The President Of France & First Lady Of France: Doomsday The Dream

The night before last I had a dream that was inspired by the film Doomsday or maybe Superman: Doomsday (I am not sure which), which I had watched before I had went to sleep.

This was my last dream of that night and it started with me flying down to a football stadium in The United States (USA).

I have no idea how or why I was flying, but I was flying like superman or something and it felt normal; I did not find it odd in this dream at all.

A football game was going on and the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy & the First Lady Of France Carla Bruni were there with their bodyguards; I guess they were visiting the USA for some reason or another.

I was there to give them a message, but oddly I do not remember who gave me the information or anything else.

I flew down to the stadium to let their bodyguards know that I needed to speak with them, for some reason I felt that the bodyguards already knew me and that they would let me talk with President Sarkozy & First Lady Bruni; also they did not find it odd that I flew to the stadium, it was like I was a superhero and everyone already knew who I was or something.

The people watching the football game did not even stare at me, so it was like they were use to seeing me fly and did not care.

I told one of the bodyguards that I had a message and he let me walk over to President Sarkozy & First Lady Bruni, and I gave them a message which / but I have no idea where I got the message.

I told them that something big was going to happen, something very serious and that we were going to have to leave to a secret location now; even I did not know what was going to happen.

I think President Sarkozy, First Lady Bruni, an adviser, and I got on a helicopter & left.

The next thing I remember is being dropped off in what appeared to be the Scottish Highlands or something.

We had no guns, armor, supplies, no bodyguards; and were going to have to walk.

This was to avoid being detected by anyone, so we started walking and climbing small mountains.

The ground was a bit wet and muddy, so the trip was annoying but President Sarkozy seemed to be doing very well.

His adviser was the slowest and President Sarkozy had to keep helping him most of the time.

We were sweating, wet, and a bit tired once we reached the meeting zone or point; this was the place where were supposed to meet someone who would show us the way to the secret location.

Suddenly a man with an assault rifle wearing UK (United Kingdom) woodland camouflage (DPM) clothing came out of hiding, and started to point his gun at us.

I told him that we were here for someone to show us the way to the secret location, he laughed and said that he was joking, and he had a Scottish accent.

The man seemed to be a militia man instead of an official soldier, my guess was that the secret location was not even known by the military, but instead only a handful of non-officials knew about it.

We followed the militia man as he showed us the way and joked around, he seemed to be a natural comedian, and kept telling jokes; I forgot to mention he gave President Sarkozy his pistol, after making sure that he knew how to use it, which he did.

After walking for a while we reached what appeared to be a small military checkpoint, which was not supposed to be there, and the soldiers guarding it appeared to be wearing desert camouflage so I thought they were American soldiers.

They saw us and started pointing guns at us, there were about three soldiers at the checkpoint, and so I told them that we were Americans traveling.

The soldier in charge smiled and walked over to me, but then told me to get on my knees and he started to point a pistol at my head; the man spoke with an Eastern European accent and then I knew they were not American soldiers.

The militia man and President Sarkozy pointed their guns at two of the three soldiers, and told them to let me go.

The soldier pointing the gun at my head was looking at the militia man and then tried to shoot me, but the bullet only tipped my head since he was not looking when he shot; then the militia man shot him and President Sarkozy shot one of the other soldiers, and I grabbed the pistol of the soldier that tried to shoot me.

The adviser of President Sarkozy got shot & killed by the other soldier & then that soldier ran, and so then we grabbed the weapons of the dead soldiers and started to run.

A jeep carrying the soldier that ran and another soldier along with a small tank with a soldier on top, started to chase us, and so we started running in a zig zag pattern as we shot at them; even First Lady Bruni had a gun now.

I was on the left side of the jeep as it got closer and the rest of my group was on the right side of the tank, and so I shot the soldiers on the Jeep.

The rest of the group shot the soldier on the tank and then the tank stopped, and so we then waited for the soldiers in the tank to come out so that we could kill them.

Suddenly a soldier threw a grenade from inside the tank at us, and so we ran, and then three soldiers got out of the tank.

These soldiers were not normal soldiers, I knew the moment I saw them that they were special forces and they were speaking Russian.

A shoot out began as the three soldiers started shooting at us and throwing grenades, and as I was running I found an underground tunnel & went in there to avoid the explosions.

These three soldiers were tough, but fortunately I found grenades in the small tunnel and so I went back to the surface to help the others.

This only took a few seconds, but I was surprised that the others were still alive, and then I threw a grenade at one of the special forces soldiers & he blew up.

The other two took cover and I continued to throw grenades as the others shot at them, but the two soldiers were smart and avoided the blasts.

One of the special forces soldiers tried to throw a grenade at me but I kicked it back at him and he blew up, so now only one was left and he was the hardest to defeat.

All three of us were shooting at him and I was throwing grenades at him but he kept avoiding the blasts, but the blasts were strong enough to knock him in the air.

I decided to lure him into chasing me into the tunnel so that the others could shoot him once he leaves his cover point to chase me, and so I started my plan.

I ran into the open shooting at him and then ran to the tunnel, and so he started to chase me.

In the tunnel I heard shooting and then it stopped, as I waiting for him to come into the tunnel so that I could shoot him, and so I assumed that my plan had worked & that he was dead.

Before I could get back to the surface to see what happened, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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