George W. Bush The Investigator | Aliens In The House

George W. Bush The Investigator

Last night I remembered part of two of my dreams, my first dream started with my dad and I going to some unknown house to see someone I think, or we were lost & needed directions.

The house was a nice multi-story house that seemed to be owned by a rich person, and there were maids & workers that all appeared to be from Mexico (Mexican).

I think my dad knew the family that was working there as maids and workers, but as we were looking around the house trying to find them; we saw a group of men with guns.

The men appeared to have drank alcohol, they had guns, and looked like members of a Mexican Drug Cartel.

With them was a badly beaten man that they were pushing around, he looked like he had been beaten & tortured, and then the men took him toward the balcony & pushed him off; then they started to laugh and they started to walk away.

My dad and I were shocked, and we hid so that they would not see us when they passed by.

A maid came running over to the balcony and saw the dead man on the ground, and she screamed & started to cry.

My dad knew the woman so we went over to talk to her, she said that the dead man was her son, and we told her what we had seen.

She knew about the drug cartel men, but feared for her life, so we told her that we would talk with the police and tell them what we saw.

The next thing I remember is getting interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, who I guess was a detective, and he asked me a lot of questions; but did not seem to be really trying to help me or listen to me.

I got very emotional and angry, because I kept having to repeat the same things over & over again, and I started to give a loud speech explaining what I saw & what I felt.

Mr. O’Reilly was calm & relaxed, and did not seem effected by my speech & then he left the room.

The next investigator that came into the room was the former President Of The United States George W. Bush, and he told me that he heard everything that I had told Mr. O’Reilly.

Mr. Bush was acting like he really wanted to help me and wanted to listen to what I had to say.

He then told me that my case was more serious than even I thought, he said that he was curious about why no one seemed to be taking my case seriously, so he started to investigate.

He found out that his boss was protecting the Drug Cartel, and that his boss was also a leader of a Mexican Drug Cartel.

So the man over the police force was a secret Drug Cartel leader, and Mr. Bush only needed a bit more evidence to have him & the Drug Cartel members arrested.

Once he got the evidence that he needed, he wanted me to testify in court about what I saw, and I agreed & I told him to be careful; because if his boss found out about his investigation, he would probably have both of us killed.

Mr. Bush said that he was being careful and told me to not talk about the case until it is time for court; but then I woke up.

Aliens In The House

My last dream is very unclear and took place in some unknown house and I was with some unknown person.

I can not remember if the person with me was a woman or man, I just remember that he or she had a shotgun.

I also can not remember what kind of gun I had or what mêlée weapon I had.

All I remember is that we were sneaking through a house that had these strange alien creatures in it, and the house was connected to some unknown building.

The inside of the building had nasty stuff on the walls and it appeared that something had laid eggs, and that was where the aliens were coming from; it was like the Alien films or something.

I can not remember what the aliens looked like exactly, but I think they were the size of small dogs and were a pinkish color and they walked almost like the aliens from the Alien films.

We were sneaking around the house killing aliens and trying to find a way out, for some reason there were tunnels in the house that led to a building, and that was were most of the aliens and eggs were.

The egg sacks were pink and would move like they were breathing or something, as we were going through one of the tunnels we saw a huge alien pass in front of our tunnel; I guess it was the alien that was laying all the eggs.

We quietly hid until it passed by and we decided to go back into the house to look for more weapons, because the person with me ran out of shotguns shells and I think I ran out of bullets.

In the house we found some knives, clubs, a nightstick / broom, and so we decided to each carry several mêlée weapons; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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