The Redcoats Are Coming

Dream 1

Last night I only remembered part of two dreams, the first dream took place in some unknown house.

I was at someone’s house taking a bath, for some strange reason the bathroom was in the living room, and there was no wall so I was in the open; I was taking a bath so it did not matter.

Someone was across the room talking to me and I could not see who the person was, I think they were asking me about if I was going to look for a job and maybe they asked me about college.

I remember hoping they would not ask, but I did not let that bother me & I started to answer their questions but someone knocked on their door.

The unknown person that I was talking to answered the door, and started talking to the person at the door; as this was happening I dried off and started to put my clothes on but I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream could have been a continuation of the first dream, I am not sure, all I remember is that I was in a garden / maze, and I was being chased by Redcoats (The old style British soldiers with old rifles with bayonets).

They had groups of soldiers looking for me around the garden/maze, and the group chasing me were/was shooting their rifles at me.

I managed to hide in some plants and the group of soldiers ran past me, and so I continued to sneak around hiding in plants, near garden decorations, and any other place that I could hide in.

One group of soldiers stopped right next to me as I was hiding in a large flower-pot/tray, all they had to do was look down & they would have seen me, so I tried to breathe through my mouth so that they would not hear me breathing.

They were so busy talking that they did not notice me, and then they walked off.

After sneaking around for a while I found an area that had people walking around looking at the garden/maze, it seemed that this area was open to the public or something.

I then noticed one area in between this public area and I saw a strange-looking woman & her female bodyguard that looked like a Golden Saint except her skin color was a creamy whitish yellowish color instead of a gold color,  and they were walking around the area like they were guarding it.

The strange-looking woman looked like she was not human either and looked like a Goddess or Demi-Goddess or Golden Saint of Something Else;  it seemed like she was in charge or a person with a lot of power, so I was going to see if she could help me because the Redcoats were after me.

As I was about to walk over there a person that was looking at the garden/maze told me not to go over there because that woman was not human & was special, and you had to have permission to talk to her or you would probably be killed.

I asked the person what was she, but they did not know, all they knew was that no one was allowed in her area or allowed to talk to her without permission; so I decided to keep running instead of trying to talk to her.

After a while I came to an area near an exit point of the garden/maze, but it was protected by an Ogre, so I had to try to sneak around it.

As I was trying to sneak, an obese woman with a loud annoying voice came walking up talking loudly, so the Ogre came running but to my surprise the Ogre did not attack me or the woman.

The Ogre seemed to be attracted to the woman, I guess he thought she was an Ogre too, so he just followed the woman, and the woman followed me.

I told her about my situation, so she decided to follow me and since the Ogre was with us, we predicted that it would protect us if anyone would try to attack us.

So we left the garden/maze which led to a field that led to an area that looked like a college, and so we decided to walk toward the college area to hide among the many people who were outside.

As we got closer to the groups of people outside, I noticed people pointing and staring at us, and so I looked down & noticed that I only had boxer briefs on; I then started to wonder if the first dream had ended with me having to run from the house before I could get the rest of my clothes on, maybe the person that knocked on the door came to tell us that the Redcoats were coming for me so I ran.

I then told the woman & the Ogre that I wanted to get inside a building so that I could find some clothes as quickly as possible, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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