The BR Youth Trip Dream

Last night my last dream dealt somewhat with the trip that I was going to be taking that morning to BR for a Youth Summit.

I think the dream started with me driving to what I am guessing was BR and I parked outside a two-story building, and then went inside.

On the first floor there were people younger than me and they appeared to be part of the Youth Summit also, and they were standing around talking.

I decided to go to the second floor to see if that was were the meeting room was, and then I went into a room.

The room had an all carpet floor with no furniture and there was a goose & some unknown animal that probably does not exist in real life in the room.

The goose was telling the unknown animal a moral story about good & evil I think, that related to Christianity; the goose had the voice of a man and the unknown animal had the voice of a girl.

After the story was finished the unknown animal misunderstood the story and thought that the story was recommending behaving in an evil way, so the goose quickly tried to tell the unknown animal of her error, but then another animal came into the room.

I can not remember what kind of animal it was but I know it was a normal real world animal, and the unknown animal started to play around with this new animal, they were acting like little kids.

Suddenly, some of the students that were downstairs earlier came into the room and then the non-human animals stopped talking & playing around.

The students lined up on both sides of the room and kept a distance from the other animals because they were not sure if they would bite.

I was in the middle of the room and the other animals walked closer to me, and just stared at me.

The goose was the closest to me and I felt a bit uncomfortable, but I did not think they would bother me; they appeared to be acting normal instead of revealing that they could talk.

A woman came into the room and told everyone that did not have coats/jackets to go get their coats/jackets; for some reason I did not have my coat/jacket so I went to get it.

On the way down the stairs I saw my cousin DW and a former classmate DH, and so I stopped to greet them and tell them to make sure that they had their coat’s/jacket’s.

DH did not have his either so he went back outside to get his as well, and outside I saw what appeared to be two other classmates CW & M.

CW & M were talking as I went to get my coat/jacket and then I saw an ATM machine across the street, so I decided to go to it.

I wanted to see if that was really CW, so after I passed her I called her name out loud from a distance, but she was too busy talking  & a few moments late she quickly glanced around but I still was not sure if it was her.

Across the street I noticed police at the bank near the ATM machines, and a few of them had shotguns & were standing guard with serious looks on their faces.

There were two ATM machines and one was being used by a man, so I went to the other one, but a young police officer that looked like he was still in high school cut in front of me.

I told him that I was their first in a kind joking way and then he laughed & got back behind me in line.

As I was looking at the ATM screen, it looked like an order form, which confused me.

The young police officer behind me kept trying to look at the screen, so I kept blocking his view and he even tried to push a button to make me hurry up.

For some reason a small package came out of the screen area and I had no idea what it was for so I asked the man on the other ATM about it, and he said that the same thing happened to him & that he had no idea what it was; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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