Trouble In Little D-Town

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in the city of D.

I think it started with me driving to a big parade that was taking place in town, I remember driving to the CS Bank parking lot, so I could watch the parade from there.

Most of D seemed to be there for the parade and I think the fair was going to start after the parade, I had not seen that many people at a parade in town since I was a kid.

It was a slightly gray day outside but the sunlight was reflecting off of the clouds, and I saw & heard a few airplanes flying around like for an air show or something.

Things seemed normal until I noticed a pregnant woman with black hair and medium brown colored skin, and she seemed to be in pain.

There was a group of suspicious looking men that looked like some stereotypical members of a Latin gang, and they were in a car watching the pregnant woman; like they were looking for an opportunity to kidnap her or something.

So I walked over to see if the woman was alright and three other people walked over there with me.

All three of them worked with a news company, one of them was a man who looked like Richard Gere, and the other two were women; but I can not remember what they looked like.

As we were talking with the pregnant woman, I saw an older style airplane flying high over the area were K-Mart used to be, and I saw & heard it drop something that looked like a bomb.

Then I heard a loud explosion and I saw 2 or 3 tall apartment buildings blow up, and people started screaming & running.

I was shocked that a plane had just dropped a bomb in D of all places and during a parade, and during all the noise; the group of suspicious men in the car got out like they were going to run to kidnap the pregnant woman but then a woman who looked like Mandy Moore jumped off of the roof of the CS Bank like she had come to protect the pregnant woman, and she may have hidden up there the whole time watching the men.

The group of men pulled out guns, but the woman who looked like Mandy Moore stood there with no fear & had no weapons.

Suddenly a car with another group of men drove up, and they started shooting at the group of men that looked like members of a Latin gang.

The three news workers got the pregnant woman into a van to take her to the hospital and they told me to get in, so I did and we drove off.

The woman who looked like Mandy Moore then ran toward the two groups of men to join the fight, but she still did not have any weapons, but she did not seem to care.

Inside the van the pregnant woman was sweating and she looked like she was still in pain, the news workers did not know where the hospital was, so I told them were it was.

My apartment was not far from the hospital so they dropped me off at my apartment, and they continued to the hospital.

My apartment was a tall building like the ones that had gotten blown up by the plane, and all the apartment entrances were inside the building, so I walked inside to get to my apartment.

I felt that the woman who looked like Mandy Moore was going to come looking for me and the pregnant woman, and so I took a moment to think about the situation.

I had the feeling that the woman who looked like Mandy Moore was probably a vampire, the group of men that looked like Latin gang members were probably a rival vampire clan or something, the other group of men that attacked them were probably human vampire hunters, and the pregnant woman had a baby that probably was half human & half vampire; but she probably did not know it yet.

As I was thinking about all of this in my apartment I started seeing things from the point of view of a camera person, and I could see a red truck parked outside of my apartment building.

The woman who looked like Mandy Moore got out of the truck and ran into my apartment building, she jumped around on the ceiling and ran on the walls until she reached my apartment room,  and she knocked my door open.

I knew I did not stand a chance in a fight against her, so I did not even try to fight her, she began to yell at me asking me questions.

She asked me:

If I was Human?

Was I a hunter?

Did I know what she was?

Did I know anything about the pregnant woman?

And a few other questions.

I answered her questions and she stopped to think about what to do with me, it seemed that she was trying to decide to whether to let me go, kill me, or maybe even turn me into a vampire or whatever she was.

She then used my telephone to call someone to tell him the situation, he told her that she had to decide what to do with me, and she said okay & hung up the phone.

She asked me where was the pregnant woman so I told her that the three news workers had taken her to the hospital, she got even angrier and she told me to come with her to the hospital, and that I better hope that the doctors had not found anything suspicious about the baby or she would kill me.

I then followed her out of the apartment, but then the dream jumped back to the CS Bank, it was like I had gone back in time or something.

I think it jumped back to the part after the plane had bombed the apartment buildings, and people were running & screaming.

The pregnant woman was there, but the three news workers were not there this time.

I ran to the pregnant woman to see if she needed help and then the car with the group of men that looked like members of a Latin gang drove up, and a woman jumped off of the roof of the CS Bank; except it was not a woman who looked like Mandy Moore, this time.

This time the woman had black hair and medium brown colored skin, and looked kind of like the pregnant woman.

The woman told me and the pregnant woman to get into a red truck, which looked the same as the one that the woman who looked like Mandy Moore, had used to get to my apartment building; and the woman told me to drive.

I started driving and the group of men in the car chased us, but since this was D & I knew the area, and I easily was able to escape from them.

We then drove to my apartment to hide for a little while, and once at the apartment the woman started asking me questions; just like the woman who looked like Mandy Moore had done.

The pregnant woman was sweating and in pain again, so the woman used my telephone to call the man who the women that looked like Mandy Moore had called, to tell him the situation.

The woman told him that we were going to have to take the pregnant woman to the hospital but the man did not like the idea, and he told the woman that it was her decision & so the woman hung up the phone.

The woman then said that if the baby was born at the hospital, that we would have to sneak both of them out before the doctors or nurses could do any tests that could show that the baby was not completely human.

And if any of the doctors or nurses did notice anything odd about the baby, she said that she would kill them.

I told her that I hoped that would not happen, and then the dream switched to the view of a camera person again.

I could see the three news workers at their news company, their boss was talking with them.

He told them that the other news companies were beating them in ratings and that he wanted them to work harder, or he would fire them.

The three workers said that they were working as hard as they could, but the boss would not listen.

The three workers got angry and I think all three of them quit, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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