The Horsemen / Fear

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, and I was not in the dream.

I do not remember certain important parts of the dream, but I do remember the dream starting with two men that were sleeping in a Native American style tent.

They woke up early in the morning when it was still pretty dark outside, it seemed that they were in a dessert-like area that was not far from a forest and was hidden near some mountains.

There were a few other tents next to them and a group of kids came out of them, and the group of kids were wearing Native American style clothing and they seemed to be part of a tribe.

They went to the tent that the two men were in as the two men were talking about something, it seemed that they were hiding and/or trying to escape from something or someone.

The kids wanted to play games or something but suddenly there was the sound of guns shots in the distance.

The dream switched to the forest that was not far away from the mountains, and in the forest were some horsemen fighting soldiers.

If I am not mistaken I think there were 4 – 6 horsemen, and they were strange-looking.

I think they had dark clouds that hovered over them as they moved, when their horses moved you could see a slight shadow trail, they wore black top hats, they had fabric covering their faces like Rorschach from the Watchmen, they all had guns but more of them had sawed-off shotguns, and bullets did not seem to affect them.

The horsemen were fighting British soldiers that had old rifles with bayonets and they wore the famous old redcoats.

The British soldiers were losing and the horsemen kept moving through the woods killing more soldiers, as they went further into the woods, the types of soldiers started to change.

Some of the British soldiers started to have weapons and clothing from the WWI and WWII era, but they were still losing.

Suddenly another group of horsemen came and started shooting at the first group of horsemen, but neither side seemed to be effected by the bullets.

They just sat on their horses shooting at each other, it was odd, I remember two of the horsemen constantly shooting their sawed-off shotguns at each other until they just stopped shooting.

The second group of horsemen then left, while the first group of horsemen started back fighting the soldiers.

I remember one British soldier shooting a heavy machine gun or anti-aircraft weapons at the horsemen, he was shooting the weapon fully automatic, but it still did not affect the horsemen.

The dream then switched back to the two men and kids at the tents.

The two men started to pack their stuff and told the kids that they had to leave, the kids did not want them to leave, but they left anyway.

They seemed to be trying to leave before the horsemen got to this area, so they decided to go somewhere else, probably hoping to save themselves and to not put the kids in danger.

The two men went to a bar and everything seemed like an old cowboy western, even the two men seemed to be from that time period maybe.

The second group of horsemen were getting close to this bar and a group of cowboys went to go fight them in the woods.

The dream then switched to something that seemed almost like a television show like MythBusters or something.

There was a woman with red hair that looked almost like Spricket24 (Karen Alloy) on YouTube, and she was being interviewed.

She started talking about how she had an extreme fear of dying and how her mom had tried to help her by using religion; so she was talking about her religious beliefs.

She was about to take part in an experiment to see if it would help her get over her extreme fear of dying, so after the interview it was time for the experiment.

Out in the middle of nowhere there was a tub connected to some pipes with a big fan next to it, so they tied her to the pipes with a chain.

Then they started the fan and the fan was so powerful that she blew into the air, but the chains were stopping her from blowing away.

After a few minutes they pressed a button, which made her chains disconnect from the pipes so she had to hold on to the pipes, or she would be blown away.

She was terrified and hanging in the air for her life as the fan blew the wind very strongly around her, and after a few minutes they turned the fan off. (I forgot to mention they had chains connected to her feet if she was not able to keep holding on to the pipes.)

The camera people walked over to ask her did it work, and she said yes, she said that at first she thought she was going to die, so she fought to live/survive.

She held on to the pipes as hard as she could, and at some point she no longer felt the extreme fear of dying.

As they were removing the chains from her legs something happened and somehow the tub hit her in the head and she fell to the ground.

She was okay and just laid there with a face like someone who had just had a religious experience or something, it was an interesting expression on her face and it seemed that she finally had some peace in her life, like that extreme fear had finally been lifted; but then I woke up.

A possible meaning of the dream came to me after a bit of thinking.

I think the horsemen represented fear.

The soldiers tried to defeat the horsemen/fear with weapons, but it did not work, because you can not defeat fear through physical force.

The two men tried to run and hide from the horsemen/fear, but it did not stop them, because you can not defeat fear by being afraid of the fear & just run and hide from it; the fear will still be there.

The other group of horsemen/fear tried to defeat the other group of horsemen/fear, but it did not work, because you can not defeat fear with fear.

Now the woman was able to defeat her extreme fear of death and how?

Think about this:

“The woman faced her fear, by being put in a situation that allowed her, to face her fear.

Instead of trying to physically defeat the fear, instead of trying to run & hide from the fear, and instead of trying to defeat the fear with fear; she faced her fear, allowed the fear to pass over and through her literally & figuratively, all the emotions, everything!

In the end only she remained, and the fear was gone; she faced her fear and proved it wrong/false/not necessary/illogical/etc., and let it pass right by/through/etc.

Now the fear was gone.”

For too long I have tried many failed methods of trying to deal with my fears, I guess my mind was showing me and/or challenging me to try a new path(s)/method(s)/etc. that may/might actually work.

Maybe in the end only I will remain, and I will finally rid myself of some of these fears that have plagued me for too long; one day I need to face my own horsemen/fears.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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