they could.

I ran outside of the mobile home with my sub-machine gun ready, my uncles and grandfather made it to the mobile home.

Five of my uncles wanted to stay and help me hold off/stop the zombies long enough for the others to get the boat started, but I did not want them to risk getting killed; so I told them to get on the boat. and I would hold off/stop the zombies long enough for them to escape.

They did not want to leave me alone but I told them to go, they paused & would not move, and so I yelled that we did not have time for that; and I told them that I would hold off/stop the zombies long enough and then I would try to make it to the boat.

I told them to just leave if it took me too long or if the zombies got to the boat area before I did, and I told them that it would be better if only 1 of us died; instead of 6 of us, so finally they ran to the boat.

For some reason I was not really scared, I would probably do the same thing in real life, I seem to have courage when it comes to sacrificing myself in certain situations.

The group of zombies were moving closer, so I started to shoot my sub-machine gun at them until I ran out of bullets, which made them stop.

I then pulled out my pistol and fired three shots, but I noticed that there were WAY MORE zombies now, so many that the whole area seemed to be nothing but zombies; so I decided to save my last few bullets.

I knew there was no way that I was going to win, but at least I could slow the zombies down so that my family members would escape.

I pulled out my cooking pot lid as a shield and my small baseball bat, I stopped to take a deep breath, and I prepared for combat; the zombies were just standing there waiting for me to attack them first.

I yelled: “FOR NARNIA, AHHHHH!!! or something like that for comedic/dramatic effect”, and I started to run at the army of zombies that filled the whole area.

But then I realized that the zombies were further enough away that I could make it to the boat in time, so I ran back to the mobile home, I closed the door to slow down the zombies, and I ran toward the boat.

I yell at my family to start moving the boat and I would jump in, so they did and I jumped into the boat; the others pointed their guns at the dock and I pulled out my pistol & I pointed it at the dock, waiting to shoot a few zombies as our boat left the dock, but I woke up after that.

The Family Mobile Home Party

My second dream took place in the same area, except this time in my parent’s yard and their house was now a combination of the mobile home and their real home; and there were no zombies this time.

My mom’s side of the family were going to have a party at my parent’s mobile home, so most of us were getting ready for the party.

Two unknown people were at my parent’s house, one was a woman and the other was a man, they were similar to the two people who were at Madea’s House on the Madea Goes To Jail movie.

They were telling me things about the mobile home, because I was wondering why was it now my parent’s home and why did the inside look like their real home.

I looked around the house noticing how things looked similar but different, as the two people explained some things to me.

In this dream I actually wanted to go to the family party, and I was actually helping get ready for it.

All of the family members from my first dream were there, and a few other family members were at my grandfather’s house getting ready; but I woke up as the two people were still explaining things about the mobile home.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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