The Grinch Who Stole The Boogeyman (Bogeyman)

Last night I remembered part of one of my dreams, that started at an area by the Dollar Store in D.

There was a group of people my age that were members of some organization that volunteered to help people sometimes.

Some members of the group were being interviewed, and one was a woman talking about how she had helped her friend who lived in Mexico.

She said that her friend lived in a small town on the Mexico-United States Border, and were mostly members of a certain tribe.

Her friend needed a place to live & a job, so she used her family’s connections in that area to help her friend get a job & find a place to live at.

As the woman was talking, somehow I was able to see the things she was talking about like I was watching the news or something, and I may have not even been in this dream.

I saw these little camp-like buildings and her friend stayed at one of them, they were like the buildings from the camp on The Parent Trap film.

She said that a lot of members of her friend’s tribe lived in groups, in these camp-like buildings that are paid for by the government, and many of them lived off of government money instead of getting a job.

She said that many of the buildings do not have air conditioning and that many members of the tribe seem to be trapped in a cycle of poverty and nothingism; just wasting time and living pretty empty lives compared to their ancestors or other citizens in their country.

She said that she hoped things would start to change one day, and she hoped that her friend could break the cycle.

The dream then switched to me driving to my grandfather’s house, and after arriving I went inside the house & for some reason my brother GC was there.

He told me that he had been sleep and he had just woken up, and floating over him was a green floating scary looking head of a man/monster.

As he told me this I could see what he had seen and it was scary & disturbing, it floated over his bed with a green glow around it just looking at him, and maybe you could hear some strange noise.

I was afraid just thinking about it, but I was also very angry that it was bothering my family.

So I told my brother not to worry and that I would take care of this, so I walked into the room that he had slept in.

I started to yell out loud challenging the creature to come out, and I also told it to leave my family/friends alone & bother me instead.

I was afraid and angry, but I stood my ground taunting and yelling hoping to make it come out.

I yelled that I did not care if it was some super natural creäture that had powers, no one messes with my family/friends.

I called it a coward for messing with little kids and I told it that even though I had no weapon, I would still fight it.

I was angry, this was no longer just about it messing with my little brother, and this was not a dream to me or a game; at this point this felt & seemed real, and this creäture seemed familiar.

This creature to me then represented a Boogeyman I guess you could say, a type of creature that preyed on mainly kids but adults too, on their fear; it goes around scaring people mainly at night-time when they are in bed but not sleep.

It can take many forms depending on the person and/or culture, but it seems to have the same goal/power source of fear.

To me this creäture now represented things that had scared me in the past at night and even in my dreams, so I was ready to face it and destroy it.

I kept yelling taunts hoping that it would come out, but sadly I do not remember the most important part of the dream where me & my brothers actually killed it but I can not remember exactly what happened.

I just remember being outside of my grandfather’s house at night-time with my brother GC and maybe another one of my brothers, and we had weapons.

I had a pistol, one brother had a pellet gun, and GC had a mêlée weapon.

The creäture was now dead and was nothing but ashes, but I can not remember what happened.

I remember one of my brothers reading a book about the creäture that said that it can heal itself, so you had to separate the ashes or it would regenerate.

So I told one of my brothers to take some of the ashes & flush them down the toilet, I told my other brother to take part of the ashes & scatter them on the ground somewhere, and I would throw the rest of the ashes in a river & maybe lock the rest in a safe.

As my brothers were doing their jobs and as I was walking toward the ashes, suddenly a tall creature the height of a house that looked like the Grinch, came running & put the rest of the ashes in a bag.

I yelled to my brothers that a creäture was stealing the rest of the ashes and I yelled at the creäture telling it to put the ashes down, but it started trying to run.

So me and my brother with a pellet gun started to shoot it, and started chasing it as it tried to run off with the ashes.

I had to reload my pistol several times and I shot the creäture many times, but the bullets had no effect, so we just followed it.

The creäture ran to some building and it became shorter like a human but it was still taller than the average human, and it went inside.

My brothers and I went inside the building too, and inside I saw some pictures of the creäture & a woman who appeared to be its mother, and she was human.

The woman was someone I had went to school with, but I can not remember who, so I decided to use that against the creäture.

I found the creäture and told him to give us the ashes back again, but he said no.

I told him about this creäture, which I will just call the Boogeyman, and that we were trying to prevent it from regenerating & continuing to scare humans.

The Grinch, as I will call him, asked me why would I want to do that and he said that we humans needed fear.

He said that the creäture did an important job of reminding humans of fear, and that fear helps us humans survive and gives us a challenge that helps give us purpose or a goal or an enemy to face or something like that.

I thought about what the Grinch said and it made sense, but I still wanted to destroy the creäture, so I told the Grinch that I knew his mother and if he did not give me the ashes; I would tell his mother.

He laughed and said that he did not care, so I said we will see about that and so my brothers & I went to find his mother’s phone number.

As we were walking back to my grandfather’s house, I told my brothers that we needed to find some stronger guns or weapons if the Grinch’s mother could not convince him to give us the ashes.

I hoped that it would not come to that, but I was willing to try to kill the Grinch to get the ashes, if I could find a weapon strong enough to hurt him; but then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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