The Old White House | Two Short Dreams

The Old White House

Now for the main dream of last night, which started with a commercial on television that was narrated by Alec Baldwin.

The commercial started in a nice looking small mansion in a bedroom, and it was supposed to be the White House I think but it was smaller.

The commercial was talking about how The President Of The United States Barack Obama and many of the other presidents, if not all the presidents, had failed the citizens of the United States (USA).

It talked about how they live in luxury and about all the empty promises they make and about how our country was really being controlled by forces that most citizens knew nothing about or something like that.

As Mr. Balwin was talking the camera was slowly showing parts of the White House and he was talking about this and that, and then the camera went down stairs to a welcoming room or entrance.

In the corner was a robotic / android Abraham Lincoln or was replica of him and the camera zoomed in on his eyes, which were brown.

Then the camera moved to the wall next to him and on the wall was a frame with a nice silver-colored ring with a blue stone and there appeared to be a masonic symbol on the ring.

Then the camera turned to the entrance and the commercial seemed to have ended and I was there, and it felt like I had went back into the past or something.

The White House now looked different and I saw two tall men walk through the hallway, they appeared to be guards but they were dressed like farmers and had beards.

Suddenly Abraham Lincoln walked into the entrance wearing regular commoner clothing and was followed by one bodyguard, and they left the door open.

Next his wife came into the room with a friend and a maid or helper, and they too left the door open.

I saw sunlight outside and a small town square with houses and small buildings around it, and people were dressed in older style clothing.

I walked outside and saw two women with dark brown skin and black hair, and for some reason I said bonjour to them instead of hello.

They looked at me with surprise and said that they were surprised that I talked like that because, “The White people do not seem to talk much like that anymore, they just use English mostly now.” (Those are her exact words, not mine, as you know I do not support the Race system).

I told her that I knew that not many people talked like that anymore, but I still wanted to learn, so I asked them if they knew anyone that could teach me.

As we were walking there were people sitting around and laying around talking around the town square, but they were staring at us with negative expressions on their faces.

The town square was not big, it was just a rectangular shaped area that led to what appeared to be a church or town hall, and there was just grass.

On the sides were small homes and buildings all connected with little porches, and the people were enjoying themselves and having picnics.

But everyone that was relaxing outside seemed to be divided by so called Race, I realized that I was in the past so I was not surprised and now I knew why the people were staring at us with negative expressions; even if I do not consider myself part of any Race, they did.

I just ignored them and continued to listen to what the two women were saying and they told me, “That there was one White women in town that spoke French and did not seem to care what other people thought about her, so she would probably teach me.” (Those were her words once again, not mine.)

One of the women pointed to the woman that they were talking about, she had just walked from a house and she was dressed like she was from the 1960s instead of an older period like everyone else.

As she started to walk into the town square some people started to stare at her and whisper rumors, “One was that someone saw her dating a Black man once, and they whispered how terrible that was.” (That was their words, not mine.)

The women knew that people were watching her and talking about her, but she did not seem to care and continued to walk & look around at some of the out-door shops around the town square.

I followed her and tried to look for a good time to talk to her without all the people noticing, I did not want to give them more rumors to use against her.

Finally as she was looking at some clothes I decided to introduce myself from a distance, I was standing in between two small houses so the others across the town square watching her could not see me, but suddenly we heard a woman screaming.

The woman was being chased by what appeared to be a man and the man pushed her to the ground, and she started screaming for help.

She then ran over near me and the woman, and the man followed her & appeared to be very angry.

I told him to calm down and to not hit that woman again, and I asked him what was going on.

He told me to shut up and mind my business, so I asked the woman what was going on and she said that the man was trying to kill her.

At this point I noticed that the man did not look normal, his body was like metal and he even had some holes in his body, and I instantly prepared myself to fight.

I told the man if he tried to hurt anyone I would try to stop him and then he ran forward to grab the woman, but I pushed him.

He felt like metal and he was heavy, so my push did not work very well and so I tripped him to the ground.

I then grabbed his body with my legs and held his arms, basically I had him in a bodylock.

Suddenly my friend JC came running up as I held the metal man, the metal man was too strong for me to hold him long so I told JC to choke him.

For some reason I started to feel that this was as movie or fake, and JC started to choke the man but the his metal neck was too strong so I told JC to squeeze/choke him harder.

JC was afraid that it would kill the metal man, but the metal man was about to break free and I felt that this was all fake so I yelled for him to hurry up before he breaks free.

So JC started to squeeze/choke him harder and I started to hear the metal man’s neck break, and then he stopped moving.

The dream then switched to the next day and the newspaper said that JC and I had killed the man who had murdered many women in the town, and we were being called heroes.

But the way the newspaper headlined the story accidentally wrote the title in a way that could have been misinterpreted, because it was written in a way that almost made it seem that we had killed the women, but it was just a bad set of word choices by the newspaper editor; then I woke up.

Two Short Dreams

I really had three short dreams before I woke up but I only remember part of two, the first one took place in an odd room.

Mr. LS was in the room in a corner standing on a part of the room that was raised and across from him was a lower part of the room that had a bed on it, and next to that was a little bridge.

On the left of the bridge and under the bridge was water, that was slowly rising, and would soon cover the part of the room where the bed was.

I went over there by the bed for some reason and was talking to Mr. LS from across the room, I think he wanted me to get something on that part of the room before the water level rose and/or he wanted me to try to stop the water from rising.

I think maybe there was a valve somewhere that could stop the water but I could not find it and the water had risen so high that I had to get on the bridge, but first I walked through some of the water looking for the valve.

I went on to the bridge and told Mr. LS that I could not find the valve and he said that it was too late probably; that was the end of that dream.

The next short dream I had right before waking up started with Dana White, president of the UFC, and a group of people getting into two separate helicopters.

Both helicopters started to lift off, but one helicopter started to spin out of control and crashed.

Dana White and the others in his helicopter saw the crash and were shocked, and so their helicopter tried to land, but right before it could land it fell over and crashed.

Before it crashed I was on the helicopter too, fortunately we were not far from the ground when our helicopter crashed.

Everything was dark at first because of the smoke and the crash stunned us, and we were all sideways, but slowly we started trying to climb out of the wreckage; but then that dream ended.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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