6-24-2009 | Dream Fragments | Nice School Moments, And The Strange Military Attack

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Sov...

Nice School Moments

Last night I remembered my last two dreams, the first one took place at what appeared to be a fictional version of the high school I graduated from.

My class was walking outside by a parking lot, and two of my classmates RG & LF starting talking about their automobiles.

One of them had a truck and was making fun of the other one that had a small Pontiac car, it was a funny moment and they were just joking around.

We then walked to the cafeteria, which was pretty dark & had no windows like the junior high school cafeteria, and there were some other students & family members of RB already eating & getting food.

The cafeteria was set up like a buffet and two kids that appeared to be family members were trying to get pizza, but the pizza was not cut properly, so I cut the pizza and helped the two kids put the pizza on their plates.

As I was doing this RB & MW passed by me talking in line, they were acting like best friends again, and I started to feel different; it is hard to describe.

They did not notice me and were talking in line right in front of me, I felt like saying something to them but I did not, and I had the feeling that RB’s family was there because she was going to be getting married soon.

As the line moved I started to pretend to be more comfortable than I really was, which actually helped me feel a bit more comfortable, and I got some pizza as I waited for RB & MW to leave the line so that I could get some more food without them noticing me.

In the cafeteria there were many people who I used to go to school with in real life, they were eating and talking, everyone was having a good time; just like the old days, but the dream ended.

The Strange Military Attack

My next dream started nice/well, it was early in the morning at my parent’s house and I could see some of my family members arriving at my grandfather’s house to get ready for a family event or something later in the day.

I saw my dad walking to the yard with an assault rifle, and for some strange reason there were mountains with a jungle around my neighborhood & my neighborhood was at the bottom of the mountains.

My dad said that he saw some strange soldiers out in the mountains sneaking around while he was working in the yard, and I guess he went to investigate & found the assault rifle.

In the distance I saw a few strange soldiers hiking across the mountain, they did not seem to be American soldiers at all, and wore uniforms that looked more like British Jungle camouflage mixed with Vietnam era/style American Jungle camouflage or something.

Suddenly we started hearing shooting and we could see flashes of light out in the mountains, so I guessed that some American Special Forces had attacked them or something.

I told my dad that we should get into the house, but he just stood there looking and suddenly a group of the unknown soldiers walked by my dad.

There were about ten soldiers and then another group of about five soldiers came, and I had the feeling that more were coming to escape the shooting on the mountain.

My dad was standing there with his assault rifle, but for some strange reason they were not attacking him yet, so I told my dad to get into the house again.

Instead my dad shot two of the soldiers, which somewhat shocked them & me, and so I told my dad once again to come into the house; then I got my brother’s Red Ryder BB gun.

My dad and the unknown soldiers seemed to be in shock for a moment, and one of the soldiers was about to shoot my dad, so I shot him in the eye with the BB gun.

My dad finally ran into the house and I locked the door, and told him to take my mom & brothers to the attic.

He still seemed to be somewhat in shock and I saw one of the unknown soldiers standing outside of the door, some of the soldiers had armor and all of them looked like they were part of a military in Asia such as China or Vietnam or something, but I felt they had a connection with some terrorist groups based in Asia & South America.

My dad had a Colt 45 M1911 pistol in his pocket so I took it and I once again told him to take my mom & brothers to the attic, but instead he opened the door for a soldier.

The soldier tried to shoot him, so I shot the soldier with the pistol and then I took the assault rifle from my dad, and I shot another soldier that was running toward the door.

I locked the door and once again told my dad to take my mom & brothers to the attic, he still was acting weird so I ran to tell my mom & brothers to get to the attic.

I got our other pistol and ammo, and I told my mom to take it to the attic with them, along with some other supplies.

I told my dad to put something heavy on the attic door once they got up there, and that I would stay down stairs to keep the soldiers out of the house for as long as I could.

I did not feel like I would survive long, but I was going to do my best, outside the window I saw more soldiers coming.

They were taking their time and I felt that they were going to try to get into the house later, once they felt that they had the advantage, and I wondered where was the American military.

I started to try to think up a plan that would allow me to survive long enough for the police and/or the military to come help, but I woke up as I was thinking up a plan.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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