Alizée At A Prison

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which took place at a fictional building that was a prison and something else.

I think I got a job at this modern multi-floor building and I went outside the building to get some fresh air.

It was a sunny day outside and the outside area looked about the same as my parent’s yard, and there was a large group of men in prison uniforms in the yard.

I noticed an old man with a guitar, so I walked over to ask him about his guitar.

The old man reminded me of Anthony Hopkins a bit, he said that his strings had broken on his guitar, and he was about to change them.

He started to cut the broken strings and slowly started to explain the process of removing and putting on new strings.

As he was doing that I interrupted him to ask him if he was a prisoner, and I asked why were they there.

He told me that part of the building was a prison & the other part belonged to a private company, and that he was a prisoner.

He said that him and some of the other prisoners used to have a music band, and that they still played some of their music in prison.

I told him that I wanted to learn to play either guitar or piano, and that I was not sure which one to learn.

He said that he would teach me to play guitar, so I told him that I had just got a job at the building, so during my breaks he could give me guitar lessons if he had time.

He said okay, and then I told him goodbye & I went back inside the building to find the place where I was supposed to be working at.

As I was going into the building I saw one of my little brothers and Alizée, they both had come to see my new job, so they followed me as I tried to find it.

We walked up some stairs and went into a hallway, but there were prisoners there and when they saw Alizée, some of them started making cat calls & they tried to grab her, so I pushed them away and we went back down the stairs.

We then walked around the building for a while, but we kept seeing prisoners and a few police officers; but the police officers were too far away for me to ask them for directions.

After a while we finally found an elevator and decided to use it, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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